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Name Kaylee Ann Ray-Sumter Aliases Kaylee Anne Thatcher
Kaylee Anne Ray
Status Registered Evolved (Class B Mental) (COM) Ability Telepathy
Gender Female

February 3rd, 1987

Age 31 (Physically: 36)
Height 5' 10" Build Slender
Eyes Blue Hair Blonde
Residence NY Safe Zone
Employment RayTech Industries, COO
Parents Karen Thatcher (Mom| Estranged)
Edward Ray (Dad|Deceased)
Siblings Richard Ray (Adopted)
Warren Ray
Valerie Ray
Marital Status Married to Joseph Sumter Children Emily Sumter (10) (Adopted)
Hannah Sumter (8) (Step-kid)
Carl Sumter (6)
First Scene Moments Paid For By Blood and Tears Last Scene
Profile A celebrity, a former Ferryman, an up and coming business professional, but her favorite title is "Mom".
Kaylee Ray-Sumter
portrayed by

Blake Lively



My life is Strange and Hectic. BUT… Call me maybe?
Reach out to me anytime if you want/need a scene or just drop me a link (If you drop me a link, know I am going to limit active RP and it might need to wait, unless it is plot stuff). My life is unpredictable; but, if I know when I am needed, I can try to schedule around it. I am very willing to do a scene on the MUX, (with plenty of time) but it is best to go through GoogleDocs. Do note that until May 2018, in-game RP will be difficult, since I am fishing up my last semester of college.

Scene Logs and More:

Character Logs
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Current Icons

Mother and Wife RayTech In Dreams Her Darkness
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Alternate Timelines

Virus Bright
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Her Children

Emily Hannah Carl
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Cooking and Homemaking Skills

It was established that she can cook and other homemaker’s skills after her time in the past. She can mend socks! These skills will be useful during the darker ages of the US. She has become a decent cook, with the Ferry she has learned to make things stretch and feed a large group… She hasn’t had any complaints yet.


Kaylee has met a lot of people in her life. Not everyone will be in this collection of people, some missed but added soon. So, click on each tab and meet everyone that has had some sort of impact in her life. If you want to learn more about them, click the images to go to their personal pages.


RP Hooks:

  • Well-Known Ferrymen
    • Very few Ferry don't know that she was a telepath, since she was used so often for her ability by the council, but very few know what she can do with it.
    • Testified during the war trials.
  • Finished up her schooling, earning a Master's Degree.
    • Maybe you saw her around campus.
  • Loves charity work.
    • You got a charity? Ask in game if she wants to join.
    • Maybe she had worked with you doing charity work.
  • Has kids!
    • Kaylee and Joseph have 3 kids.
    • They do go out and about like any family does.
  • RayTech Industries
    • Looking for a job? Kaylee is COO and deals with staffing.
    • Do you already work there? Well, she's one of your bosses, so hit her up.

Memorable Quotes:

Coming Soon

Trivia and Notes:

  • Kaylee is physically older then her birth certificate indicates. During Vol. 11, she was lost in 1880's New York for the span of five years.
  • Her Proudest Moment - Getting Doyle to agree to be Santa Claus! He was perfect too! And making the children of Summers Meadows and the Lighthouse happy for even just a short moment of time with her Santa's Letter's drive. <3
  • She is currently under the effects of an incurable problem. A Company Founder, Susan Amman, put a curse (of sorts) on Kaylee that makes her body shut down when she trusts or is near Adam.
  • She is starting to get a collection of scars going. :( The more notable are as follows:
  • Kaylee has a soft spot for Charities. She can't help it. She feels bad for the underdogs. Don't be surprised if you see her at a soup kitchen serving the homeless.
  • In the dream world, Kaylee is always accompanied by a midnight black snake with a diamond shaped head and glowing blood red eyes. This represents a part of her that she tries to keep buried deep within her, the temptation that comes from using her ability.
  • OOCly: Kaylee's metabolism is modeled after the player's late son, she can stress eat and not really gain a damn thing. It was inspired by the fact that the woman is so dang skinny.


The Teacher The Huntress The War Hero The Goofball
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Just kind of compiling a list of songs that work for her, eventually I'll organize it.


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