Keira Fionn

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Name Keira Aislinn Fionn Aliases
Status Unregistered Evolved Ability Tactile Shapeshifting
Gender Female
Birthdate May 24, 1983 Age 34
Height 5'3" Build Tiny
Eyes Blue Hair Varies (usually Red or Blonde)
Residence Park Slope (With Tibby)
Employment CRIME.
Parents Deirdra Madigan Fionn (Estranged)
"Brick" Ryans (Whereabouts Unknown — Adoptable?)
Siblings Graeme Cormac
Marital Status Strong and Independent Woman Who Don't Need No Man Children Never ever
First Scene Like a Kid at Disney World Last Scene
Profile Keira is a rough and tumble criminal type who makes up for her diminutive size with her general ferocity toward those who displease her.
Keira Fionn
portrayed by

Ruca (Sarah Fulk)



Keira's logs

Skills & Such

Having spent nearly six years in Mexico, Keira is (for the most part) fluent in Spanish.


Keira is okay with her cousin, though she did not keep in touch after she left New York.
Graeme is the half-brother that Keira never even knew that she had. He approached her in the mall one day, confessing that he had been left as a ward of the state, going from group home to group home. It is mostly because of him that Keira fled the states long before the war began, severing her ties to Humanis First. She has kept up with him over the years, calling each other on birthdays and holidays — though she's only really let him know that she's been in Mexico, keeping any other details of her life away from him.
Keira has yet to meet Lucille, except for that one time that she was wearing a Bird Doctor mask with a Santa hat on her head, and made Lucille's place of employment explode. Oops, sorry cuz!
This is the cousin Keira doesn't even know she has! She has met Russo, and thinks he is one cool mofo. She watched his November 10th broadcast and admired him for his bravery. She's likely to be extremely impressed to find out that she is cousin to the Bradley Russo.
The man that, for the majority of her childhood, she believed to be her father — it wasn't until after finally meeting him that Keira discovered that he is her Uncle. She looks up to him, having watched him since he rose to the status of War Hero. She has kept up with him over the years, mostly talking on birthdays and the occasional holiday.


Kaang is a fully grown South Aftrican Boerboel dog, and an extremely large example of his breed no less. He isn't the tallest dog in the world, standing at a mere two and a half feet at the shoulder, but he more than makes up for that in sheer muscle content; powerful muscles ripple beneath his reddish-tan coat. He possesses a distinctly molosser-type face, with golden eyes peering out from a wrinkled face and a droopy black-pointed muzzle that conceals a very obviously powerful set of jaws. He was given to Keira by her good friend Tibby when he was just a puppy, as a gift. He has been by Keira's side ever since, only separating from her on rare occasions. She trained him to be her guard dog (and he is quite good at his job), as well as her constant companion. She loves Kaang just as much as other people love their children, and he is one of the few creatures on this earth who has never experienced her foul temper. He is a Very Good Boy.

Keira's List

Cormac, Graeme Superhuman Endurance My bro. No fucking with him. Ever. I will kill the motherfucker who fucks with my brother.
Deckard, Amadeus Feline Telepathy Ex boyfriend. He can talk to cats or something. No fucking with him — that's my job.
Dussault, Caspian Force Field Generation Tibby's man(?). Absolutely no fucking with him — I will tell Tibby and we will brutally murder anyone who tries.
Gerken, Lance Unknown No clue what he can do. He works for me, so I will fuck up anyone who fucks with him.
Naidu, Tibby Feline Telepathy My best friend in the whole world. I'd die for this bitch. No fucking with her, and I'll fucking kill anyone who tries.
Ray, Richard Shadow Form? Asshole shadow man who I fucked a few times.
Ryans, Delia Dream Manipulation My cousin. No fucking with her.
Ryans, Lucille Unknown My other cousin. Dunno what she can do, just that she's an Evo. No fucking with her.


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