Kay Damaris

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Name Kaydence Lee N. Damaris Aliases
Status Registered Non-Evolved (Class N Non)
Gender Female
Birthdate November 5, 1978 Age 39
Height 5'9" Build Slender
Eyes Brown Hair Blonde
Residence Cresting Wave Apartments
Employment Yamagato Industries, Director of Public Relations
Parents Brittany Cole-Delacroix
Hank Delacroix
Siblings None
Marital Status Spencer Carroll Damaris† Children Coleen Marcella Rozlynn Damaris
First Scene Main Mission Last Scene
Profile A detective with the NYPD before the war, Kay now applies her talents as the Director of Public Relations for Yamagato Industries. A single mother to a fifteen-year-old daughter, 'Ella, Kay has a reputation as a soccer mom. She's on the PTA of her daughter's school and helps run her Scout troop. (Ask her about cookies!)
Kay Damaris
portrayed by

Maggie Grace



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Kay 'Ella
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Date Record Objective Targets
03/19 A Crowd of Twisted Things While grabbing lunch with Jonathan, Kay is visited by a memory that haunts her. Jonathan and others
03/23 Tabula Rasa Amnesia strikes and fear settles in. Kay does her best to keep calm. Alvin, Elaine, Marlowe, and others
03/31 To Best Serve Given her latest assignment, Kay finds she's personalizing. Nisatta
04/07 A Celebration of History - Entrance Kay watches guests filter into the Yamagato Fellowship gala. Alvin, Jonathan, and others
04/15 In Theory and In Praxis The mission doesn't go as planned. Jiba and Barnes
04/30 Sending a Message Things go very sideways at the employee assembly. Barbara, Elaine, Monica, Nisatta, and others
05/02 If Memory Serves One more memory that isn't hers leads Kay and others to the source of their strange visions. Alvin, Cassandra, Elaine, Marlowe, Robyn, and Tania
05/04 The Spin An attempt is made to decide how to proceed. Alvin and Monica
09/29 よろしく Asi Testuyama arrives in the Safe Zone. Asi and Nisatta
11/05 Birthday Breakfast A taste of what could have been. 'Ella


Firearms: Having been a member of the NYPD for ten years, Kay is more than merely proficient in the use of firearms. Even out of law enforcement, she kept up on her practice, refusing to let her skills collect rust.

Mechanics: Kay knows her way around an automobile and all of the pieces and parts that make it run, thanks to her father, Hank. While she certainly can't improvise a fix to every mechanical issue that arises with a vehicle, she can generally diagnose the problem and make her own repairs if given the proper tools and equipment.

Profiling: While studying at Cornell, Kay took a liking to Psychology and finds herself with an undeniable need to understand what makes people tick.

Reports: Putting together research and presenting it, knowing how to sell her work and her findings to her superiors is an important skill in Kay's arsenal. It was so with the NYPD and it continues to serve her well at Yamagato Industries.

Performance: Beginning when she was undercover with Vice, Kay has always been good at selling fiction about herself and pushing down her own feelings about her lies. Today, this skill serves her by allowing her to carry on the duplicity of her work and home lives. Very few would guess that the soccer mom is actually cutthroat corporate bitch and handler of assassins.

Investigation: Can't create reports if you don't put in the research. Kay knows where to look to collect intelligence on a person or place in order to better serve her field operative. Her resources have only expanded since joining Yamagato.

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