Delilah Trafford

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Name Delilah Russell Trafford Aliases
Status Registered Evolved (Class B/C Biological) Ability Psychoactive Secretion
Gender Female
Birthdate October 7, 1991 Age 27
Height 5'9" Build Average
Eyes Brown Hair Red
Residence Bay Ridge
Employment Self-Employed Seamstress, also sells goods and services at the Red Hook Market
Parents Walter Trafford, grandfather
Daniel & Janet Trafford, parents
Marien Polk, aunt
Siblings Joshua, Campbell, & Christopher Polk, cousins
Marital Status Single Children Walter Trafford
Walter Trafford
First Scene If The Tide Gets Too Strong Last Scene
Profile A single mother and a buisnesswoman, Delilah is a staple face in the NYC safe Zone. She runs a tailoring business and is part of the Safe-Zone Cooperative, always offering a smile, a safe shoulder, and a warm hearth.
Delilah Trafford
portrayed by

Kate Nash



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  • Seamstress: Delilah has made a career out of her skills as a seamstress. She repairs and makes clothing, toys, and domestic fabrics, and does her own embroidering, knitting, and crochet work.
  • Cook: More than just knowing how to cook, Delilah has a skilled hand in it; from baking to dinners to mass quantities suitable for free food kitchens.
  • Handyman: She knows how to repair and make a lot of things; repairing things around the house, such as carpentry and hardware, and making things with her hands such as woodwork and some metalwork.
  • Business: Thanks to her other skills, Delilah has needed to learn how to effectively run a personal business; she is familiar with secretarial work, some accounting, and how to handle the day-to-day of things.
  • Music: Deiliah loves to sing, and has learned bits of guitar from her friends enough to be able to stand in if they need her.
  • Badarse: From years of conflict, Delilah has learned her way around a fight; she knows how to utilize guns and swords, as well as physical moves to incapacitate or subdue others.
  • First Aid: The years have given Delilah cause to learn as much field aid as she can, and first aid to assist with any simple medical issues.
  • Sleight of Hand: Remnants of an old hobby, Delilah retains knowledge of how to do magic tricks and sleight of hand.
  • MacGuyverism: Delilah is very good at finding ways to do things; she has a skill at finding supplies and tools to use when she needs to, and old hobbies have made her a quick thinker when it comes to things such as escaping tight situations or tricking others.
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