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Name Odessa Gale Price Aliases Odessa Knutson, Brooke Lynwood, Joy Saint-Jacques, Desdemona Luscinia Desjardins, Nightingale
Status Unregistered Evolved Ability Temporal Manipulation Clairempathy
Gender Female
Birthdate April 8, 1984 Age 35
Height 5' 2" Build Slim
Eyes Blue Hair Blonde
Residence Plum Island SLC-Expressive Center Novelle Vue, Bay Ridge Harbor
Employment PISEC
Parents Colin and Rianna Price † Siblings Mateo Ruiz
Mateo Ruiz
Cindy Price
Lisa Ray
Marital Status Single Children None
First Scene Hubris Last Scene

Formerly of the Company, the Vanguard, the Ferrymen, the Commonwealth Institute, Humanis First!, Raytech Industries, and the Staten Island Trade Commission.

Until recently, Odessa Price was a resident of PISEC, where she was serving a life sentence after standing trial for war crimes. Currently, she's laying low aboard the Novelle Vue and praying that she can help avert the end of the world.

Odessa Price
portrayed by
Sheryl Lee

I have made the
obscene decision
to do something

for the sake
of our survival.

Listen to me:
I was a child
who only wanted
to heal things—

I want to be
an abomination.




Tete ruiz_icon.gif When Mateo disappeared into the portal, Odessa thought for sure she'd lost her brother for good. Fate, and their mother, had different designs. Instead, he merged with his otherworld counterpart. He's still Mateo, but also not. Regardless of what he may or may not be, he is still her brother. They are fiercely loyal to each other, even with her current circumstance of imprisonment standing between them.
'Nette lynette_icon.gif Lynette is the one other person that seems able to appreciate the position Odessa was in. They both knew Ruiz for that brief moment, and knew there was something there that neither could explain. Lynette believed Odessa when she said she had a connection to her other selves, and she wanted to help her find a place in the world. Her friendship was offered instantly and without strings, and while Odessa didn't know how to take that, she was grateful. Even after all they've been through and the hurt her other self has caused the otherworld version of Lynette, the two are still close.
Kaylee kaylee_icon.gif Kaylee was Odessa's first friend, even though that friendship was short-lived. They both worked for Adam Monroe, and it was because of her concern for Kaylee that she threw away the years she spent growing close to the man. Because of her concern for Kaylee, Odessa learned Adam's true colors. Now, the two have been reunited and Des can't be happier to be back in her life. She's not always good at staying connected to her — Des is often worried that she'll bring trouble to Kaylee's door — but her gratitude for the fact that Kaylee vouched for her knows no bounds. There is little Des wouldn't do if Kaylee asked.

Having seen into the darkest corners of her mind and not walked away, Kaylee has only cemented the loyalty Des gives her. Understanding that their abilities whisper in similar ways gives Des hope that she can overcome her urges someday.
Richard richard3_icon.gif Richard offered Des a job and a new start. He didn't ask her about her past beyond what she volunteered and they found they had much more in common than either of them ever could have guessed. Des is attracted to him, made her feelings known, and eventually dissolved their relationship to protect him. That he reciprocates still is bittersweet. Their friendship means a great deal to her, and she owes him a great debt.

Like Kaylee, Richard saw into Des' mind. He didn't put her on the street or turn her over to the government for the good of everyone. Instead, he pledged to help her find answers. While there's still much she doesn't know about the life she had, he's helped her make the best of the one she has. She will always be grateful for that.
Eve eve_icon.gif Eve Mas was in possession of a precognitive ability that appears to have left her slightly detached from reality. Eve calls her Dorothy and seems to be in tune with the insanity that's turned Des' life upside down, so she made fast friends of the seeress. The two conspired to explore Eve's visions and Des' memories together. Time will tell how much of a disaster that turns out to be.

Spoiler Alarm: It was pretty disastrous.

It turns out that the two women are cousins, a fact Odessa learned when she overlaid with a version of herself who never had her life redacted. Perhaps this explains their instant affinity for one another, or at least provides evidence that madness runs in their bloodline.
Jac squeaks3_icon.gif Jac - Squeaks to most of her friends - came to Odessa after Etienne fished her out of the river. She'd been injured and the physician took it upon herself to patch her up. She empathized with the girl being an orphan and bonded with her almost instantly. As time's gone on, the two have discovered they have a foster and surrogate mother in common - Cindy Morrison. This makes them sisters of a kind. They're working together to unravel the mystery of who she was and what happened to her. Odessa has vowed to Jac that their friendship will last the test of time.

As it turns out, Jacelyn's mother was actually Cindy Price, Odessa's adopted older sister. This makes Odessa an aunt to Jac, though she's not had the chance to relay this information to the girl.
James woods_icon.gif While Odessa has known James Woods since she was a teenager, they only formed a bond in her young adulthood in her role as a Company physician and consultant on scientific matters. It was only after he was believed killed in action that she realized she might actually care about him. Then, through the overlays with her other selves, she discovered that the two always seemed to find one another and share a strong relationship. It's all terribly jumbled and confusing in her head, but she knows one thing with the utmost certainty: She loves James Woods with every fiber of her being. Knowing that he's also serving a life sentence breaks her heart, but at least he's alive.


Character Icons
Out of the Past Borrowed Time
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The Many Garden Paths of the Girl from Odessa
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Virus Bright Prime Wasteland Flood

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Field Medicine: Odessa is an accomplished doctor and surgeon, thanks to schooling from the Company. While the lack of use of her ability means she no longer has the luxury of taking her time, Odessa is a quick thinker and able to succeed in field surgery more often than she doesn't.

Firearms: When the Company took Odessa back on as an agent, they began her training in firearms. The Institute continued this when they acquired her. Valentin further continued her education, drilling her with militaristic efficiency. She has a much better understanding of a much broader range of firearms and their maintenance. Coupled - incredibly sparingly - with her ability, Odessa's aim is perfectly precise. Without it? She's still not to be trifled with.

Blades: With an affinity for bladed weapons, Des favors ceramic hunting and throwing knives. A scalpel will do in a pinch, but she's learned a valuable lesson about that particular weapon of choice. Namely, don't choose it if you can get your hands on a much larger blade.

Demolitions: Bombs are a handy tool of destabilization in war, and Des knows her way around explosives both sophisticated and not. While she doesn't spend much time disarming them, she's built or assisted in building enough to know which wire to cut, were the need to arise. Knowledge of chemistry makes her a little more able to improvise and substitute when resources are limited.

Defensive Driving: Des didn't learn to drive until she was in her mid-twenties. Now, she's able to pull off some pretty spectacular maneuvers. Daring escapes are a necessity. Valentin's the better shot, meaning Odessa was often the one to drive the getaway car.

Languages: Years of study has made Des proficient in French, Russian, Japanese, and Spanish. The last is her most shaky language. She's read more of it than she's spoken, and she sometimes mispronounces things, due to her stronger background in French.

Celestial Navigation: An intense curiosity about the stars as a child means that Des knows constellations very well. Now that she's had some real world application, she can navigate by those stars in a pinch.

Musical: As a child, Odessa received a harpsichord. Her skill with this instrument translates naturally to piano, and she has an affinity for the instrument. She can read sheet music, play a little by ear, and improvise. There aren't a lot of things she takes joy in during the war, but playing when she has the opportunity is one of those things. If it brings others some measure of enjoyment to listen to her, that's just a happy accident.

Biology, Genetics, Virology: Odessa's previous training has given her a strong understanding of biological sciences. She's put them to use in the past in her work as a biomedical researcher.


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Known to Most

  • Fought in the Second Civil War on the side of Humanis First!, owing her her steadfast allegiance to Michal Valentin.

Known to Some

  • Terrified of heights.
  • Cousin to Eve Mas.

Known to Few

  • Retained her ability throughout the civil war and the years following, but lost it in a freak accident at the time of her surrender.
  • Manifested a new ability following an altercation between Donna Dunlap and Pete Varlane.
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