Elliot Hitchens

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Name Elliot Abel Hitchens Aliases
Status Registered Expressive (Class B Mental) (MIL) Ability Telepathic Networking
Gender Male
Birthdate August 16, 1989 Age 31
Height 6'1" Build Wiry
Eyes Blue Hair Blonde
Residence Red Hook
Employment Wolfhound
Parents Unknown Siblings Unknown
Marital Status Wright Tracy (partner) Children Ames Abel Burgess-Tracy (biological daughter)
First Scene Cogito Ergo (Zero) Sum Last Scene
Profile Elliot served in Wolfhound along with his partner Wright Tracy from the beginning of the war and for two years thereafter. He eventually left the service to help Wright and Marthe Burgess raise their three-parent daughter Ames, to whom he is the biological father. He is a former Ferrymen Intelligence operative and survivor of the Chokepoint/Cambridge Massacre.
Elliot Hitchens
portrayed by
Ryan Gosling


Infiltrator A lifetime of trying to fade into the background has lent itself well to infiltration and intel. While rarely directly involved in open conflict, he is skilled in lethal and nonlethal take-downs, including grapples, knifework, and suppressed pistols.
Computer Science and Math Elliot has a mind for math and computer system use, infiltration, and, to a lesser extent, programming.
Logistics Elliot learned a lot from his time (allegedly) overseeing a black-market drug operation’s logistical needs, a skill which served him well during his time with the Ferrymen before transferring to Intelligence.
Behavior Analysis Elliot has a keen eye for behavior, a skill he has used throughout his life in an effort to appear more “normal”. He can use this to his advantage when picking a mark and exploiting them in order to gain access to restricted areas.
Cooking Elliot has a passion for cooking complex meals from scratch, and has a keen sense-memory of scents and flavors.
Resources Elliot owns a home in Red Hook which he purchased after retiring from Wolfhound. While he generally uses public transportation, he also owns a Mantis for emergencies.
American Sign Language Elliot’s early difficulties with verbal communication were lessened when he and Wright began learning ASL as children. Years later, they found an opportunity to practice more extensively while working child relocation assignments for the Ferrymen. Sadly, they learned very little of the Lighthouse Cant sign language from the secretive children.


Date Title Summary Participants
12/15 Path Out of the Dark A catatonic Elliot is visited by Wright Megan, Wright
12/15 Last Wail in the Coffin Wright's visit to Elliot is interrupted by a collision with a famous witch. Eve, Wright
Date Title Summary Participants
04/15 An Imp's Web Elliot and Wright try to retrieve a war cache only to find an old friend exhibiting alarming behavior Eve, Wright
08/02 Invisible Rider The creatures you meet on the bus are weird Seren
08/17 Unexpected Reunions Elliot and Wright collide with a Lighthouse Kid in the Red Hook Market Brynn, Wright
09/05 Clean-Up Crews Placeholder Brynn, Joe, Lance, Wright
09/19 Cogito Ergo (Zero) Sum Elliot grills the messenger Avi, Wright
09/19 Rock the Cradle Elliot seeks out a comrade in arms for the scoop on Wolfhound, gets more than an armful Rue, Wright
09/21 The New Old Kids on the Block Elliot infiltrates the Bastion for picture day Asi, Devon, Huruma, Wright
09/25 Staying Grounded Elliot and Wright meet Megan for the first time since the war. Megan, Wright
10/06 What's My Line Placeholder Devon
10/23 #xpressurself Wolfhound is contracted to assist SESA in apprehending a person of interest Strix, Barghest, Target One, Jackalope, Melody, Maenad, others
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