Eve Mas

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Name Eve Kendra Mas Aliases Selene Norwell

Registered Evolved (Class A Mental)

Ability Precognition
Gender Female
Birthdate February 5th, 1980 Age 38
Height 5'10 Build Athletic
Eyes Light Gray Hair Dark
Residence Cat's Cradle
Employment Oracle, Owner of Cat's Cradle
Parents Eric Mas (Whereabouts unknown, presumed dead)
Valerie Mas (Whereabouts unknown, presumed dead)
Siblings Jezebel
(Who knows at this point)
Marital Status


First Scene Last Scene
Profile A former founding member of Pariah and precognitive that is as kooky as they come. Publicly known as Murderimp (from her time in the war) as well as that 'Metaphor Meme Lady' she is also the owner of Cat's Cradle.
Eve Mas
portrayed by

Sarah Brightman


RP Hooks

  • War..uh.. Hero: Eve was active in the war taking part on the frontlines as well as gathering intel using her ability. Known for her unorthodox methods and rogue like behavior, maybe you saw her on the battlefield, ran alongside her? Delivered her a message? The possibilities are legion (heh).
  • Walking Meme: After her testimony during the Albany trials she detailed the events leading up to Vanguard confrontations all the way through the Civil War. The testimony was then recessed as the question of one of her paintings was answered and it caused a flurry. "The Horse Is A Metaphor." The courtroom was in an uproar, there was shouting and reports of an actual white horse being on the premises spread during the initial first few weeks of the news breaking. Needless to say, you might know Eve's face. (Feel free to make a meme and share it in Fanworks!)
  • Music/Art: After the war and wandering, Eve took back up her music career briefly. Recording and releasing an EP titled Under the Woods, she went on a three date theatre tour in late 2015. Her paintings as well, prophetic or not have gained some notice in the art world. Maybe you were at one of her shows, seen a bunch of her paintings (there are quite a few hidden around the world).
  • Former(?) (Always)Terrorist: A memeber of the faction PARIAH from near the beginning and moving onward to Phoenix and the Ferrymen. Eve's been around, might have run into her during a raid or at a safe house.
  • Prophetic Fortune Teller: My favorite hook of all, maybe Eve had a vision about you or someone you love! These dreams can be all manner of things. Doom and gloom or baby births, etc. In 2018, Eve has also taken up fortune telling in the basement levels of her business Cat's Cradle. Word of mouth is currently the best way to hear of the seeress throwing out prophecies in Phoenix Heights.
  • Cat's Cradle: Eve is the owner of a music venue/bar space called Cat's Cradle. It is a multi-purpose place. Used as a bar while concerts and open mics are happening or even when not. Eve has designed a new Oracle Room in the beneath the space where she houses a number of her paintings and does her fortune telling there.


Coming soon.


Eve's Book One Archive

Volume I: The Way Back
January 2012 - January 2018
07/07/13 Otter Eyes A strange dream leads Eve to a beach in Mexico, where she meets someone new. Eve and Mateo
09/15/13 The Eternal Forest The whispers grow louder and lead Eve to The Hub for the first time. Eve
01/30/17 Other Otters When Eve shows up at the Benchmark, she discovers that there's some signficant otterness happening. Eve, Lynette and Mateo
February 2018
02/20/18 Fortunes Told The first one's always free. Eve and Sibyl

Log Icons

Log Icons
Aftermath Egg Dreamwalker
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Book One
Soothsayer Herald Seer Bright Future Medium
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  • Gunslinger: Eve has been using firearms since she was a teen. Her days with PARIAH and the Second Civil War has only increased her proficiency. She is well versed in a number of firearms, shotguns and rifles. With the upkeep and maintenance needed to keep her weapons functional she is meticulous. It is one of the few things besides her art that she can really focus on. Her aim is usually pretty spot on.
  • Fighter: In the time since her early days freedom fighting in the streets of a New York City, Eve is skilled at close quarter combat. Training from Hana as an additional foundation mixed with the bar brawling her father taught her and the unpredictability of her mental state cause of Eve to be a rather dangerous opponent in a fist fight. Over the time of the war, Eve began to use knives even more during combat.
  • Artist: Eve is a lover of the arts and her drawings, paintings and music are an example of her dedication to the arts. Her painting skills have grown a lot more and her singing has remained as unique and smokey as ever. She has added the Tuba to one of her instruments but she is still not very good at it. She has added producing to her skills with music. Able to record herself and another person on a simple set up.
  • Mechanic: Eve grew up around her father and his mechanic shop/warehouse. She loves cars and knows her way now inside and out of them. Due to the destruction of resources and the EMP, Eve has had to learn how to rig up and fix old cars. Mix-matching pieces. She's become quite adept at getting a car moving if it's old enough to not have been damaged beyond repair by the EMP blast.
  • Survival: Eve has had to live through having no food, no money and no means of transportation. Though she does well now if ever in a pinch she would be able to get through.
  • Notoriety: Due to her exploits during the war, her time as a founding member of PARIAH, her antics after the war and her music Eve has little fame. Mostly known as the woman who is the face of many memes.
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