Emily Epstein

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Name Emily Alison Epstein Aliases
Status Registered Evolved (Class U Unknown) Ability Unknown
Gender Female
Birthdate September 11, 1999 Age 19
Height 5' 7" Build Slim
Eyes Blue Hair Blonde
Residence A townhome in NE Sheepshead Bay
(and her roommate is a former terrorist)
Employment Student, SESA intern
Parents Avi Epstein (father; estranged)
Rachel Epstein-Raith (mother)
Siblings Taylor Epstein (brother; deceased)
Nathalie Leroux (sister)
Marital Status Single Children None
First Scene A Celebration of History - Entrance
The Appearance of Yatagarasu
Last Scene
Profile Emily Epstein is the estranged daughter of Avi Epstein. She has survived numerous catastrophes both personal and otherwise, and is a resilient and ferociously intelligent young woman. She is a leukemia survivor and until recently, Emily had difficulty standing or walking for prolonged periods of time due to multiple sclerosis. She frequently used a wheelchair or crutches, but has not appeared to need them since Christmas 2018.
Emily Epstein
portrayed by
Elle Fanning

I think I'm growing into someone you could trust

I want to shoulder the weight 'til my back breaks

I want to run till my lungs give up

If I could manage not to fuck this up

If I could manage not to fuck this up

I think enough is enough

- I Don't Like Who I Was Then - The Wonder Years



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avi_icon.gif Not doing great again. I'm wondering if it's even worth the effort. Any time I try to talk with him it just … it goes wrong.
Rachel I'm on slightly better terms with my mom now? I saw her in person again for the first time since I was healed, and we went to the Pink Tie gala. Before everything went crazy, we were in the middle of one of those conversations that's actually an argument. She told me if I was going to "keep up with this whole being independent kick" that I shouldn't rely on Julie as much. So I moved out into a place of my own. She might regret saying it now, given I haven't fallen apart yet. Fuck you too, Mom.
julie_icon.gif We both lead such separate lives now, but I'd move mountains for her. She's still more my sister than my cousin, and I'm grateful to her for everything she's done for me since I came to New York. Being apart has made me realize I took care of her, too, in more ways than I thought. When we talk now, there's no secrets anymore. At least not on my part.
berlin_icon.gif Holder of Black and White Conduits, Wolfhound Agent, former ward of the Ferry … and my sister. Half-sister or not, that still makes her family. Neither of us expected it, but we're doing the best to make the best of it. I haven't told my mom about her.
devon_icon.gif We're learning more about what happened to him, and I'm not wholly sure it's a positive thing. I'm scared to lose him to this, one way or another. I still have nightmares that I will.
teo_icon.gif Former terrorist, current pessimist. New roommate. Lots of baggage. We're slowly getting to know each other, mostly through offhanded comments of a surprisingly personal nature, and I think our living arrangement mutually benefits the other. He says he's here until his divorce is finalized, but I'm not sure he's leaving town even if that does end up happening.


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