Sibyl Black

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Name Sibyl Black Aliases Sibyl Kazakova
Status Registered Evolved (Class A Mental) Ability Second Sight
Gender Female
Birthdate Unknown Age 13
Height 5'0" Build Slight
Eyes Blue Hair Ash
Residence Various
Employment Various
Parents Deceased
Hans Kazakova (?)
Avi Epstein (former guardian)
Siblings Deceased
Marital Status N/A Children None
First Scene Petrichor Last Scene
Profile Sibyl Black disappeared from Saint Margaret's School for Girls but is not officially listed as a missing person because there are already too many of those. Her ability appears to be some form of extrasensory perception, allowing her to know about people and events not in her immediate proximity. She might even know about you.
Sibyl Black
portrayed by

Saoirse Ronan

Crawling flat on broken glass
To you, to you, to you
Scratch it up and turn
Catch a fire and burn
For you, for you, for you

Couldn't love you more
See your face, for sure
I do, I do, I do
Try to behave, but it's all the same
To you, to you, to you

"Cinnamon Bone" - Eliza Rickman


RP Hooks

  • Sibyl splits her time between the Safe Zone, Staten Island, and the Bronx, using her ability to navigate and cross borders without drawing attention to herself. It's possible your character has seen her around, on occasions when she wants to be seen. To the residents and criminal element of Staten Island, she's not unlike a familiar feral cat: non-threatening, even friendly, but too aloof to come close. She knows to avoid big names like Eugene and Buddy Arrowood — or at least not to get caught sabotaging their human trafficking operation, which she has on occasion attempted to do.
  • When she isn't roaming outside the Safe Zone, Sibyl is sourcing stolen items for John Logan's antique shop, The Vault. She specializes in jewelry acquisition and sales. If you're looking for a little something special, she can probably find it for you.
  • In addition to finding items for Logan's shop, Sibyl also has an uncanny ability to find other people, or ferret out information that might otherwise be elusive. Because she is so protective about her ability and its side effects, she does not advertise this particular service but will offer it in exchange for cash or favours during lean periods. Criminals and criminal associates are more than likely aware of her skill set and would know where to find her.
  • Sibyl has several different "safehouses" she moves between, depending on the weather and where she is when it gets dark. There is nothing particularly safe about any of these hovels; they're all condemned or abandoned buildings in various states of disrepair. She might not turn down a warm bed for the night if offered by the right person for the right reasons.
  • The name Kazakova comes with some notoriety. Sibyl has claimed to be the daughter of deceased Vanguard operative Hans Kazakova on more than one occasion, which is difficult to fact-check for obvious reasons. This may or may not be a cover story — it has, on at least one occasion, given her some measure of credibility among the criminal elements on Staten Island. The small fish tend to leave her alone, just in case the story turns out to be true. It may spectacularly backfire some day.


avi_icon.gif Avi Epstein was, until July of 2017, Sibyl's protector. He kept her sequestered in an attic apartment in Elmhurst where she was well-provided for on the condition that she refrain from using her ability or leave the building without his permission. She did both these things, resulting in the death of Michael Lowell and Epstein's incarceration. During his imprisonment, Sibyl conspired to somehow break him out by hiring someone else to do it for her in exchange for access to her ability, but was beaten to the punch by Colette Demsky. Although she's grateful that Epstein is again a free man, she has made no effort to track him down during his time in New York or travel to Rochester to meet; she harbors too much guilt over the incident with Lowell and, out of love, does not wish to resume being his secret burden.
logan_icon.gif John Logan receives the right of first refusal for all the jewelry Sibyl either pickpockets or scavenges from the Ruins of Staten Island and the Bronx. Without his business, she would have had a rougher time establishing herself after losing Epstein, and she has — on occasion — spent the night at the Vault or in the spare bedroom of his apartment while lying low. Their rapport is a friendly one in spite of Logan's old reputation, which is still alive and well on Staten Island. Sibyl believes the war has changed him from a man of questionable character to a man who is capable of achieving great things for other people — if he were to choose to set aside his sense of self-preservation first.


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