Eve Mas

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Name Eve Kendra Mas Aliases Selene Norwell
Status Registered Evolved (Class A Mental) Ability Precognition
Gender Female
Birthdate February 5th, 1980 Age 38
Height 5'10 Build Athletic
Eyes Pale Gray (Pre Blinding)
Brown (Post Blinding)
Hair Dark
Residence Cat's Cradle
Employment Oracle, Owner of Cat's Cradle
Parents Eric Mas (Whereabouts unknown, presumed dead)
Valerie Mas (Whereabouts unknown, presumed dead)
Siblings Jezebel
(Who knows at this point)
Marital Status


First Scene Last Scene
Profile A former founding member of Pariah and precognitive that is as kooky as they come. Publicly known as Murderimp (from her time in the war) as well as that 'Metaphor Meme Lady' she is also the owner of Cat's Cradle.
Eve Mas
portrayed by

Emily Hampshire

Say I'm on fire with a blade

You're about to hear my name

Ringing in your head like, whoa whoa whoa whoa

- K/DA - Pop/Stars



Known to Most

  • One of the original memebers of PARIAH, involved in numerous bombings. She worked alongside Phoenix and the Ferrymen to stop the Vanguard's plan to unleash a world killing virus.
  • After being kidnapped while being sick with the Evo Flu, she became a ward of the Institute.
  • War hero known as the 'Murderimp', known to be a wildly unpredictable and unorthodox fighter. Said to be seen traveling all around during the years of the Second American Civil War, meddling in various people's affairs.
  • Gave testimony during the Albany Trials and was then dubbed the 'Metaphor Lady', the memes haven't stopped.
  • There was an incident during the filming of an endorsement commercial for weed. It involved a llama and Eve doesn't talk about it much.
  • Singer and artist, formerly of the Orchid Lounge.
  • The proud owner of Cat’s Cradle.
  • Is best friends with Gillian Childs.

Known to Some

  • The bottom floor of her bar is dedicated to her prophetic paintings and fortunetelling. It's said she'll trade the oddest things for a vision. It's called the Oracle Room. Word of mouth is how she finds her businesss.
  • Knows how to drive a tank.
  • She has a habit of handing bells to people.

Known to Few

  • During the events of the raid on the Institute in Cambridge Eve was killed in a car crash while escaping. She was brought back by Adam.
  • Has been on the hunt for Adam the past five years. She almost found him in Australia, only to find an empty hotel and a half empty bottle of sake. She's still not over it.
  • Helped free Adam as well as a host of other SLC-E individuals during the raid on Level Five back in 2009. The bulk of those people are out and about living their lives to this day.
  • Has had a few run ins with a powerful and dangerous entity with golden eyes.
  • Lost her eyesight and access to her ability during Gold Dust Woman but has recently regained her sight and also her gift though there is something weird going on with it..
  • A number of her paintings and sketches have been left all over the world as of 2018, turning up in auctions and all manner of weird ass places.


Eve's Book One Archive

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Gillian Childs - Gilly is Eve's best friend, the two women ran into each other and from night one of knowing each other have gotten into all manner of trouble together. Gillian is also the more sane of the two and the more likely to advise that they don't blow something up before Eve does it. She is the sister that Eve always wanted and Eve has made sure that Gillian is safe and sound on numerous occasions. The pain that is Peter's death is something they share together with Lene, Gilly is listed on all of Eve's emergency contact information. She is the person Eve trusts the most and has been instrumental in keeping Eve centered (and out of jail).
Jolene Pertrelli - Chicken is.. a sort of niece of Eve's since she is the child of her "sister" Gillian Childs and Peter Pertrelli, she's also not from this timeline. Once, the young woman held immense power but an accident robbed her of much. Eve worries for the woman and the darkness that she has been subjected too when she came here for a better life, for a better life for her family back home. In the absence of her gift, she is a wildly strong woman who can accomplish anything in Eve's mind. The older woman tries her best to stay close and be a positive influence on her (she totally gives her weed if she needs).
Gabriel Gray - At first she dreamed of the man as Sylar and she was stabbed in the stomach with a samurai sword. Later, they waltzed in the Ruins of Midtown. No animosity but they weren't exactly friends. She tended to gloss over the fact that he was a notorious serial killer, she doesn't judge usually. His dating of her best friend Gillian caused him to be mentioned between the two. After a time they kept running across each other, they blew up a robot factory together once. Nowadays, he's an adventure buddy and someone she trusts. The fear that he might kill her has now passed and she is happy to help him in anyway that she can. Friends now. Her complicated feelings about his father Samson don't make their relationship anymore weird than it already is.
Robyn Quinn - The pair met some time ago, jammed and have been friends ever since. Among one of the first people she calls in a pinch, Robyn has become something of a sister to the crazy seer. She even loves to annoy and prank her like a sibling would. A willing or unwilling participant on many adventures. After going through the hell that was the Arcology, Eve began to notice a shift in Robyn. In more than just her eyesight or ability but as a person. She's watched the woman rise from musician to freedom fighter to Agent Quinn. Eve values her opinion and her practicality vs her outlandish behavior and motives. She is also so very paitent with Eve. One of her oldest friends at this point, Eve would lay to waste any would would harm a hair on Red's Head. Though she's all too aware that her friend can handle herself.
Lady Zeus
Lynette Ruiz - Meeting on the island right as Eve arrived to warn the Ferrymen of their impending doom, Lynette is someone that took Eve seriously immediately. This laid a solid foundation for their friendship. Lynette trusts Eve and that trust is reciprocated. With Gillian and Robyn, "Lady Zeus" is one of three women on speed dial for when she needs help or someone is trying to find a friend to wrangle Eve. The fact that Lynette and Otter Eyes are married with a family makes the seer extremely happy. She knows that the pair both have their own demons but together they seem to be able to really work through things. Eve is committed to keeping them safe and their daughter Silvia as well. Eve's consistent use of drugs and alcohol doesn't seem to bother Lynette that much and Eve is grateful that her forms of sedation haven't caused a rift in their friendship. Eve knows she can count on Lynette for anything.
Otter Eyes
Mateo Ruiz - After having a perplexing dream about an otter in a shirt drinking a margarita Eve traveled down to Mexico and met said 'otter' who turned out to be Mateo who turned out to have a particularly dangerous ability. Eve didn't mind, she had found a new friend and she gifted him with a bell if he ever needed her to just ring. Then Mateo married one of Eve's greatest friends Lady Zeus and Eve saw sparks. She is weary of what her recent visions have to show about Mateo. She has vowed to protect him. Buddies have buddies back.
Monica Dawson - One of her oldest friends, Monica was with Eve in PARIAH. A ninja if she's ever seen one, Monica is fierce, loyal and extremely deadly. She and Eve get along great. Eve trusts the woman immensely and Eve knows if she calls her then she could count on her help. Eve isn't as god at parkour as Moni but damn she liked to try!
Francesca Lang - During the war Eve received a vision that resulted in her coming to the rescue of the woman as she was a teen. Years later the seer has entered a friendship with the war vet. Understanding of her distrustful nature and the grief she's still working through Eve hopes to be there for the woman as much as she can. The loss of their mutual friend and a love of Chess' Miles, is felt by both women.
Hot Hands
Luther Bellamy - The lighter of the fuse that leads to her duck, the solids rock of a man. A loyal friend. And a wild time. Luthie is one of Eve's old war buddies that she lost contact with before making it to the Safe Zone. An incident involving a tank during the war cemented their friendship. Hot Hands never seemed to judge Eve's psychosis, except for the first time they met. He's brilliant and she's lucky to have him as a friend.
Claire Bennet - Another good friend from the PARIAH days, they blew up buildings together. Went on raids and generally just supported each other. They were separated after the war and Claire ended up in Wolfhound, a smart choice to try to reign side of them from before the war but also give it Room to play. She misses the blonde and after recently being attacked by Samson while he demanded to know a regenerator's name so he could take their ability for himself.. and she didn't give her up.. Eve is still worried her friend is in danger.
Odessa Price - They met after she dreamed of her. She later found out she didn't dream of her but another her. The rabbit hole quickly swallowed the two up. Bound by time and bonding through the shared experience of tripping on drugs and time traveling, Eve has found a new fun buddy. A Time Fairy But recently Eve's view of her newfound friend has fractured. Angry to learn about Humans First connections with Eve being a former member of a Pro Evolved terrorist group.. it's awkward for the seer. She does fear for Dorothy's life because of the mess that is her past and her connection to Golden Eyes has become all too apparent. They need to have tea, maybe smoke a joint.
Delia Ryans - The younger woman is someone that Eve became acqutained with during the time of the Civil War. Meeting in dreams, exchanging information. The dreamwalker recently pulled Eve along with Sibyl into her mind, the end result was a nosedive into Sibyl's tortured mind and the burning down of an orphanage. The two women seem to be on a clash collision course with doom. Eve is worried for Delia, she caught something over in Sibyl's mind. Like dream herpes or something.


  • Gunslinger: Eve has been using firearms since she was a teen. Her days with PARIAH and the Second Civil War has only increased her proficiency. She is well versed in a number of firearms, shotguns and rifles. With the upkeep and maintenance needed to keep her weapons functional she is meticulous. It is one of the few things besides her art that she can really focus on. Her aim is usually pretty spot on.
  • Fighter: In the time since her early days freedom fighting in the streets of a New York City, Eve is skilled at close quarter combat. Training from Hana as an additional foundation mixed with the bar brawling her father taught her and the unpredictability of her mental state cause of Eve to be a rather dangerous opponent in a fist fight. Over the time of the war, Eve began to use knives even more during combat.
  • Artist: Eve is a lover of the arts and her drawings, paintings and music are an example of her dedication to the arts. Her painting skills have grown a lot more and her singing has remained as unique and smokey as ever. She has added the Tuba to one of her instruments but she is still not very good at it. She has added producing to her skills with music. Able to record herself and another person on a simple set up.
  • Mechanic: Eve grew up around her father and his mechanic shop/warehouse. She loves cars and knows her way now inside and out of them. Due to the destruction of resources and the EMP, Eve has had to learn how to rig up and fix old cars. Mix-matching pieces. She's become quite adept at getting a car moving if it's old enough to not have been damaged beyond repair by the EMP blast.
  • Survival: Eve has had to live through having no food, no money and no means of transportation. Though she does well now if ever in a pinch she would be able to get through.
  • Notoriety: Due to her exploits during the war, her time as a founding member of PARIAH, her antics after the war and her music Eve has little fame. Mostly known as the woman who is the face of many memes.

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