'Ella Damaris

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Name Coleen Marcella Rozlynn Damaris Aliases Colella DeVil (Social Media Handle)
Status Registered Non-Expressive (Class N Non)
Gender Female
Birthdate December 19, 2002 Age 18
Height 5'8" Build Athletic
Eyes Blue Hair Brown
Residence Cresting Wave Apartments
Employment Student
Parents Kaydence Lee Damaris
Spencer Carroll Damaris†
Siblings None
Marital Status Single Children None
First Scene Birthday Breakfast Last Scene

'Ella Damaris is a student coming up on the end of her high school career. Currently she's a Scout, plays shortstop for her travelling softball team, and balances worrying about her mother with trying to live a normal teenage life. She has ambitions of becoming a scientist or engineer of some sort. Or maybe a professional translator. Maybe a cop, or a member of SESA.

When she's not busy with all of that, 'Ella can be found trying to meddle in her mother's personal life. Most recently, she has tried to convince Godfrey Wells that he should take her mom on a date. However, she's beginning to suspect that Marlowe Terrell may not be a bad prospect.

'Ella Damaris
portrayed by

Kaya Scodelario

'Ella Damaris is an NPC run by Hudson.



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Date Plans Participants
02/01 Leave the Past Behind Mom
11/05 Birthday Breakfast Mom
Date Plans Participants
10/16 Sore wa Himitsu desu Mom and Marlowe
12/23 Reindeer and Grinches Brynn, Dumortier, Elaine, Elisabeth, Faulkner, Godfrey, Harmony, Rhett, and Seren
Date Plans Participants
12/10 Placeholder Pending
12/25 I'm Not Here Mom
Path Not Taken


Known to Most

  • Owing to the influence of Yamagato Park, 'Ella is incredibly interested in Japanese culture and tradition. She owns traditional kimono and yukata that she wears during festivals, is learning about tea ceremony, and studies Japanese with a hope of minoring in the language when she goes to college to increase her fluency. Her mother's southern accented inflection when speaks it is a point of continuous dismay.
  • Coleen Marcella is her full first name, while Rozlynn is her middle name. This is a curse that was inflicted on her mother (forename: Kaydence Lee, middle name: November) and passed down to her. She is determined to break this vicious cycle of Too Darn Many Names and fully intends to shorten her legal name when she's old enough.

Known to Some

  • Was nearly the step-daughter of Matthew Parkman, Sr. She considered Molly Walker her big sister.
  • No, you aren't spelling her name right if you leave the apostrophe off the front, gosh.

Known to Few

  • Has never been blood tested to see if she is SLC-Expressive, owing to her mother's concern that she'll be treated poorly or targeted for persecution if she turns out to have an ability. She is registered as Non-Expressive, despite the lack of confirmation.
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