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Name Robyn Janestine Quinn Aliases Alice Roux
Status Registered Evolved (Class C Kinetic) Ability Registered: Umbrakinesis
Actual: Who even knows anymore.
Gender Female
Birthdate September 27th, 1984 Age 35
Height 5'5" Build Slender
Eyes Grey Hair Black
Residence 218 41st St, Safe Zone, NY
Employment SLC-Expressive Services Agency
Parents Conner Quinn (Father, living in Ireland)
Charlotte Roux (Mother, deceased)
Siblings None Known
Marital Status Elaine Darrow (rekindling) Children Matthew Parkman, Jr. (Adopted)
Jolene Petrelli (Adopted daughter from an averted future)
Adel Raven Darrow-Diego (Extended family from an averted future)
First Scene Leave the Past Behind Last Scene
Profile Robyn Quinn is a former Ferryman and agent working for SESA, currently serving as a field agent in their service. She is a former musician, and in her spare time she likes to recover records to keep and donate to the local safe zone radio stations, as well as find and repair old instruments for donation or resale. She has recently moved deeper into Bay Ridge and is opening a recording and production studio, Kaleidoscope Studios. Following a recent string of visions of other timelines where Robyn achieved higher successes only to find her end in all of them, she has turned from a cold and distant woman into someone more embracing of others, but also more secretive, cynical, reckless, and perhaps a touch sadistic. Though she no longer openly detests being called "Quinn", she is no longer as adament about it as she used to be.
Robyn Quinn
portrayed by

Stéphanie Sokolinski

"A drink for the horror that I'm in,
For the good guys, and the bad guys,
For the monsters that I've been."


Another Version of the Truth

Hurt Me

A few remain, somehow.
Ringtone: Default One of the only people contacted following the war. I consider her a good friend, and I believe there's a similar sentiment on the other end. Her dedication to the Safe Zone is enviable.
Ringtone: Default Crazy as hell, and frightening to match. Unpredictable. Loose cannon. But she cares, so I do too.
Ringtone: Default The other best friend I never could have expected. I should probably do more chores around the apartment…
Ringtone: Default An unexpected friend, but one I have found an surprising connection with. His attachment to other old friends doesn't hurt. Good to have someone to talk to again.
Ringtone: Blaqk Audio - Black Electric An old friend. Always gives advice, even if it's not wanted. Thoughtful. Adorable daughter.
Ringtone: Default
Ringtone: Default A sort-of daughter from an abandoned future, Adel is currently a member of Wolfhound, and teaching Robyn the Lighthouse Cant so that the two of them can still furtively communicate. Tries her best to not seem too attached, but still very much cares for the young woman.

Everything's Everything

In the years since she came to be with the Ferryman, Robyn's skills and strong suits have shifted considerably.

+ Public Speaking - Robyn has always been a charismatic and passionate speaker with a notable presence - particularly on stage. She can still summon that up when she needs to - in fact, she has only gotten better at speaking. Though she chooses not to speak up as often, she can still be a riveting and enticing speaker when she does. She knows how to get people's attention, keep it, and convince them something is in their best interests.

+ Combat Skills - Due to the training she received from members of the Ferrymen's Special Activities division and from other during the war, and how well she's kept up with some of the regiments she learned since then, Robyn has a surprising amount of combat capability and is no longer the clumsy poor shot she used to be. Her vision can act as a barrier at times, but she has practiced and she can account for both reduced vision and for only having vision in one eye if she is attacked or needs to act in a combat situation. She has kept up with self defence training as well, offering her some hand - to - hand skill as well.

+ Perceptive - A mix of training, paranoia, and the need to be more aware of the world around her because of her vision has helped make the once clumsy musician into a confident and perceptive individual, much more in tune with the world around her.

+ Languages - Due to her heritage, Quinn was raised learning three languages - English, French, and Irish Gaelic; as well she dated a polyglot who often made her practice the two foreign languages. She is fluent in English, and her time working as a faux-French smuggler has forced her to brush up on and work on her French to the point where she considers herself fluent. Her Irish was waned, but she can still speak it well enough to carry on a conversation if for some reason necessary.

- Music - Robyn hasn't written a song in almost five years, and hasn't played anything but an acoustic guitar in the same time. Her musical ability has diminished significantly, though with a bit of time and patience she could probably regain her lost musical skill and muscle memory. She seems to have little interest in doing so at the moment, however. She can still sing just as well as she used to, and this is the one musical skill she is still willing to flex. She also still knows how to maintain and repair musical instruments, and sometimes does this in her spare time.

The Hooks

Known To All

  • Robyn Quinn once was a budding musician in New York City music scene. Between several television interviews, a cover feature in the April 2011 issue of Pause Magazine, a well publicised CD release party, multiple released singles, a radio show, and a brief stint helping run Studio K, her name was well integrated into NYC's music scene before the war. Her music still sometimes comes on the radio, even. Though she doesn't play anymore, she doesn't turn away fans - though she is reluctant to engage too deeply.
  • She is also well known as a former member of the Ferrymen. She was identified for involvement in the events at Cambridge, MA in November 2011, including the drainage ditch massacre.
  • She also testified at the Albany War Tribunal, detailing her involvement in the Ferry, Cambridge, and some of her efforts during the war, as well, making her that much more recognisable - particularly given that her testimony devolved into an extremely impassioned speech at one point. Were you involved in the tribunals or have seen/read accounts of them? You'll probably know of Robyn.
  • And now she works for SESA, one of apparently few war time heroes to join up with the government run organisation! So if you've had run ins with SESA, or have had need of a SESA operative in the past, Robyn may have been the one you got!
  • Robyn has become a notable purchaser of antiques and art, and regularly goes shopping at antique stores and purchases art - where she keeps it all is anyone's guess, but she's always out looking for new stuff!

Known To Some

  • Once upon a time, Robyn couldn't stand the presence of children. Meeting Eric Doyle and the Lighthouse Kids staying at Gun Hill helped change that, and before long she began to consider the idea of taking in a foster child. Though the war derailed those plans, her love of children - particularly orphans or foster children - is not a secret.
  • Robyn spent much of her time during the war acting smuggler, primarily moving people out of the country and armaments back in. This has given her an uncharacteristic knowledge of firearms, and led her to encounter many people - good and bad - during the war.
  • Robyn is a heavy drinker, as well as a smoker. While she is rarely blackout drunk - at least in public - she is almost always seen with some sort of alcohol on hand, or wishing she had some to drink. This includes keeping alcohol in her places of work. She used to be occasionally involved in harder substances in her younger days, but stays away from anything besides alcohol now because of her government job.
  • Recently, Robyn has been preping to open a new recording studio within the Safe Zone, purcheseing land and moving deeper into Bay Ridge as she spins it up into working order.
  • After years of seemingly being without her ability, Robyn Quinn seems to attained a power resembling Umbrakinesis. She is still, however, colourblind.

Known To Few

  • Though the fact that Robyn has a long scar on her face is easy enough to see, she never talks about it's origins, and few beyond those who were there on Pollepel in December 2011 know the story of how she was slashed by Eileen Ruskin during a misguided attempt to protect a friend. She certainly doesn't talk about it.
  • Those who were members of the Ferry network in late 2011 might know of the fact that there were time travellers among them - and two of them were Robyn Quinn's children. One, Jolene Chevalier, adopted after the death of her mother and brother, and another, Adel Lane, as part of the large family unit she was a part of.
  • The latter half of 2018 and early 2019 saw Robyn experiancing a number of intense visions of other timelines. While they seem to have a radical effect on her, it's quantify so far.


Volume by volume music selections for Robyn Quinn.

Volume One: The Way Back

Sic Transit Gloria…

Once upon a time, Robyn Quinn was a musician, and some of her music was actually published. Occasionally, it still comes up or gets played on local radio, and on even rarer occasion a song not previously released makes it to the airwaves. Below is a collection of Robyn's songs:

Glass Wonderland (Winter 2011)

"Empire of the Sun" Single (October 2011)

Other Songs

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