Benji Ryans, Jr.

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Name Benji Ryans, Jr. Aliases Benjamin Foster, Joshua Kincaid, Jasmine
Status Unregistered Evolved Ability Dream Manipulation
Gender Female
Birthdate February 18 Age 33
Height 5'9" Build Slender
Eyes Blue Hair Black
Residence Ruins of the Bronx
Employment In dreaming
Parents Delia Ryans
Nick Ruskin
Siblings None
Marital Status Unmarried Children None
First Scene Round The Hangin' Tree Last Scene
Profile Originally a time traveler from the future who helped changed to course of history, Benji now continues to fight a war that is, by the grand majority of people, considered to be over and won. She aids and abets the unsanctioned murder of war criminals and anti-Evo extremists, and occasionally just does the murder her own self.
Benji Ryans, Jr.
portrayed by

Cillian Murphy



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Known to Most

  • Benji Ryans has very little publicly known about her, but in circles that care to, she is most known for her involvement in the war and having chased it in its retreat towards the west with Calvin Sheridan. She is one half of an infamous duo that exercise little to no mercy against the anti-Evo aligned.
  • And they have not yet finished with the war. There are most certainly warrants for her arrest.

Known to Some

  • She is from the future, or a future. Along with others of her generation, she arrived from the year 2040, from a world ravaged by disease and war, in the hopes of preventing this disastrous outcome. She carried with her an extensive bank of memories and recollections from the future, passively distributing them via dreams in the hopes of generating course correction.
  • She is the daughter of Nick Ruskin and Delia Ryans.
  • She and Calvin remain in contact with government officials and Wolfhound, both to supply information as well as covertly act on it.
  • When on the east coast, she can be found in the Bronx.
  • In dreams, she goes by an avatar called 'Jasmine'.

Known to Few

  • Thanks to the fickle nature of her ability, Benji has an extensive knowledge of pharmaceuticals with regards to maintaining and disrupting sleep cycles, and rendering people unconscious or conscious quickly. She often has a few loaded syringes on her.
  • Her false ID for moving through civilisation society is 'Joshua Kincaid', in honour of dead friends.


March, 2018
When Where What Who
4th Round the Hangin' Tree Benji is interrupted on her way home, until the interrupters are interrupted. Calvin


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