Barbara Zimmerman

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Name Barbara Zimmerman Aliases Barbara Simms
Status Registered Evolved (Class A Mental) Ability Postcognition
Gender Female
Birthdate August 24, 1974 Age 43
Height 5'8" Build Athletic
Eyes Sky Blue Hair Blonde (Natural)/Red (Dyed)
Residence Cresting Wave Apartments
Employment United States Department of Energy, Yamagato Industries Liaison
Parents Jonas Zimmerman (deceased)
Claudia Zimmerman
Adam Monroe (apparent biological father)
Siblings Niki Zimmerman (triplet sister)
Tracy Strauss (triplet sister, disowned)
Niklaus Zimmerman (half-brother)
Marital Status Single Children None
First Scene Last Scene
Profile Barbara Zimmerman is a former member of the Ferryman Council in New York City, now employed by the US Department of Energy as their Liaison to Yamagato Industries and their work rebuilding the city and restoring it's energy and communications infrastructures.
Barbara Zimmerman
portrayed by

Ali Larter


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