Marlowe Terrell

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Name Marlowe Makoto Terrell Aliases Makoto Takada
Status Registered Evolved (Class C Chemical) (COM) Ability Matter Manipulation
Gender Female
Birthdate February 3, 1985 Age 33
Height 5'7" Build Toned
Eyes Brown Hair Brown (variable)
Residence Cresting Wave Apartments
Employment Yamagato Industries
Parents Curtis Terrell
Kazue Takada
Marital Status Single Children None
First Scene Pure Imagination Last Scene
Profile Army Corps of Engineers turned proud part of the engineering team of Yamagato Industries. Aspires to be the Blasian Tony Stark.
Marlowe Terrell
portrayed by

Crystal Kay



monica3_icon.gif Kickass lady who kicks ass! Monica's arm is one of Marlowe's ongoing projects, and when Moni's away, Marlowe takes care of Foggy. But it's not all about work with her, 'cause these ladies know how to par-tay!
tania_icon.gif The artist extraordinaire. Tania and Marlowe met under unusual circumstances but after second encounter, they've soon become friends. Also, possibly a budding P.I. team in the making.
jiba_icon.gif Can an A.I. be a friend? Surely after several years, there's more to this than simple command and response. This digital teammate has been so much more than simply a program. Plus, Marlowe's already gotten the habit of talking to the machines she builds, after all.
jonathan_icon.gif Pacifist prof-type. The councilman likely doesn't know what shenanigans he's going to get into with Marlowe declaring him a friend and a fellow vintage car lover.


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Name Description
YX Cestus Prosthetic Limb A bleeding-edge technological wonder, the YX Cestus Prosthetic limb developed by Yamagato Industries is currently in the possession of Monica Dawson. As one of the original engineers to work on the limb, Marlowe maintains and repairs the arm's mechanical functions and hardware upgrades, and ensures it is kept to an overall high aesthetic requirement for any visible appearances.
AH/UN monitor drones The Active Handling Universal Narrow-body monitor drones are designed to accompany their handler into tight spaces such as the ruins of buildings, thin diameter tunnels, and inaccessible environments. Equipped with video streaming monitors, bright LEDs and spotlight, and satellite GPS location, this allows the user to survey a landscape that may otherwise be hazardous in real time and take appropriate visual capture.


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