Robyn Quinn

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Name Robyn Janestine Quinn Aliases Alice Roux

Registered Evolved (Class U Unknown)

Ability Photokinesis (Currently Inaccessible)
Gender Female
Birthdate September 27th, 1984 Age 33
Height 5'5" Build Slender
Eyes Grey Hair Black
Employment SLC-Expressive Services Agency
Parents Conner Quinn (Father, living in Ireland)
Charlotte Roux (Mother, deceased)
Siblings None Known
Marital Status Single Children None
First Scene White Days Last Scene
Profile Robyn Quinn is a former Ferryman and agent working for SESA, currently serving as their liaison overseeing Wolfhound. She is a former musician, and in her spare time she likes to recover records to keep and donate to the local safe zone radio stations, as well as find and repair old instruments for donation or resale. She is often times distant or cold, but somewhere deep beneath all of the bluster, her smile still remains. It just takes a lot to bring it out these days. Dislikes being called "Quinn" and will often correct people who refer to her as such.
Robyn Quinn
portrayed by

Iva Frühlingová

"I'm haunted by the lives that I have loved and actions I have hated."


Another Version of the Truth

Hurt Me

Everything's Everything

In the years since she came to be with the Ferryman, Robyn's skills and strong suits have shifted considerably.

+ Public Speaking - Robyn has always been a charismatic and passionate speaker with a notable presence - particularly on stage. She can still summon that up when she needs to - in fact, she has only gotten better at speaking. Though she chooses not to speak up as often, she can still be a riveting and enticing speaker when she does. She knows how to get people's attention, keep it, and convince them something is in their best interests.

+ Combat Skills - Due to the training she received from members of the Ferrymen's Special Activities division and from other during the war, and how well she's kept up with some of the regiments she learned since then, Robyn has a surprising amount of combat capability and is no longer the clumsy poor shot she used to be. Her vision can act as a barrier at times, but she has practiced and she can account for both reduced vision and for only having vision in one eye if she is attacked or needs to act in a combat situation. She has kept up with self defence training as well, offering her some hand - to - hand skill as well.

+ Perceptive - A mix of training, paranoia, and the need to be more aware of the world around her because of her vision has helped make the once clumsy musician into a confident and perceptive individual, much more in tune with the world around her.

+ Languages - Due to her heritage, Quinn was raised learning three languages - English, French, and Irish Gaelic; as well she dated a polyglot who often made her practice the two foreign languages. She is fluent in English, and her time working as a faux-French smuggler has forced her to brush up on and work on her French to the point where she considers herself fluent. Her Irish was waned, but she can still speak it well enough to carry on a conversation if for some reason necessary.

- Music - Robyn hasn't written a song in almost five years, and hasn't played anything but an acoustic guitar in the same time. Her musical ability has diminished significantly, though with a bit of time and patience she could probably regain her lost musical skill and muscle memory. She seems to have little interest in doing so at the moment, however. She can still sing just as well as she used to, and this is the one musical skill she is still willing to flex. She also still knows how to maintain and repair musical instruments, and sometimes does this in her spare time.


Volume by volume music selections for Robyn Quinn.

Volume One: The Way Back

Sic Transit Gloria…

Once upon a time, Robyn Quinn was a musician, and some of her music was actually published. Occasionally, it still comes up or gets played on local radio, and on even rarer occasion a song not previously released makes it to the airwaves. Below is a collection of Robyn's songs:

Glass Wonderland (Winter 2011)

"Empire of the Sun" Single (October 2011)

Other Songs

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