Calvin Sheridan

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Name Calvin Sheridan Aliases Calvin Rosen

Registered Evolved (Class C Kinetic)

Ability Metallokinesis
Gender Male
Birthdate 12/12/2012 Age 35
Height 5'11" Build Rowdy
Eyes Blue Hair Ginger
Residence New York, New York
Employment Self-Employed
Parents Bella Sheridan
Flint Deckard
Siblings Amadeus (half)
Baxter (half)
Marital Status Unknown Children Unknown
First Scene N/A Last Scene N/A
Profile Vagabond, time traveler, liar and lately: terrorist. Infamous for extremist methodology and gospel, he's been having a go at murdering guilty humans the current government gave a pass, or hasn't gotten around to arresting.
Calvin Sheridan
portrayed by

Tim Minchin
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