A Latte With A Kiss On The Side


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Scene Title A Latte With A Kiss On The Side
Synopsis Reed finally gets to meet face to face with his crush Kimberlynn.
Date May 8, 2009

A Bookstore

Kimberlynn settles in at the bookstore she usually goes to for the wireless network. She could have stayed at Tobias' house to get online, but didn't feel comfortable doing what she had in mind at his place. So she packed up her laptop and headed out to the bookstore. And here she is, wondering if she'll be able to contact Robin Hood on the internet or not.

She isn't sure what she should do to attract the right attention, so she opens up her bank account and checks it out, then logs out again. She does a few web searches, and waits.

This may be Reed's only chance to meet her.

Ever since they met, he's had this crush and like any school boy, he's got all the hope in the world that maybe someday she'll be his girl. Of course, now being a girl this is going to cause a little bit of a sticky situation. He has been monitoring her activities, though this is the first time he can actually act upon them.

Of course, being Mallory — she sighs. This is going to be difficult. She made a few modifications to Mall's cell phone and it chimes at her. She steps into the bookstore several minutes later and scans the place until she sees her. She remembers the pictures from before and easily spots her. She walks over and sits down across from her, but doesn't address her. She reaches over and touches her finger to the back of Kim's laptop and an IM window pops up from Robin Hood.

Hello, you.

Kimberlynn is more than a little distracted, what with now feeling the emotions of everyone around her. She glances around at a child who's not getting what he wants, and his mother, who has decided to drag him out of the bookstore. Kimber's expression is one of consternation. There's a guy over there who thinks he has a chance with any of the girls in the bookstore, but he's not…the type to really have that chance. Kimber turns back to her laptop, and is surprised to see a greeting there. She hastily types a response. "Robin Hood! I was hoping to find you here. I hadn't seen you for so long, I wondered if your thing went badly. I'm glad to …see you again," she types, "If it can really be called seeing."

Reed considers her options at this point and decides to play it straight.

I wonder if we could meet. For real.

Reed glances over the top of the laptop in front of her and over Kim's to watch her face.

Kimberlynn's brows draw together in confusion, but she stays focused on her computer, on her conversation, on her typing. "I thought you lived in the internet. How would that meeting be possible?" she asks. Her lips are pursed slightly, and she glances up and around again, noticing the apprehensive woman across from her, but hardly paying attention. She nods a little bit, then looks back at her screen, wondering what the answer is going to be, wondering if she'd been duped into believing that someone lived in the internet…when that's not really possible.

There's a long pause before the reply comes across.

I found a body. I am not going to be inside it for very long — I will have to go back inside soon. But wanted to meet you before I have to go back.

Reed is watching her reactions and can see the doubt starting to creep across her face. He hasn't told her /everything/ just yet, but he will have to.

"You found a body? How does that work? Just some dead guy lying around near a computer or something?" Kimberlynn frowns and leans back in her chair. Her forehead remains crinkled in her doubt and suspicion, and she slightly shakes her head. "I'm afraid I don't understand. If you found a body, how are you talking to me now? Are you at some other computer?"

Well, it was a trade.

Okay. It's not like he can say he /stole/ it. That would probably ruin any chances he could have had. So, trade works. Yup.

But they're going to want it back here soon. It's just something technopaths can do.

That's probably the simplest explanation he can give her at the moment.

In fact.

He drops the bomb here. I'm in the bookstore already.

Kimberlynn looks around suspiciously, and eyes that guy who thinks he could "bag" every woman in the bookstore. Then she shakes her head and decides that's not the one. But as she looks around, she feels the nervousness right near her. She glances at the girl across from her, then down at her laptop screen. Then back up at the girl. "Wait…" she types, as she watches the woman who seems so nervous, "Are you a girl? I thought you were a GUY."

Simulateously, the words appear on her screen as the girl speaks them aloud to her.

I am a guy. The person I traded with is a girl.

After she's certain she has Kim's attention, she reaches up and closes the lid of her laptop so they can speak. "Sorry to startle you like that. I just wasn't sure how else to tell you."

The girl looks apologetic as she offers her hand. "You'll have to call me Mallory — though not for long, I imagine. She's going to want her body back soon."

Kimberlynn stares at this Mallory, and hms. She looks into the other woman's eyes, for a long time, and tries to tune out the emotions of all the other people in the vicinity, but fails, because she really doesn't know how to yet. She finally reaches out and takes the girl's hand. "Hi, M-Mallory. It's nice to meet you….I hope the real Mallory is okay?"

The smile given is genuine as are the emotions. There is some flicker of them when Kim asks about the real Mallory, as well as when the answer is given. "I'm sure she's fine. I was fine when I was in there. Plus we'll be trading back soon." she finally lets the hand loose. "I know it's now that you were expecting, but.. I did want to really meet you." She nods over to a booth. "Wanna go sit down somewhere more comfortable?"

Kimberlynn smiles back, her own tentative. "Yeah, sure, sounds good," she agrees. And she packs up her laptop, its purpose served, and carries the shoulder bag it goes in over to the booth. Once seated, with Mallory across from her, She studies the girl. "I guess you could say I have a lot of questions," she begins wryly. "But I don't know what's appropriate to ask and what isn't. So…I guess, tell me what you want me to know…" Her gaze is intense, because she's also trying to get a read on the other's emotions, and it isn't working out as well as she'd like. She hasn't learned to focus yet.

Reed seems to be relaxing some, or at least trying to. She wants Kim to be comfortable. She leans back, reaches for a waitress to order a chilled latte and offer one to Kim as well. Her treat. She can tell that Kim is trying to get a read on her. They haven't really talked since Kim's ability has taken form, so Reed leans forward on her elbows. "You know what your ability is, don't you?" she asks. Growing up, she saw the same in her friends and schoolmates.

Kimberlynn blinks a couple of times, and smiles. She nods, in answer to the offer of a chilled latte, and then deals with the more serious question. "Well, I think so," she answers, "I seem to be empathic. I read other people's emotions. It…it hit me hard the other night, and hasn't gone away. I don't know how to control it, or if it can be controlled. You told me…I should get tested. Would they be able to help me with that?" As she speaks, she keeps her voice low, leaning across the table so she can be heard by Mallory only. She lowers her head for the next admission. "I don't know if I can live at home any more. The people living in the trailers, they're so sad, and desperate. I wanted to die just so I could stop feeling their pain."

"Hmm." Reed considers when she started doing thing like that. "It's hard to say. I always had this knack for computers, which could be attributed to the gift. But I remember when I first realized there was something different about me, I formatted someone's hard drive. They were not happy." she grins and shrugs. "You definitely need to find someplace.. happier? to live." Whether there is such a place or not, well. "This city is full of depressed people, but there should be a fair share of happy ones as well. Maybe spend some time visiting different areas until you find something." As the drinks come, Reed stops talking, reaching up to tuck some hair behind her ear. "And don't worry — you'll get some control over it. It just takes practice."

"Yeah, practice. I'm workin' on it." Kimberlynn turns a bright smile to the server and thanks her for the drinks, then as they are left alone, she returns her attention to her companion. "Yeah. Well, tell me about you! What's the deal? How did you come to trade places with Mallory?" She sips on her drink and smiles at its cool taste.

Reed thinks for a moment. She can tell her just about anything — except that he came from the future. "Well, let's see. We sort of met my accident. Seems that she's pretty well off, so I had taken some of her money and she was not happy about it. She wanted to trade places in exchange for what I'd done, just to see what it's like. I agreed, though it has been — quite the experience to be a girl." she smirks. "But I've managed. She's supposed to get in touch with me when she wants back out."

Now whether Kim can tell she's lying — depends on how well she's in tune with her gift. There is some nervousness when she tells this story, but that could also be attributed to nerves of actually meeting someone for the first time.

Still unused to her ability, Kimberlynn picks up on the nervousness, and writes it off as how Robin Hood feels about meeting her in person, in the body of a girl. Kimber listens to the tale, and nods, "I guess ya don't have very long, then. I can't imagine anyone would LIKE living in the internet when they have a body…seems like you got into flesh & blood as soon as ya could. How do /you/ feel about it? Ya like bein' in a body, or do you prefer bein' in the internet?" Her voice is still low, so nobody else can hear.

"Well — I would have preferred a body of a boy.." She laughs softly, not wanting to draw too much attention. "But it's been — different. I like it, but I'll be happy to go back — at least for now. Maybe the opportunity for a male's body will come up and I'll feel more comfortable about myself." This is all said with more confidence and comfort. I definitely do not want to dislodge someone permanently from their body if they want it back." Reed reaches over and pats Kim's hand. "But you — you should have enough money now to move wherever you need to be comfortable, until you get this under control, right?"

Kimberlynn gives Mallory a funny look, then laughs. "They say a guy in a woman's body sits home and—" But she leaves that thought unfinished, in case it hasn't crossed his mind yet. Though she figures it probably already has. "I…do. Right now I'm stayin' with a friend. It's workin' out all right, and maybe I'll stay there. I haven't decided for sure yet. I'm gonna try to write. I have a few stories stewing around in my brain, so I'll probably work on those, and maybe finish one of them. I want to, so bad. If I could do that, I could live on my own, in a better neighborhood."

Reed's eyes narrow as she mentions staying with a friend? Jealous? Pretty much. "I see. Well, I'd like to read one of your stories when you are done." She doesn't address that first comment. Honestly, Reed was never much of a ladies' man in school — he was the nerd, the geek. In fact, Kimberlynn is his first crush ever. Reed grins, "If you need more money, let me know. Even outside of the net, I can get you what you need." Isn't that what men do? Shower their potential girlfriends with presents and money? It is fact, this very moment that Reed decides she's staying. She's not going back to the future. There is too much here in the present for her, and only jail awaits her back in 2019.

"Thanks, Mallory. I'll let you know when I finish one of them. Actually, the one that's forefront in my mind right now is a bunch normal people, who are given a quest, but it turns out the quest is a cover, and they're really guarding the king, and the weapons they were given are actually magic…" Her face lights up, and she ignores the jealousy she feels. She doesn't even know if it's coming from Mallory, after all. Well, maybe it is, but it's none of her business. She would continue talking about the story, but she's not sure Mallory's really interested, so she shuts up and blushes. "I'll be okay, money-wise, really. You don't need t' do that for me." She keeps on blushing, at the thought of someone stealing money from someone else for her.

There's a genuine smile as Reed nods, in understanding of Kimberlynn's blushing statement that she's got plenty of money now. She's already decided to try and find out who this 'friend' is, but she'll deal with that later. She seems happy for now, at least. "Well, if you need anything. I have some more stuff I need to do today, can I walk you out?" She finishes her drink, then slides out of the booth. "I will pay for this for us." She walks over and 'pays' for the drinks, really just touching the register as she tells the register to accept her card and the payment, as she smiles to the cashier. "Thanks." She walks back over. "I can't walk you far, but at least outside?"

Kimberlynn smiles to Mallory and nods. "Sure. Thanks for the latte." She wasn't paying attention when the drinks were 'paid' for. She was contemplating what to write next in her story. Of course, those thoughts were easily overwhelmed by emotions of people in the area. She stands up and puts her laptop over her shoulder to walk out, her business concluded, as she ran into Robin Hood…in person, so to speak. "Sure. It was great to meet you, Mallory. Find me again, ok, when you can?"
Leading the way out, Reed holds the door open so that Kim can step out. "I'll keep in touch with you, I promise. Plus, I dropped my email address into your address book on your computer when I was touching it earlier." As they get outside, Reed turns to face Kim. "Well, I guess I need to get going. Sorry the visit was so short, but I'll see you soon."

As quickly as all that, Reed leans up and places a single kiss on Kim's lips before turning as she waves and slips off. "See you!" she practically beams, Reed getting her first ever kiss — even if she did steal it. She is a thief, you know. She disappears around the corner, leaving Kim to contemplate her emotions with that one.

Kimberlynn is stunned, to put it mildly. Her face reddens and her eyes widen, and she stares at the corner Mallory disappeared behind. She's not confident enough to follow the other girl, so Kimber leans against the doorframe for a moment longer, until someone else wants to pass through the door. She slowly walks off in the other direction, heading for the place she's currently staying, her mind practically whirring with all the emotions and thoughts spinning through it. She shakes her head, and then there's a mom with a demanding kid who's threatening to throw a tantrum, and she's distracted again by emotions she doesn't know how to tune out.

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