Eileen Ruskin

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Name Eileen Ruskin Aliases Natalie Gray
Status Unregistered Evolved Ability Avian Telepathy
Life Force Manipulation
Gender Female
Birthdate February 16, 1989 Age 29
Height 5' 1/2" Build Petite
Eyes Blue Hair Dark Brown
Residence Unknown
Employment N/A
Parents Sophia Ruskin
Ethan Holden
Siblings Nick Ruskin
Marital Status Single Children None, unless you count Astor
First Scene Revelations 9:6 Last Scene

Either Eileen Ruskin did not die on Pollepel Island, or someone has been using her face, identity, and ability to unify the militias in the Pacific Dead Zone alongside Iago Ramirez, Emile Danko, and Joshua Lang. She worked briefly as a security consultant for Yamagato Industries, which served as cover for her other activities in New York City (including an unexplained vendetta against Raytech Industries).

Her current whereabouts are unknown.

Eileen Ruskin
portrayed by

Emilia Clarke



Known to Most

  • Eileen Ruskin, codename Munin, was a member of Kazimir Volken's Vanguard, but turned against the organization and assisted Phoenix's in Volken's eventual defeat. She also participated in Operation Apollo to fight the Vanguard a second time, where she was deployed to Madagascar and Antartica, in exchange for an official government pardon…
  • …which was swiftly declared null and void after she joined the Ferrymen, using her knowledge of Volken's tactics to help restructure the organization and place an emphasis on its Special Activities division.
  • She died in December of 2011 on Pollepel Island, either defending it from Colonel Heller's forces, or shortly after betraying it to Heller's forces, just as she'd betrayed Kazimir Volken years earlier.

Known to Some

  • After Operation Apollo, Eileen used her influence and charm to swindle Leonardo Maxwell out of several million dollars to help fund the Ferrymen's activities, including the renovation and reconstruction of Bannerman Castle on Pollepel Island.
  • Eileen was an unpopular member of the Ferrymen's Council. Several attempts were made on her life while she served as one of the organization's leaders, including a poisoning by Odessa Price that left her mostly blind for a time.
  • Eileen's half-brother is Nicholas Ruskin of the CIA. They share a mother, who still resides in London, England.
  • While working for Vanguard, Eileen's ability functioned as a mobile spying unit. She utilized it in a similar fashion for the Ferrymen's Special Activities division, exacerbating people's distrust in her. It did not help that she carried Kazimir Volken's signature wolf's head cane for a time.

Known to Few

  • Eileen's biological father is Ethan Holden, who Kazimir Volken arranged to impregnate her mother in an attempt to selectively breed a child with precognitive abilities. Her avian telepathy was not what he'd hoped for, but a useful asset to the Vanguard nonetheless.
  • She is apparently alive, and has spent at least the last year unifying the scattered militias of the Pacific Northwest Dead Zone under the banner of the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse (an analogy she detests). However, appearances can be deceiving.
  • Up until the time of her apparent death, she was in a long term relationship with Gabriel Gray. They have a son from an aborted future, Astor Ruskin-Gray.

Known to Fewer

  • In current possession of the Black Conduit.
  • Not actually from this timeline.


iago_icon.gif "When I was a girl, I used to look on Iago Ramirez and the others like they were gods. They were all impossibly large. Bigger, I think, than the physical space they occupied. Planets, each with their own gravitational field. I always enjoyed being in his orbit, even when he didn't notice me. Especially when he didn't notice me. More than a decade later, I saved his life — and now he's saving mine."
danko_icon.gif "People will tell you that Emile Danko has dead eyes, a snake's eyes, that the blood running through his veins, if he has any blood at all, is cold. What they don't tell you is that he has a sense of humour, or that it's viper-quick. They forget, too, how reptiles need warmth to sustain them. I'd like to be that for him, if he'll let me."
lang_icon.gif "If you deprive a man of love and respect, if you strip him down to just shitting and eating and sleeping, you shouldn't be surprised when he bites you — because you're the one who turned him into an animal. First, his parents broke their promise to care for him. Then he sought help from the American military, and they did too. I won't."
gabriel_icon.gif "…"


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