Monica Dawson

Chesterfield Act Registry of the Evolved Database

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Name Monica Dawson Aliases Moni Barnes
Monica Faucheur
Nic Fleming

Registered Evolved (Class A Biological) (COM)

Ability Adoptive Muscle Memory
Gender Female
Birthdate April 26, 1986 Age 32
Height 5'7" Build Athletic
Eyes Dark Brown Hair Dark Brown
Residence Cresting Wave Apartments
Employment Yamagato Industries
Parents Nana Dawson (deceased) Siblings Damon Dawson (deceased)
Marital Status Single Children JJ Jones (sort of)
Foggy (a bird)
First Scene Critiques On The Art Of Negotiation Last Scene
Profile Monica works for Yamagato Industries as International Relations. She travels a lot, but home base is the New York Safe Zone. Also she has a robot arm. It's hard to miss.
Monica Dawson
portrayed by

Dana Davis

"Beware; for I am fearless, and therefore powerful." - Mary Shelley, Frankenstein



Known To All

  • Monica works at Yamagato. Her business cards say International Relations, but there are rumors that she is actually either walking advertisement for their cybernetics capabilities OR she attends meetings to intimidate Yamagato's business rivals and relations. She pretends to have never heard any such rumors.
  • Once Upon A Time, Monica was a freedom fighter-slash-terrorist. While the details of her exploits are mostly not known, it is known that she had her fingers is just about every group of rebels that New York had between the two bombs. (Not Messiah, though, the red scarf was not for her.) Her record, now cleared, was once very colorful.
  • Her left arm is entirely cybernetic. She doesn't hide it, although suit jackets do that some. She hasn't quite found a glove that can sit on her replacement hand, so she doesn't bother covering it up. (And under her suit jackets are often sleeveless blouses, so the chances of seeing it are high.)
  • She worked with a medical unit during the war, mostly in triage and security. Some bedside duties, too. If you were injured, you might have met her.

Known To Some

  • She was at the showdown at the Mount Natazhat Complex in Alaska that helped tear down a good portion of The Commonwealth Institute. She lost her arm here.
  • What was left of her (immediate) family died during the Second Civil War and she did not take it well. It was what got her to join the war effort in the first place, despite her handicap.

Known To Few

  • Monica has been all but completely out of touch with her friends and colleagues from before the war tribunals. But reconnecting could be interesting now that she's back in NYC.


Coming Soon…



Older Logs Here: Original Monica


  • Athletic stuff - parkour, hockey, football, track & field, figure skating, skiing, gymnastics, endurance training, fitness training, boxing, martial arts, wrestling, dancing, improvised weapons, brawling? she knows how to fight and can adapt her style on the fly.
  • Gun stuff - From sniper rifles to hand guns and the odd bazooka, if it can fire something, Monica can use it.
  • Knife stuff - small knives to daggers, she knows how to fight with them. Swords, also. Likes a sword in one hand and a dagger in the other.
  • Bomb stuff - she can craft explosives, even if she has to scavenge for the supplies. She can rig detonators and timers out of anything from watches to cell phones. All of this is a lot easier with better materials, but any bomb in a storm. Demolitions are now firmly inside of her wheelhouse.
  • Medical stuff - Monica knows general first aid, fixing dislocated joints, sewing up cuts, cleaning, bandaging, that sort of thing.
  • Spy stuff - Infiltration, misdirection/distraction, tracking, surveillance as well as lockpicking, safe cracking, data mining and recovery, search/investigation, alternate identities, disguises (and contouring, of course)
  • Crime clean up stuff - How to keep a kill clean, how to hide or otherwise dispose of a body, how to not leave evidence behind
  • Business stuff - Corporate practices and sabotage, she knows what is valuable information and what isn't. And how to screw it all up in the most subtle ways. And how to circumvent it.
  • Mechanic stuff - She can repair her own arm (er, the prosthetic one). Also older cars (things that would have survived the EMP).
  • Music stuff - Drums, guitar, bass guitar, singing
  • Handyman stuff - plumbing, woodwork, around-the-house repairs, decorating
  • Language stuff - French
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