Rue Lancaster

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Name February Marlene Lancaster Aliases
Status Registered Non-Evolved (Class N Non)
Gender Female
Birthdate February 29, 1988 Age 32
Height 5'11" Build Slim
Eyes Blue Hair Red
Residence The Bastion and The Bunker
Employment Wolfhound Command
Parents John and Kathy Lancaster
Adrianne Lancaster† ("Aunt")
Siblings None
Marital Status It's Complicated Children None
First Scene Ground Rules Last Scene

February - who prefers to be called Rumor by her friends - is the head of the intelligence team Keelut for Wolfhound, taking contract work with SESA and the NYPD in an attempt to see some good return to the world.

Without war criminals to chase down on a regular basis, Rue tends to lapse into self-destructive habits.

Rue Lancaster
portrayed by
Lily Cole

Knowledge is only a rumor until it is in the muscle.



Aviators avi2_icon.gif While Jensen Raith recognized Rue's talents, and Hana Gitelman honed them, it was Avi Epstein who recruited Rue to Wolfhound. Rue feels a kind of connection to him that she can't quite explain, but knowingly chalks much of it up to shared trauma. He has her unwavering loyalty, whether he returns it or not. While she obviously cares for him a great deal, it's hard to say if she really has feelings for him, or if she plays it up because it's part of her persona. She's unlikely to demystify that in either direction.

Also they can have a conversation consisting entirely of the word "fuck" and perfectly understand one another.
Paramour seren_icon.gif Seren Evans is the first person Rue has let herself love in a long, long time. They have the most incredible ability and she is constantly in awe of them. It's like dating actual Disney royalty. Most of the time. And when it's not, it's certainly not dull. The fact that Seren seems as smitten with Rue as she is with them is a constant point of shock for her, but sometimes the universe gives you a gift and you don't question it.

Now, if only Rue could be as good a partner to Seren as they are to her.
Teal Dear dearing_icon.gif Rue's second in command. It's not that she trusts him totally, but she trusts Hana's judgement in assigning him to her, and that's enough for now. Now that they've had their first successful mission together, she's starting to come around more. He seems to respect her well enough and they didn't strangle each other after several days without a break, so maybe he's all right.

That they've been sleeping together since their reconnaissance of Geopoint doesn't hurt things. As loathe as she is to admit it, she's developed feelings for him that she knows aren't returned. They both seem to be comfortable with this manifesting as her being concerned for his safety. There's no question that she has his back, and he's proven he'll look out for her, too. She's made probably as much peace with their situation as she is going to.


Rumor Has It…
Face for Intel Serious Situation Working In Dreams
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Date Title Summary Participants
03/25 Not the Same Wishes are suspicious when they're granted. Devon
03/26 Cute and Natural You can meet the most interesting people in bars. Seren
We Say Bonjour Francois joins Rue at Devon's bedside. Devon and Francois
04/09 Deagah I A new assignment is one that hits very close to home. Huruma
04/10 Deagah II What was found is not what was expected. There are more questions than answers. Huruma
04/15 A Little Party Never Hurt Nobody A night on the town is in order. Lucille
04/28 What Grows in Park Slope A party goes decidedly south. Chris, Faulkner, Isis
Pretty Solid Drinks and banter. And maybe a new friend? Chris
04/30 Zeitgeist Bad decisions are made. Cesar, Remi, and Tibby
05/04 Hounds Assemble Sometimes the truth is scarier than any fiction that can be woven. Avi, Devon, Francois, and Nathalie
Unveiling A penny for your thoughts? Cassandra and Lucille
08/05 Right? Nothing really is. Especially not this. Colette
09/12 Threshold One good revelation deserves another. Matthew, Renautas, and Robyn
10/12 On Top of the World Looking down on creation. Seren
11/29 Black Bird Friday Making acquaintances and drinking beers. Devi and Seren
12/06 Blue Blood, Part I Now it's a party. Abby, Dearing, Elisabeth, Erin, Hart, Huruma, and Kaylee
12/07 Someone Under Stress &
Someone Looking Pretty
All's well that ends in a well. Cesar
12/08 A Very Wolfhound Christmas Party Merry and bright. Hounds and Friends
12/22 Full of Light and Life Something beautiful is blossoming. Seren
Date Title Summary Participants
01/02 Hustle How many sales before I get the pink car? Dearing and Francis
01/05 All Was Golden There are such sights to see. Seren
01/06 A Clever Rues What the fuck? Cesar, Devon, Liza, Quentin, and Rhys
01/07 Incongruent How did this happen? Avi
01/08 Truehearted Save me from myself. Seren
02/14 Don't Leave Town Pending Cesar
02/22 Placeholder Oh… no. Richard
02/27 The Eight-Pointed Star, Part VI I'll bet you twenty dollars… Asi, Avi, Colette, Cyrus, Dearing, Devon,
Hull, Huruma, Lucille, Scott, and Yi-Min
Rumor and Imagination Make it a good one. Seren


She is Beauty: Before the bomb, Rue had a very promising career in modeling. She has poise and is very much in possession of the unique skill set of a professional model, but she puts that to use now to be a pretty, unassuming face in a crowd. The role of the vacuous young woman sometimes causes people to let their guard down around her.

She is Grace: While not nearly so good as Samara, Rue studied ballet alongside her friend for many years. She still practices on her own, though more as a means of exercise and conditioning. While she feels that it's a somewhat childish hobby at times, it is a source of stress relief.

She Will Punch You in the Face: In her time with the Ferry, Hana trained Rue to defend herself. What she lacked in intuitive skill, she made up for in determination. She redoubled her efforts during the war, and can hold her own in a fair fight.

Take a Shot: Before the war, Rue was learning her way around firearms. She specialized in long-range rifles, and while she's not the best, she's more than simply an adept sniper.

Linguistic Inflection: This used to be a party trick. Now, it's another tool in her arsenal for deception. Rue is exceptional at mimicking people and accents.

I've Covered Wars, You Know: Making a snapshot compelling is a delicate art. Rue and her camera documented many of the atrocities of the war, but also the hopeful moments. She knows how to pick out what's important and frame it to evoke a response. She also knows how to be surreptitious with her shots, when the situation calls for it.

Talent(ed) Scout: Staying out of sight and out of trouble is the name of the game when it comes to reconnaissance. How to blend in with a crowd, where the best places to perch and hide may be, taking note of the exits in any given space are all useful things to know. She can pick a lock with the right tools to grant herself access to the places she needs to be.


Known To Most

  • Rue was a member of the Ferrymen. She had a reputation for being sunny and friendly to everyone. A beacon of hope and light in the darkness of their awful situation. That isn't her reputation anymore. A veteran of the Second Civil War, she testified at the tribunals in Albany about the atrocities committed against Evolved refugees just trying to find peace both before and during the war.
  • Footage exists of a woman with curly ginger hair pulling children from a canal during the raid on the Commonwealth Institute in Cambridge, MA on November 8, 2011. It's a clip that's been played many times over the years, and Rue has admitted in printed interviews that she was that woman. She has refused to talk about that day on camera outside of the Albany Trials.
  • Arrested in connection with the kidnapping of Richard Ray. The investigation is on-going, despite her release.

Known To Some

  • Rue was once an aspiring ballerina. She had better success as a model, having appeared in ad campaigns in Chicago from 1988 to 2006, and in New York from 2008 to 2010. She never achieved much notoriety, but some of her old photo shoots and commercials have been archived on the internet if one wants to search.
  • Formerly registered as a Tier 1 Evolved with Limited Telepathy. While not actually SLC-Expressive, she has the ability to see her best friend, Samara, when she phases out of reality. This is a residual effect from when Samara caused them both to phase at ground zero, saving both of their lives from the bomb. No one is certain how this works or why.
  • Has been caught on camera snogging Avi Epstein.

Known To Few

  • A survivor of the original explosion in Midtown on November 8, 2006, Rue spent a year recovering from the effects of radiation poisoning that should have claimed her life.
  • The non-Evolved strain of the H5-N10 flu nearly killed her in 2011. This is how she discovered she was not herself SLC-E.
  • Possesses a key to the upstairs room at Cat's Cradle, which she makes frequent use of when she's had too much to drink. Or when she wants to knock boots without the whole Bastion knowing.
  • Allergic to pistachios, carries an epipen in her bag.
  • Has an evil twin running loose in New York City. Call her Marlene.
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