A Smiling Stylist


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Scene Title A Smiling Stylist
Synopsis Kendall is dragged by Melissa to Raquelle for a haircut. They both get a surprise, then Kendall gets a job offer.
Date August 20, 2010

Cambria Salon and Day Spa

Tranquil and Fabulous wrapped up in warm and inviting colors and the sleek lines of Japanese architecture…Cambria Salon and Day Spa is a fashionable paradise. Dark almost black wood paneling has been used through out the salon, fresh flowers are found in glass vases and exchanged with flower shaped candles every day at 4 PM. There is a different theme for just about every day of the week, but nothing set in stone. There are 8 or so individual work stations with leaf shaped mirrors and comfortable chairs. There are a couple of private rooms for waxing, facials and massages and the like including a private station and office for the owner. The reception area is designed for comfort with the black seats and couches, glass coffee tables and glass/wood reception desk. Over all the salon is edgy and sleek, it is Cambria Salon and Day Spa.

The day after a big event at the club should mean that Melissa is taking it easy. Recovering from the whirlwind of planning. (Not to mention the acts of terrorism!) Unfortunately, at least for Kendall, that is totally not the case. Mid-afternoon, she hounded Kendall until he got in the car, and she drove, zoom, zoom, zoom, speeding only a wee bit, until parking near Cambria Salon.

"C'mon, Raquelle's a friend, and you're starting to get hair long enough to be confused for a girl's. It's a haircut, and you're getting it or I'll…I'll…steal your Playstation," Melissa threatens Kendall, before getting out of the car and heading inside, not looking back. Apparently she thinks the risk to his playstation is threat enough to get him inside.

Kendall whines. "Some people wear their hair long, and I'm not pretty enough to be a girl!" sulk sulk sulk. "What if I wanted long hair, huh?" well, okay, so maybe long hair's the wrong look on him, but whatever. The threat against his PS3 does indeed get him to go in, and he sighs. "All right, fine."

Okay, the lady at the front desk is the typical little blonde with attitude that chews gum and usually reads magazines and she just stares at the two, recognizing Melissa and pointing towards the office with wide eyes.

In the office however, there's Michael Jackson's 'black or white' music playing and Raquelle is…for lack of a better term wearing a smiley face thong…not that one could see unless they entered the office. He has on gloves and is carefully painting a rather large pinata resting on his desk. He shakes his bum, wearing a pair of goggles and his hair well done as usual before continuing to paint he pinata. It is…hard to see what it is because only half of it can be seen for now as he paints the peachy colored pair with care and precision.

…and yes, those are silver nipple rings and his tats are on display but! He was working on his project, so.

The blonde gets a bright, fake smile from Melissa, who just grabs at Kendall's shirt sleeve, to drag him back towards the office. Except, then she stops when she sees Raquelle in all his glory. Or, well, almost all his glory. Her head tilts and she takes a moment to just enjoy the view, before she grins and lets out a wolf whistle. "My, my. It's a shame you've got a guy already, Raquelle. Do you always hang out in the office wearing nothing but a thong?"

Kendall gets dragged, and stops dead when he sees Raquelle. And tries to leave. Ahhhhhohgodcrazynakedpeopleinpublicdoingwhoknowswhat!!!! Hopefully Melissa has a good grip on him because he's about to bolt off. Fo realz.

Raquelle turns smoothly at the sound of a voice, eyes widening as he notices Melissa and…Kendall and his left butt cheek twitches as he lowers his paintbrush and moves his free hand to push up his goggles to peer at the two. "…weeeellll then, this is what you call different." He eyes Kendall. "C'mon in, I have a pizza on the way." He flashes a smile, shifting slightly to turn his butt away from the door, which just presents people with this. :) <—- "Let me turn off Mike and uh get some pants on then lovelies."

Poor Kendall. Mel's grip is firm enough that he can't bolt easily, and she must sense he wants to, because an arm quickly hooks around his shoulders, keeping him securely in place. "Pizza? Sounds good. And I'd say no need to get dressed for me, but Kendall here…well, I'll never get his hair cut if he keeps seeing mostly naked guys," she says, grinning at Raquelle.

Kendall pulls his arm a few times, realizes that Melissa's got a deathgrip on it and won't let go, and gives up. However, he does look fixedly away, blushing. It's not that Raquelle has anything Kendall doesn't have, uh, aside from the piercings and tattoos, but the guy's practically naked. In public. And Kendall was raised to be too much of a prude to be able to handle it properly. At least, not without alcohol. He mumbles something indistinct, his blush clearly evident even while looking away. He clears his throat.

Raquelle laughs softly and sets down the paint brush and removes the goggles completely, giving a tiny twirl before rolling his eyes and blowing a kiss to Kendall. "Hey sweetie, aren't you a cutie. A lil' young but really sweet." He moves to work on retrieving his pants, tugging on the leather pants, working on lacing them up with a sigh. "I was making party favors-Kendall? Nice to meetcha honey, I'm Raquelle."

"Party favors? Don't tell me you're throwing a party and didn't invite me!" Melissa teases. "And yeah, this is Kendall. Sorta my adopted son or brother or something. Kendall, this is the oh so fabulous Raquelle. Anytime my hair looks awesome after I get it cut or whatever? He's done it."

"Ah, nice to meet you." Kendall can at least be polite about things even if he's not making eye contact with the guy. Waitasecond, he's seen that guy before! He sneaks a swift glance at the guy's FACE, and blinks. Oh, geez, it's THAT guy. Quickly he looks away again. That's the guy who threatened to castrate him! In a nice manner, for something such as that, but still. Whew, he's not wearing that face today.

"Mmm, we'll see. I might be surprising mi amor with a little party." Raquelle sighs and laces up his crotch. "Well then Kendall honey, am I doing your hair today?" He points to Melissa. "Or am I molesting your hair today?" He looks between the two.

"Now, now. You bought a date with me. That'll be more than just an hour! So his. It's all shaggy," Melissa says, grinning and tilting her head towards Kendall. "And parties are good. I was pondering a toga party myself. Blame Animal House." Trust Mel to get a party idea from a movie.

Kendall looks relieved when Raquelle doesn't mention molesting his hair. And now that the guy has pants on again, Kendall feels it's safe to look now. "Well Melissa doesn't think the long hair look is good on me apparently." he shrugs at Raquelle, still not making eye contact. Maybe he's just shy. He takes a step or two closer, looking around for a chair of some sort. This is a place to get hair cut, right? Suddenly he's not so sure.

"Oh yes baby, we'll be at it for hours. I have loads of stamina." Raquelle rolls his hips and waggles his eyebrows before hmming softly looking to Kendall and then pointing to the custom stylish chair that's in his office as he laughs softly, half his office has a washing station/styling station and the like. "Alright, I'll give him a trim…" He trails off. "While you think about having a sheet party…I'll ask you Kendall. What do /you/ want?"

Melissa looks a little relieved when Kendall moves in rather than running out, then she grins at Raquelle. "Ooh baby. You're gonna get me excited. And hey, a sheet party could be fun. I didn't go to college, so missed out on going to frat parties and all that," she says, finding someplace to perch.

"Uh." Kendall frowns thoughtfully, shrugging. "I dunno. Not a buzz cut, or anything, and I don't like hair in my eyes, so…" wow, he's so decisive. "I generally just let the stylist do whatever he or she wants, that'd make me not look like a dork." pause. "I'd like to keep my own hair color, too."

Raquelle blows a kiss to Melissa. "Maaaybe, depends on your activities." He points towards the washing station after gesturing towards Kendall. "Have a seat at the sink Special K, I'll get some towels and a cape. But you need to tell me who you are so I can make sure your hair matches."

"Oh honey, he's a geek. A very sweet one, but I'm lucky if I can drag him out of his room and away from his games for five minutes," Melissa says with a soft snicker.

Kendall shrugs. "I like video games but not enough to want those kinds of hair styles. I don't think they're actually possible in real life without a ton of hair spray and gel and the like." Kendall might change his mind when cosplay season comes around though.

Kendall goes to sit down, too.

Raquelle drapes the sparkly purple cape around Kendall before setting the towels nearby and smirking gently. "Who's your favorite video game character then? Or character of anything then?" He selects his shampoos carefully. "Lean back honey." Then over to Melissa. "Send him to me and I promise you he'd be too busy to play games for a little longer than 5 minutes." He chuckles.

Melissa's brows lift and she grins. "I'm almost afraid to ask but…busy doing what?"

Kendall looks unhappy at that comment. "I don't want to be too busy to play games." he's afraid to ask too, and looks pretty nervous. "Uh… my favorite character? That's a really tough question, there's so many, from many different games. In the Final Fantasy series, well, I really like Auron because he's a badass samurai, but… then I like Phoenix Wright, and Yuri from Shadow Hearts" eyeshift in Raquelle's direction, a slight twitch of the eye, "…and practically the entire cast of Persona 3 and Persona 4." and that's just video games.

Raquelle hesitates for a moment, eyeing Kendall and just staring at the young man for a few moments. He looks over to Melissa. "Getting money. Working. Learning a trade from a man." He sticks out his tongue before listening to Kendall and just frowning and starting to work on washing his hair, fingers massaging his scalp thoughtfully during a rinse. "But you don't want it in your eyes…I can work with that."

"Ahh. Well, up to him. I don't have any problems with it. I don't think he can get into too much trouble here," Melissa says, grinning and feigning a stern look to Kendall.

"What, like… a job?" Kendall blinks. "W-would I have to wear…" a thong? Surely not.

"Well he likes video games yes? He can work the front desk too and deal with the computer and stuff." Raquelle does his second rinse before arching an eyebrow slowly and wrapping his head in a towel and pointing towards the styling chair. "A shirt, shoes, and a pair of pants? Yes honey, you have to wear clothing if you work for him."

Melissa busts out laughing. "What'd you think you'd have to wear?" she asks Kendall, grinning. "And see? You can do computer stuff. Maybe even sneak in your DS when things are slow."

"Well I don't know, maybe what he was wearing when we first came in was the work attire here!" Kendall replies defensively as he gets his hair washed. "I mean…" he goes to where indicated, sitting down.

Raquelle smirks and shakes his head slowly as he makes his way towards his station, laying out his scissors and razors and sprays and so on carefully. "That wasn't work attire sweetie, that was Raquelle attire, it isn't my fault that I have a happy dick." He chuckles softly. "Okay, you allergic to anything that I might put on your hair?"

There's another snicker and a shake of Melissa's head. Oh yes, she's thoroughly enjoying herself. "Just don't think about wearing a smiley face thong yourself, Kendall. Ling will never be nice to you again if you do."

"…………" there really are no words to say about things like that, and Kendall is just plain speechless. "Uh, n-no, nothing at… all." Melissa is glared at. "As if I'd even consider it!" he sounds scandalized at the mere mention of such a thing!

Raquelle starts getting to work on Kendall's head, and he's good at what he does at least, working on cleaning up the straggly look before he starts working with a razor to add layers in there stylistically over time. "How old are you honey?" He looks over to Melissa. "I don't think they make 'em in junior sizes anyways."

Melissa's lower lip is bitten. Lightly, at first, then harder as she has to try harder not to just bust out laughing. Again.

"I'm 17. Practically 18." Kendall glowers at both of them around having scissors aimed at his head. "I wish people would stop treating me like I'm a kid, because I'm not!" totally is.

Raquelle leans in really close to Kendall's ear, tilting his head to the side so he can speak softly into the young man's ear…his gift curling around his words with a teasing playfulness yet…sinister in a sensual lecture type of way…causing the words to be edged with a purr. "Guess what beautiful?" He snaps his teeth near the young man's ear. "Usually children are the ones who say they aren't children anymore…learn to walk like a man sweetie…actions speak louder than words." Then he straightens up and looks over to Melissa. "I think he'd fit in."

"Practically? You just had your seventeenth a couple months ago," Melissa says, grinning at him. Then she cocks her head and looks to Raquelle curiously. "Fit in? With who?"

Kendall squirms a little when Raquelle practically eats his ear, and frowns at his words. Hmmph. "Well I do have a job, but I suppose having two wouldn't hurt…. Don't know anything about cutting hair though."

Raquelle squeezes Kendall's shoulder gently before continuing with the cut, trimming something up and stepping back before going back to edging it up and finishing his work with a soft chuckle. "With the people who work and hang around here. Might give you a break from time to time as well Melissa baby." Then he nods to Kendall. "Just let me know, stop by whenever you want, I'll be here and you'll get a job and learn a few things."

"Oh, he's not so bad," Melissa says with a grin. "When I can get him out of his room, he's a good k-…guy to hang around with." See, she can avoid calling him a kid when she works at it!

Kendall eyes Melissa. "I like my video games. And…." he shrugs his shoulders carefully, mindful of the scissors, "I'll see if I can come by in my free time." whenever he can be pried away from video games. Then again, he is short about $200 so he kinda needs money.

Raquelle chuckles softly. "Yes…he looks like he'll be a good little man." He finishes the cut, taking a step back once more to study his work before dusting off the stray hairs and using a blow drier to blow the rest off before he pats Kendall's shoulder. "For now it'll fall in a nice way, you stay good and I'll teach you how to use gel…and oh yes, you'll come by to see me."

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