Yi-Min Yeh

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Name Yi-Min Yeh Aliases Sága
Status Unregistered Evolved Ability Toxin Synthesis
Gender Female
Birthdate December 29, 1980 Age 39
Height 5'2" Build Slight
Eyes Brown Hair Black
Residence The Sunken Factory outside of Providence
Employment Researcher for Praxis Heavy Industries
Parents Kuan-Lin Yeh (father)
Pei-Shan Yeh (mother)
Siblings Yi-Shan Yeh (twin brother, deceased), numerous other siblings
Marital Status Single Children None
First Scene Jiejie Last Scene
Profile Once upon a time a member of the Chinese Vanguard, Dr. Yeh is the delegate of Praxis Heavy Industries to Providence, a position which places her in a state of tenuous balance between what stands of the two factions. She spends much of her time synthesizing medicine in her laboratory at the Sunken Factory for the people of the town, in addition to pursuing more necessarily secretive goals.
Yi-Min Yeh
portrayed by

Du Juan

I climb the western tower in silence, the moon like a sickle.
Clear autumn is locked in the deep courtyard, where a wutong tree stands lonely.
Sorrowful parting has cut, but not severed our ties; my mind is still wild.
Separation is a taste within head and heart.

― Li Yu, I Climb the Western Tower in Silence




Known to Most

  • In Providence, Dr. Yeh is known for being several things: an old colleague of the Remnant, a representative on behalf of Praxis, and the creator of a home-assembled laboratory/pharmacy in the Sunken Factory. If a certain medicine is needed, inform her: she likely has the sources to either synthesize it herself or acquire it from somewhere.
  • Information on the codename Sága can be found in Wolves of Valhalla, although details are scant; the operative's real name is ungiven. What is best known is that Sága was highly likely involved in the targeted assassinations of a number of high-profile targets in China using a nerve-based toxin. Notably, she was not present in Shanghai when the Chinese Vanguard fell apart, but her death was reported to have occurred shortly afterwards as the casualty of a retribution-based attack.

Known to Few

  • Sága is/was Yi-Min, who is very much not dead.
  • The exact nature of the work Yi-Min has done for Praxis is not generally known, save to those entitled to it. Over her years with the company she has been involved in various projects that are benign, including the development of cutting-edge cell treatments and medicinal drugs, and others that are distinctly less so.
  • Her actual loyalties are known beyond the shadow of a doubt to a few. To most others, the truth is probably less certain, particularly if one listens to the likes of Charity Thornton.



Little twin brother. Achingly loved and remembered.

Yi-Shan Yi-Min and Yi-Shan were born inseparably close in more respects than one, the former older by exactly ten minutes. To his family, he was 樂樂, the ever-smiling and happy-go-lucky counterpart to his more serious sister. Both were beloved, but he was adored. His accidental death at her hands when they were adolescents would go on to irreparably color her perceptions of the Evolved and alter the course of her entire life; the part of herself that died along with him on that day has never been recovered. There will always be a hole within her heart for her long-lost other half, and over a lifetime she has sought solace from the incident with varying degrees of partial success.

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Trivia and Notes

  • Yi-Min's name, 依旻, means approximately "in accordance with/to obey heaven" in Mandarin. While she is far from a religious fanatic, she has always felt there was a touch of the divine (or the opposite) associated with her gift; similarly, while it is not overt, the notion has subtly informed her penchant of acting for the greater good.


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