Geneva Stevenson

Chesterfield Act Registry of the Evolved Database

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Name fGeneva "Gene" Stevenson Aliases
Status Registered Evolved (Class A/C Chemical) Ability Heat Generation
Gender Female
Birthdate September 5th, 1999 Age 19
Height 5'4" Build Stocky
Eyes Dark Blue Hair Blonde
Residence Park Slope
Employment None Permanent
Parents Dustin Neal (father)
Doreen Stevenson (mother, deceased)
Siblings Annette Stevenson (sister, presumed deceased)
Marital Status Single Children N/A
First Scene Coming! Last Scene

Former Lighthouse kid™, current angry vagrant and drifter on the streets of New York, looking for more of a future than "just getting by." Though that's something she's always been very good at.

Not so secretly possesses a violent hatred for any person or policy attempting to oppress the Evolved/SLC-Expressive, and is interested in helping to ensure that nothing like the Company can ever arise again.

Geneva Stevenson
portrayed by
Mikaela Hellström




Due to both her Evolved ability and proclivity for wandering around and sleeping on the streets, Geneva has become an occasional, odd sort of magnet for stray/feral cats in the city, who are drawn to her because she provides an unusual source of warmth in the urban wasteland. This is something she will gladly share with them, along with food, if she has it.

Idiot Idiot is a large, well-proportioned, very derpy grey Burmese cat. His appellation comes from his cross-eyed nature, and the fact that the poor thing suffers from tunnel vision — his bottom half was stuck inside a dumpster the first time Geneva came across him. He was probably somebody's pampered housepet at some point, before the explosions/war/etc. Don't be fooled by the name, though. Gene likes this cat more than she likes you.
Digger Digger is a tough, wiry queen who has grown heavily pregnant as of the past few weeks. Geneva has only recently been more successful in getting this cat to open up and trust her; it's been a slow process, as it often is with ferals.


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