Nicole Nichols

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Name Nicole Lyzette Nichols Aliases Charlotte Stephanie "Steve" Caiati

Registered Evolved (Class A/B/C Kinetic)

Ability Electrokinetic Absorption
Gender Female
Birthdate December 24, 1981 Age 36
Height 5' 7" Build Slender
Eyes Blue Hair Brown
Employment SESA
Parents Richard Nichols †
Evangeline Nichols †
Siblings Colette Demsky
Marital Status Single Children Ingrid Ryans (Future)
Colette Jr.
First Scene Last Scene
Profile Nicole Nichols is devoted to her family - nontraditional and extended as it is. A renowned war hero, she has returned to the political arena to try to and build a better world for her two daughters through her work with the SLC-Expressive Services Agency.
Nicole Nichols
portrayed by

Winona Ryder





Character Icons
Civil Servant Drang
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Cooking Nicole's prowess in the kitchen is unfortunately not attributed to innate ability, but to trained skill. She had a great teacher and is able to prepare a variety of dishes and not only make them taste good, but also make them works of art. Her pot pies are to die for.

Organization: Nobody has a head for dates and times like Nicole. Aside from being inseparable from her affectionately termed CrackBerry, Nicole is especially good with recalling where those in her charge need to be, when, and what for. Her desk is immaculate. She never has to ask if anyone's seen her keys.

Persuasion: Nicole has a sort of knack not so much for getting people to do what she wants, but to make people want the same things she wants. She's a shark when it comes to negotiations and does very well when it comes time to barter at the market.

Photography: A holdover from her previous life as Steve Caiati, Nicole would never give up her career for one in photography, but she has an eye for aesthetics and lighting, which makes for some good pictures.

Firearms: Living in New York City and working for someone with dirty hands for years had made a basic understanding of firearms essential for Nicole. Entering the war only caused her to further this particular talent. Nicole feels just as comfortable with her .22 as she does with a hunting rifle or a semi-automatic. She's not about to win any marksmanship competitions, but with enough bullets to spray, precision only matters so much. Her preference is still for her pistol, however, at close range.

Strategy: Battlefield or boardroom, Nicole is adept at gathering information from her various political and remaining underworld resources and using the intelligence to help her draft a plan of battle for the skirmish to come. Before she was the one developing the plans, she was the one enacting them, allowing those with better judgement to guide her through them.

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