Luther Bellamy

Chesterfield Act Registry of the Evolved Database

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Name Luther Bellamy Aliases

Registered Evolved (Class A/C Chemical)

Ability Energy Conversion
Gender Male
Birthdate June 1, 1969 Age 48
Height 6'3" Build Average
Eyes Grey Hair Brown
Residence NY Safe Zone
Employment Raytech Industries
Parents Luc (Deceased)
Helen (Deceased)
Siblings John (Deceased)
Marital Status Widower Children Luke (Deceased)
Joanna (Deceased)
First Scene Twitchy Last Scene
Profile Luther currently works as a contractor for Raytech Industries doing some clean-up work. Having had his previous affiliations with extremist fighters pretty much bombed out by the Portland nuke, he's restarting from scratch to build a life (and a future) in the New York Safe Zone once again.
Luther Bellamy
portrayed by

Liev Schreiber



All my friends are dead. :(


Coming Soon…


  • Education: It's been decades since Luther has been in any academia. His knowledge is out of date, even if the theories are existant. Instead, his reasoning skill is based off experience and logic, and he keeps his mind open to learning anything new on the fly.
  • People Watcher: What he didn't learn from studying psychology and working in marketing, he's since picked up through observation and experience in watching and dealing with people through life in the bottom levels. He's good with reading the room, especially if he has to duck out of it.
  • Mechanical Aptitude: Luther understands enough to repair a car into working condition, even if it's not going to win the Indy 500. Over the years of having to jury-rig things together out of scraps or junk, he's gained an aptitude for crafting what items he needs with whatever is around.
  • Survival: A hostile environment, this world has become. Luther has street smarts to survive in an urban environment, and over the course of having to hide in the wilderness with others, he's learned about living off the land and survival skills in a natural environment too.
  • The Low War: Coupled with all the years of living in the shadows and sidelines, he makes for a decent fighter using guerrilla hit-and-run tactics through urban and natural environments.
  • Guns: He still doesn't really like to use them, but he's now quite practiced in the use of them. His preferred type is the standard hunting rifle, with pistols coming up second.
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