Jaiden Mortlock

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Name Jaiden Mortlock Aliases
Status Registered Evolved (Class C ) (COM) Ability Hydrokinesis
Gender Male
Birthdate 01 April, 1983 Age 35
Height 1.83m Build 86.5kg
Eyes Olive Green Hair Brown
Residence Unknown
Employment Unknown
Parents Willam & Charlene Mortlock Siblings None
Marital Status Remi Davignon-Mortlock (wife; deceased) Children Victoria Jessamyn Cormac-Davignon (adopted)
Lisette Ophelie Mortlock-Davignon
First Scene Fostered Last Scene
Profile Former member of the Ferrymen, former member of ENDGAME, and a participant at countless battles through the second American Civil War, Jaiden Mortlock was uniquely qualified to do the things he was tasked with doing. All-the-time journalist and historian, sometimes smuggler, creator and proprietor of 'Mom's House' in Minnesota, Jaiden's two and a half week testimony at the war crimes tribunal gave legal experts and scholars the evidence needed to do their jobs properly. Married to Soleil Remi Davignon-Mortlock, with a pair of daughters, he's trying to make the world a better place and dammit, he's succeeding.
Jaiden Mortlock
portrayed by

Luke Burgess

Don't do anything by half. If you love someone, love them with all your soul. When you go to work, work your ass off. When you hate someone, hate them until it hurts.


RP Hooks

  • War Hero: A front-line fighter in the Civil War, a member of the Ferry, a member of ENDGAME, and a prominent voice from the War Crimes tribunal that was held after, Jaiden is a familiar sight.
  • Author: Jaiden's written and published historical texts about the second Civil War, as well as multiple newspaper articles that are published worldwide. Your character might have read one of them.
  • Archivist: Have a story to tell? Looking for news about someone lost or missing? Jaiden may have the information you need in his archive.
  • Supplies: Coming into New York on a fairly regular basis and having a place that isn't ruined, Jaiden has access to things you may need. He might be able to get them for you.

The Archive

Ever since the his arrival in the United States and his involvement with pro-evolved groups, Jaiden's records - text, images, video and all the rest - have been kept safe and added to constantly on a regularly backed-up server located at his place in Kabetogama. This database, in both digital and hard copy, is the closest thing that anyone has of ENDGAME once Jaiden was a member, and of the atrocities committed on the evolved. Jaiden spent what free time he had between battles and smuggling runs gathering stories, meticulously researching and dating them and archiving them for future use. Anyone who comes through his camp, he gets their story - where they came from and why and how - for historical use.

Thanks to a journalistic eye, tens of thousands of digital photographs, and well-researched notes, Jaiden's archive provides an unflinching view of the war from the side of an Evolved human that was involved in almost every facet. As a journalist who had been in combat before, he had a great deal of insight into why things happened the way they did and a massive amount of evidence to prove exactly what he testified to. Any battle Jaiden took part in, which were most of them after the missiles were launched, intelligence would be gathered and prioritized. Names of units, soldiers' names, chain of command, weapons used and the like. Estimated battle lines. Estimated casualties. Names of casualties. All were recorded dutifully with pictures in lurid color. Scholars of the Second Civil War had a field day going through his records.



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