Nathalie LeRoux

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Name Nathalie LeRoux Aliases Berlin Beckett
Status Registered Expressive (Class B Biological) Ability Biological Manipulation
Gender Female
Birthdate January 2, 1998 Age 22
Height 5'4" Build Athletic
Eyes Blue Hair Brown
Residence The Bunker, The Bastion, Spring Creek Settler's Park, Providence
Employment Wolfhound
Parents Avi Epstein
Sarisa Kershner
Siblings Emily Epstein; half sister
Frederick Kershner; half brother, deceased
Marital Status Single Children None
First Scene Operation High Road, Part II Last Scene The Devil You Become
Profile Here, here, now, don't cry / You raised your hand for the assignment / Tuck those ribbons under / Your helmet, be a good soldier
Nathalie LeRoux
portrayed by

Hailee Steinfeld

I am little pieces, little pieces, little pieces. Pieces that were picked up on the way… - "Copy Of A" by NIN



Known To Most

  • Nathalie is an operative with Wolfhound, working as a bounty hunter.
  • She grew up an orphan, one of the many kids that the Ferrymen took in over the years.

Known To Some

  • After the fall of the Ferrymen, Nathalie ended up with the Lighthouse kids under an assumed identity. She stayed there until the opening of the New York Safe Zone and Wolfhound, which drew her to NYC and into her current job. LHKs would know her, but she was stand offish for the most part and didn't really bond well. But she enjoyed the parts where they learned about punching dudes and shooting guns.
  • Sometimes Nathalie has dissociative moments where she seems to tune out or go stony. She doesn't like to talk about these moments and will avoid questions about them.
  • She is registered as a healer as of January 2019.

Known To Few

  • Nathalie sometimes goes by Berlin Beckett. She exclusively went by that name from 2011-2019. Now, according to the government paperwork Nathalie LeRoux is Berlin Beckett's legal alias.
  • She is a former captive of the Institute and was subjected to inhumane experiments.
  • She has both the Black and White Conduits.


Luce has been Nathalie's closest friend for years, but in recent months, she's come to see her as a sister, rather than just a friend. Nathalie would do anything for Luce, and has. And Luce hasn't held her secret against her— neither the fact that she kept one nor the implication of what she is. Lucille didn't look at her like she was a monster or a ticking time bomb, and that has helped Nathalie feel like maybe she isn't one after all.
Nathalie liked Colette from the beginning. But more than that, Nathalie counted her a friend almost immediately. They built a bond over the years that Nathalie cherishes. Even when the truth about her ability came out, Colette stood beside her. She is stuck with Nathalie now, and is considered family.
Avi is something of a dual figure in Nathalie's life. As a leader, she respects him and looks up to him. His training is her favorite, and given that he seems just as happy to teach her as she is to learn, she partakes of it often. He was always part of the family she has been trying to build for herself out of the people she connected best with in Wolfhound. When he found out she was his actual daughter, he accepted her even knowing what she is. She's was willing to step back if that's what he wanted, but she is so grateful that wasn't the case. They're not perfect, but they're family.
A little rough around the edges, but Nathalie found a kind person under the initial abrasiveness. She makes Nat wish she was the better person that Emily thinks she is. It turns out that Emily is her sister, and she finds it easy to step into that role. She has no idea if she's doing it right, but she suspects they'll figure it out together.
Nathalie and Richard had a shaky beginning before she found out they were family. Like, actual blood-relation family. It's a new situation for her, and she's unsure of her place in that regard, but she's glad he was willing to start over and grateful for someone else to watch her back. Especially as she tries to figure out who she is. And accept what she is.
She gave up Nathalie early enough that Nathalie has no memory of her. She's heard how Sarisa could be, how awful she could be. But, too, she knows there is a version of her out there who loves a version of Nathalie. Now her feelings about her mother are complicated by what might have been and what she believes Sarisa was capable of— being a mother. Being her mother.
Practically Family
Francois is something of an odd figure. She kept her conduits secret from him for years but he didn't hold that against her when she told him. Nat will never forget that he was kind when he had every right to be angry and his example is something she wants to emulate. She's always felt an attachment to him, but now she doesn't feel the need to hide it behind walls. She is grateful for his intelligence and insights when she gets them, and his words often help guide her.
Nathalie stepped in to heal Ben Ryans from his cancer before it could claim his life. Initially, she did this for Lucille, to keep her from having to lose another parent, but it wasn't long before she grew attached to Ben himself. She's forever grateful for being welcomed into his home and his family. Even now that he's healed, she still visits to curl up on his couch with a book. And a cat. And sometimes to help him unravel his own altered history.


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  • Languages: Nathalie is fluent in English and Spanish from her upbringing with the Ferry in northern Mexico. But she also knows French and German through the strange nature of her ability. (If anyone asks, it was all through exposure to the Ferryman network and the mix of people who traveled through it and her own educational diligence.)
  • Fighting: Through her time with the lighthouse kids and their caretakers, Nathalie learned to fight hand-to-hand. That was her favorite. But she also learned how to use and maintain various types of guns (that she could handle given her age, weight and stature). She has a long way to go before she can be well rounded, but her time in the field with Wolfhound has given her a lot of practical experience.
  • Smuggling: Nathalie grew up with smugglers. Her education is of the practical sort, absorbed through years of observation until she was older and could pursue it more actively.
  • Lying: She's good at it, especially through omission, but knows how to lie without giving it away.
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