Geneva Stevenson

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Name Geneva "Gene" Stevenson Aliases
Status Registered Evolved (Class A/C Chemical) Ability Heat Generation
Gender Female
Birthdate September 5th, 1999 Age 19
Height 5'4" Build Stocky
Eyes Dark Blue Hair Blonde
Residence Park Slope
Employment Trainee at Raytech Industries
Parents Dustin Neal (father)
Doreen Stevenson (mother, deceased)
Siblings Annette Stevenson (sister, presumed deceased)
Marital Status Single Children N/A
First Scene A Present for Everyone Last Scene
Profile A former Lighthouse kid™, Gene is a hotheaded teenager who has the unfortunate tendency to set things on fire first and ask questions later. Currently she is trying to take steps forward in her troubled life, being on the receiving end of ability training from Raytech in preparation of finding a proper job there.
Geneva Stevenson
portrayed by
Mikaela Hellström

“On a million hillsides the girl ran, on a million bridges the girl chose, on a million paths the woman stood…
All different, all one.
All she could do for all of them was be herself, here and now, as hard as she could.”

― Terry Pratchett, Lords and Ladies


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Idiot Idiot is a large, well-proportioned, very derpy grey Burmese cat. His appellation comes from his cross-eyed nature, and the fact that the poor thing suffers from tunnel vision — his bottom half was stuck inside a dumpster the first time Geneva came across him. He was probably somebody's pampered housepet at some point before the war. Don't be fooled by the name, though. Gene likes this cat more than she likes you.


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