Jolene Chevalier

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Name Jolene Chevalier Aliases Jolene Petrelli
Status Registered Evolved (Class U Unknown) Ability None (formerly Synchronized Ability Mimicry)
Gender Female
Birthdate Cover: October 10, 1990
Actual: October 10, 2020
Age 27
Height 5' 8" Build Slim
Eyes Green Hair Brown
Employment Safe Zone Radio (part time)
Parents Peter Petrelli (father; deceased)
Gillian Childs (mother)
Siblings Nate Chevalier (deceased)
Marital Status Single Children None
First Scene Last Scene
Profile Jolene Chevalier is a refugee from an alternate possible future now stranded decades in the past. She is a former Ferryman and freedom-fighter who has retired to civilian life after serious injury.
Jolene Chevalier
portrayed by

Susan Coffey
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Jolene was trained how to fire handguns and single-action rifles while in the Wasteland. Since suffering nerve damage from a biological weapon attack she is unable to fire a two-handed firearm and is a poor shot with her non-dominant hand with a handgun.

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