Kay Damaris

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Name Kaydence Lee N. Damaris Aliases
Status Registered Non-Evolved (Class N Non)
Gender Female
Birthdate November 5, 1978 Age 41
Height 5'9" Build Slender
Eyes Brown Hair Blonde
Residence Cresting Wave Apartments
Employment Yamagato Industries, Director of Public Relations
Parents Brittany Cole-Delacroix
Hank Delacroix
Siblings None
Marital Status Spencer Carroll Damaris† Children Coleen Marcella Rozlynn Damaris
First Scene Main Mission Last Scene
Profile A detective with the NYPD before the war, Kay now applies her talents as the Director of Public Relations for Yamagato Industries. A single mother to a seventeen-year-old daughter, 'Ella, Kay has a reputation as a soccer mom. She's on the PTA of her daughter's school and helps run her Scout troop. (Ask her about cookies!)
Kay Damaris
portrayed by
Maggie Grace



'Ella ella_icon.gif Coleen Marcella is Kay's teenage daughter. Preferring to call herself 'Ella, she's a Scout, plays shortstop for her travelling softball team, and balances worrying about her mother with trying to live a normal teenage life. 'Ella was very young when her father died in the line of duty, and while it has a profound affect on her, she's more concerned about what the loss of Spencer Damaris did to her mother. The two have a bond like steel, but even steel can bend. 'Ella struggles with her mother's propensity to send her away to stay with her grandparents when things get rough, sometimes lashing out at her for it and calling her selfish, lonely, and bitter. She knows deep down that only one of those things is true; her mother's been alone ever since Matt Parkman called off their engagement over a decade ago. It's 'Ella's hope that Kay will eventually crawl out of her self-loathing disguised as work ethic and start really living life again. She has no idea how dark her mother's world truly is.
Barnes monica2_icon.gif Work Wife.


Mournful Unbroken
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Paths Not Taken
Mrs. Parkman Wasted
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Date Record Objective Targets
04/29 The Eight-Headed Serpent, Part IV After months in the dark, Kay is brought back into the harsh light of day and offered a new position she can't refuse. Kimiko
05/15 World's Fair: Mantis Raytech's offerings are impressive. Elisabeth, Marlowe, Richard,
and others
05/24 Showcase Nothing goes off without a hitch. Thank goodness. Eizen, Godfrey, Isabelle,
Kimiko, Marlowe, Yao, and others
Showcase Showdown Celebrations and preparations are in order. Eizen, Godfrey, Isabelle,
Kimiko, and Marlowe
10/16 Sore wa Himitsu desu Sometimes it's just good to know you don't have to carry your burdens alone. Marlowe (and 'Ella)
11/24 Bohemian Meltdown Some secrets are brought to light by those who work in the shadows. Asi, Godfrey, and Marlowe
12/12 Past Made Present The past never does stay buried. Asi
12/22 Shitennou A plan begins to form. Asi, Godfrey, and Marlowe
12/31 Operation Armagettin The time has come to reclaim what's ours. Asi, Eizen, Godfrey,
Isabelle, Marlowe, and Tsai
Date Record Objective Targets
01/01 Catching Fire That includes wayward pyrokinetics. Isabelle
02/11 Ichiban Friends have each other's backs. Asi
02/12 All the Rowboats It's not betrayal if it's in their best interests. Asi, Jiba, and Kimiko
02/14 I Say I'm Sorry Less Than I Am Wrong The time is long overdue. Monica
02/14 aVoiDAntlY Valentine's Day is one to be avoided. Godfrey (and 'Ella)


Firearms: Having been a member of the NYPD for ten years, Kay is more than merely proficient in the use of firearms. Even out of law enforcement, she kept up on her practice, refusing to let her skills collect rust.

Mechanics: Kay knows her way around an automobile and all of the pieces and parts that make it run, thanks to her father, Hank. While she certainly can't improvise a fix to every mechanical issue that arises with a vehicle, she can generally diagnose the problem and make her own repairs if given the proper tools and equipment.

Profiling: While studying at Cornell, Kay took a liking to Psychology and finds herself with an undeniable need to understand what makes people tick.

Reports: Putting together research and presenting it, knowing how to sell her work and her findings to her superiors is an important skill in Kay's arsenal. It was so with the NYPD and it continues to serve her well at Yamagato Industries.

Performance: Beginning when she was undercover with Vice, Kay has always been good at selling fiction about herself and pushing down her own feelings about her lies. Today, this skill serves her by allowing her to carry on the duplicity of her work and home lives. Very few would guess that the soccer mom is actually cutthroat corporate bitch and handler of assassins.

Investigation: Can't create reports if you don't put in the research. Kay knows where to look to collect intelligence on a person or place in order to better serve her field operative. Her resources have only expanded since joining Yamagato.


Known to Most

  • Was a member of the NYPD for ten years, having achieved the rank of Detective.
  • Formerly engaged to Matt Parkman of DHS infamy.

Known to Some

  • Resentful of her status as SLC Non-Expressive, feeling that it limited her career path in law enforcement.

Known to Few

  • Formerly undercover for the NYPD.
  • Was a fixer with the Linderman Group, a dirty cop.
  • Previously attached to Kain Zarek — loosely.
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