Tania Kozlow

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Name Tania Kozlow Aliases Katya Leshcheva

Registered Non-Evolved (Class N Non)

Gender Female
Birthdate January 13, 1995 Age 23
Height 5'7" Build Thin
Eyes Green Hair Red
Residence Bay Ridge
Employment Freelance
Parents Yustina Kozlow
Iosif Kozlow (deceased)
Siblings Sasha Kozlow
Marital Status Single Children None
First Scene Loudly Sung and in a Foreign Tongue Last Scene
Profile Tania works (officially) in art restoration, working on beautification with the more wealthy population of the Safe Zone. Unofficially, she is a source of black market art and contacts.
Tania Kozlow
portrayed by

Alexina Graham

"I never wish to be easily defined. I'd rather float over other people's minds as something strictly fluid and non-perceivable; more like a transparent, paradoxically iridescent creature rather than an actual person." ― Franz Kafka



Known To All

  • Tania works in art restoration, sometimes on contract with the city, but more often on contract with the richer people who dwell in the NY Safe Zone. They are willing to pay to not have to think about the poverty two streets over and she is happy to oblige.
  • Her brother works as a GP at Elmhurst Hospital and lives near there with their mother. She is in the area often to visit and help provide for them. She would rather give her mother money than have family dinners with her, but she endures the latter for the sake of Sasha, who she loves unconditionally.
  • Professionally, she overlaps some with John Logan, and can be seen at The Vault, too. Mostly for business. Sometimes for other reasons. (Years later, he's still pretty to look at, okay?)

Known To Some

  • The bulk of Tania's newfound wealth comes from her work as an art forger. She has contacts in unsavory professions and people, in the black market, in underground societies. She doesn't seem to mind being something of a criminal.
  • During the Second Civil War, she was a runner. Messages, supplies, anything that needed to be delivered from one place to another, she and her partner would take care of it. It is very possible to have known her during these years.

Known To Few

  • Tania had a lifelong illness, but since her return to New York after the war, she seems much healthier. There was some talk of her nearly dying during the war, but making a miraculous recovery.
  • In her teen years, she was a captive/experiment of the Arcology in Cambridge. It is a time she doesn't talk about, but other captives in 2011 might know her as a solemn teen who all but lived in the gardens.


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Older Logs Here: Original Tania


  • Art/Music - From the time she was young, Tania's mother put her onto many artistic pursuits. The ones that have stuck over the years were painting, playing the piano and the harp. She knows how to play the violin, too, but hasn't in some time. She could probably refresh the skill, though. In her college-age years, she studied art and art history, learning all she could about painters throughout history and their work, their materials, their methods.
  • Forgery - Her focus is in art forgery, as painting is her passion and her source of income. In a pinch, she could mimic a signature or similar, but she doesn't know how to craft fake identification and the like.
  • Black Market Know How - Through her mentor, she met a lot of questionable people in the right circles. People with money, people who launder money, people who can get things that aren't legal or regularly available. The black market is where most of her coworkers- if you can call them that- linger. She knows how to tap into this particular market, who is reliable, who isn't.
  • Money - She knows how to make it, how to handle it, and how to make it make more money in this new world.
  • Field Medicine - During the war, she managed to avoid most of the fighting, but she did learn the very basics of keeping someone alive until more skilled help can arrive.
  • Languages - Her first language is Russian, but she is fluent in English.
  • Guns - She does know how to fire one, but only small weapons without much kick.
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