Hana Gitelman

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Name Hana Gitelman Aliases Wireless, Nambiza
Kiran Apila (K.Apila)
Status Registered Evolved (Class C Mental) (MIL, INST) Ability Technopathy
Gender Female
Birthdate June 19, 1979 Age 38
Height 5' 9" Build Athletic
Eyes Brown Hair Brown
Residence Wolfhound Command, Rochester, NY
Employment Wolfhound
Parents Zahava Gitelman
Joshua Gitelman
Marital Status (not) in a relationship Children Noa Gitelman (posthumously, in another timeline)
First Scene Last Scene
Profile Former founder of the Ferrymen and nominal war hero, Hana is now commander of the Wolfhound private military company, a hunter of fugitives from law and justice, and also the wearer of a number of technopath hats (so to speak).
Hana Gitelman
portrayed by
Stana Katic

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Trivia and Notes

  • As of mid-2014, Hana has dual citizenship: native Israel, naturalized U.S.


Having testified for the war crimes tribunal, Hana is to her great dismay known as one of the founders of the Ferry. Given that the vast majority of Ferrymen only knew her as 'Wireless,' subsequent interviews and publications have firmly entrenched that identity in the public consciousness rather than her legal name. In the years since, Hana has done her best to keep her face and name out of the Ferry-associated limelight, helping reduce the associations between herself and 'Wireless', reinforcing the Ferry's technopath as a distant, faceless entity that almost nobody ever met. Also, while Wireless is known as a technopath, she has not made public the particulars of her ability, and again this is something the vast majority of the Ferry did not know. On the other hand, that guardedness has left the subject wide open for the general public to speculate and invent.


  • Wireless: Publicly known as Ferry founder and technopath. Hana does not routinely use this name anymore, although former Ferry contacts and some others still refer to her by it. Wireless can be considered a legacy resistance identity, and is distinct from her role with Wolfhound.
  • Nambiza: Wolfhound codename. This handle is not used outside of the Wolfhound operational context and as such is not well-known.
  • Kiran Apila (K.Apila): Kiran Apila is a digital presence established from 2014 forward, and is a neutral identity through which Hana interacts remotely and otherwise anonymously with the greater part of cyberspace and radio communications.

Physical Marks

  • "Tattoo" of two parallel black lines on the left side of her neck, behind shoulder
  • Scar (bullet graze) angling up left side of forehead; may at times be concealed


Note: Some relatively incidental competencies, such as driving and mentoring, were left out for sake of not making this longer.

Although firearms are the more practical in most situations, Hana has a fondness for the very physical and personal nature of martial arts; they have been a cornerstone of her skillset for twenty years now. Her formal training is in Krav Maga and Aikido, but she has had a great deal of opportunity to pick up stray techniques along the way — particularly as Hana relates best to others in the context of physical action and challenge. She also has a distinct preference for knives, as close-quarters weapons that are readily obtainable, easily concealed, and don't run out of ammunition. Finally, as the need's increased for Hana to make business and social appearances — to deal with circles where guns and knives are frowned upon — she has been practicing more with improvised weapons, just in case.


continued from Book One

07/17/12 Breakout A Loyalist prison convoy finds itself with an unexpected complication. Colette, Hana, Scott
08/24/12 Values Alister and Hana disagree on points of value and appropriate conduct. Alister, Colette, Hana
06/17/17 Operation High Road, Part I Wolfhound assaults a facility belonging to the former Institute in pursuit of Howard LeMay. In the command center, Hana discovers unexpected company. Colin, Dearing, Hana, LeMay, Rue
06/19/17 One of the Pack Two days after the successful execution of Operation High Road, Wolfhound celebrates their victory. Adel, Avi, Berlin, Claire, Colette, Curtis, Dearing, Devon, Francois, Hana, Huruma, Logan, Lucille, Noa, Rue, Scott
07/06/17 Nachala Reflections upon loss, love, fate, and the legacies left behind for the living to fulfill. Colette, Hana, Noa
11/08/17 If There Is An After Colette's reckless actions meet the first of their consequences. Avi, Colette, Hana
11/09/17 Damage Control The Secretary of Homeland Security pays a visit regarding the debacle of the day before. Hana, Vincent
01/16/18 Ground Rules Hana informs the teams of their new associate — and how to behave around her. Adel, Berlin, Curtis, Devon, Hana, Noa, Rue, and all Wolfhound except Colette
Impeccable Rue and Hana have a personal conversation about personal issues with the incoming observer. Hana, Rue
01/17/18 pending Epstein makes a confession and complicates Hana's life even more. Avi, Hana
01/20/18 Different Stories Hana seeks what confirmation she can get; it isn't much. Gillian, Hana
01/22/18 Observe. Report. Coordinate. Agent Quinn is picked up at the airport and brought into Wolfhound's home. Hana, Robyn
Volume I: The Way Back
02/23/18 A Strange Set of Circumstances Berlin brings a fortuitous find to Wolfhound's analyst. Berlin, Hana
Skycastle, Part I Two pieces of intel are reunited and a next destination identified. Avi, Hana, Rue
03/15/18 A Little Side Business Claire and Devon are sent to lay groundwork for a possible lead. Claire, Devon, Hana
03/28/18 Intentions and Assurances Hana confronts Eve about her knowledge of and interest in Looking Glass. Eve, Hana
03/29/18 Ghosts in Print A need to investigate dead men walking is brought to Hana's attention. Claire, Hana
03/30/18 Windows and Doors Hana learns about Mateo's ability and receives another breadcrumb concerning Looking Glass. Hana, Lynette, Mateo
04/07/18 A Celebration of History - Entrance Hana makes an appearance at a charity gala and collides with Alister, figuratively speaking. many
A Celebration of History - Water Garden Hana speaks with SESA's local directors; also with Logan. many
A Celebration of History - The Bar There is wine, an agreement to meet, and a disaster narrowly averted. many
Leviathan Hana makes an unexpected acquaintance. So does Jiba. Hana, Jiba, T.Amas
04/11/18 Ongoing Concerns Hana and Ray finally compare notes on… basically everything. Hana, Ray
04/13/18 Levels of Hell Hana and Director Kenner do the same. Hana, Kenner
Suspicion, Shared Hana also brings an entirely different concern to Vincent's attention. Hana, Vincent
04/24/18 New, But Not New Felix is welcomed to the Bunker. Colette, Curtis, Felix, Hana, Lucille
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