Carl Eli Sumter

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Name Carl Eli Sumter Aliases
Status Registered Expressive (Class U Unknown) Ability Unmanifested
Gender Male
Birthdate June 19, 2012 Age 8
Height 4' Build Kid
Eyes Blue Hair Dark Blonde
Residence NY Safe Zone
Employment School Kid
Parents Joseph and Kaylee Sumter Siblings Emily Sumter
Hannah Sumter
Marital Status I'm just a kid! Children What? Does my stuffed dragon Bubba count?
First Scene Moments Paid For By Blood And Tears Last Scene

The son of Joseph and Kaylee Sumter. NPC'd by Kaylee and Brooklyn. If you need him for anything please contact them.

Carl Eli Sumter
portrayed by

Jacob Tremblay


Date Title Characters Summary
2/23 Moments Paid For By Blood And Tears Mommy and my sisters Kaylee enjoys a moment with her children.
7/19 Morning Chaos Mommy, Dad, and my sisters Just a small snapshot of a day in the life of the Sumter household.
9/1 The Pen Is Blue Mommy and Mr. Bellamy What is a little telepathic resistance training between friends?
11/26 More Time Mommy and Mr. Bellamy Even when trying to keep their distance, Kaylee and Luther can't escape a glimpse of what could have been.
12/6 Don't Be Sad, Mommy Mommy This is how to break a telepath…
12/19 Make Mommy Not Sad Mr. Bellamy The youngest Sumter comes looking for a little help from mommy's friend.
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