Brynn Ferguson

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Name Brynn Kathleen Ferguson Aliases

Registered Evolved (Class A/B/C Chemical)

Ability Chromakinesis
Gender Female
Birthdate 03/17/99 Age 19
Height 5'3" Build Slender
Eyes Grey Hair Brown
Parents None Siblings None
Marital Status Single Children None
First Scene Last Scene
Profile Brynn is an art student who also does street art and tattoos. She is a former Lighthouse Kid who spent the war years in the Lighthouse/Ferry safehouses in Canada and is just now returning to NYC to meet up with the others. She is deaf and communicates though ASL or using her phone screen as a text editor (or a notebook she also keeps for emergencies).
Brynn Ferguson
portrayed by

Ryan Newman
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ASL: Brynn tended to fall into the middle of the kids — some would totally blame things on her (And get in trouble with Brian for blaming her), others just stayed out of the heckling. Brynn always covered for people when they blamed her for stuff, and took the lumps when no one figured out she was lying. And then she'd take subtle revenge later on in a variety of ways. But the one thing the Lighthouse Kids were was close to one another. No matter what was going on, they understood very very young who the real enemy was. Although she was trained to defend herself, Brynn generally stayed out of the combat zones, her disability making her a significant liability in the field unless they needed her ability to camouflage.

Lip-reading: This skill is highly useful, but it's also limited. Brynn is adept enough to catch the general jist of what someone is saying if they speak clearly (and don't try to over-enunciate), but people with heavy accents or those to frame their words differently than usual (speech impediments, Brits, people who think that because she's deaf she's somehow stupid and needs them to speak really slowly, etc) she has trouble with. She can usually decipher, but it may take a couple of attempts. She carries a small notebook and pen in her pocket for the times when she just can't figure it out, so that people (and she) can write down what needs to be said.

Art: Brynn is an incredible sketch artist and painter. This is not actually an effect of her powers — she merely has a talent for it. She has made money on the streets doing sketches, caricatures, and sidewalk art once in a while, but the Keepers have encouraged her to attend college for an art degree. In the meantime, she does tattoos for money now, using her sketching ability to create them and her Evo ability to bring them to life without requiring needles.

Firearms: Although nowhere near expert at such things, a great many of the kids who grew up in the Lighthouse have at least a passing familiarity with firearms. She's not a great shot, but she definitely knows which end is which, how to break it down and care for it, and can most of the time hit what she aims at. She prefers not to handle weapons, however, given that she can never be certain of not accidentally shooting someone who surprises her.

People-watcher: Not being able to hear tends to mean that Brynn pays very close attention to the people around her. Generally, it's just watching for mannerisms and reactions — cues for what's happening when she doesn't catch the entirety of a conversation. But because she has an artist's eye for detail, she has also learned along the way the value of people-watching for her own self-protection — namely, the microexpressions that indicate when someone is making fun of her while trying to look like they're not, or lying to her face about something. She's by no stretch an expert at it, but she has a good eye for when people are acting a little 'off' even when she can't pinpoint what exactly that 'off' thing is about. She will tend to assume the best in the people she meets, though, and give the benefit of the doubt.

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