Dr. Zachery Miller

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Name Dr. Zachery Miller Aliases
Status Registered Evolved (Class U Unknown) Ability Anatomical Intuition
Gender Male
Birthdate 20th of October 1975 Age 44
Height 6" Build Lean
Eyes Dark blue Hair Brown
Residence Dirty Pool Pub
Employment RayTech Industries
Parents Lawrence Miller and Madeline Clarke (both estranged) Siblings Damian Miller (estranged)
Marital Status N/A Children N/A
First Scene Unorderly Last Scene N/A
Profile Once a respected British surgeon, then coroner, then bookstore clerk, then a war criminal. Now a very normal, ordinary one-eyed person you don't need to worry about. Carry on.
Dr. Zachery Miller
portrayed by

Gideon Emery



On the surface

  • Zachery is employed at Elmhurst Hospital and spends many of his early mornings and afternoons there doing orderly things. Begrudging his existence and glaring daggers into the heads of the doctors who get to actually doctor.

Skin deep

  • Rumor has it that medical aid can be found in the back of a pub in Sheepshead Bay, provided by a 'Dr. Z'. Supposedly cheap and with the confidentiality a hospital might not offer. It's drawn all sorts. Business cards detailing how to come into contact are frequently left in places the less well-off might frequent.
  • There was a time when Zachery was a respected surgeon, known for his efficiency and skilled use of tools. During his time as a coroner at the Harlem Morgue, too, he turned a few heads because of how much he was able to contribute to investigations. Though little of that career remains, there are a few who remember him for the reputation he built up over the course of over a decade, before it all went to hell.
  • During the Albany Trials he spent months testifying against his previous superiors and whoever may have gotten caught in the crossfire of him securing a plea bargain. Maybe that was you? Whoops.

Deep tissue

  • Zachery has been involved in many things, working behind the scenes for the likes of the Linderman Group (unknowingly), the Institute and the Ferrymen. These days are behind him now, but he is told the ghosts still linger.

The guts

  • There was also that time he was in prison for a few years, following the Albany Trials in 2015. What a great time to make friends. Potentially?

Timeline and Contacts

This is a strange one. She's fascinating, and has either seen too much, or her mind's lost to the drugs. Perhaps it's both. She is… one hell of a ride to witness, though. Dangerous. But fun.
A chance encounter, a walking confrontation waiting to happen. Meeting her was a bad time, but it could have been much worse. Curious.
She seems so out of place, somehow. Like she can't decide if she's a dog chasing cars, or the deer in the headlights up in front. Also, annoying. What's her motivation?
Who is this? What have you achieved? And for whom?
Another employer for the pile. I get the feeling there's more going on in that head than he lets on. Or maybe he's too tired to let it go on in there. Either way, for where he's working? He acts like he's got his shit together more than he should.
What a weird kid. Not stupid, so far as I can tell. Entertaining, but oh so tiring. How does she put up with herself? And why 'Squeaks'? She summons up about as many questions as she asks.

Miscellaneous facts

  • As of mid-April 2019, Zachery has an ocular implant in his left eye, having lost the original in a… series of bad decisions in early March of that year. Though he was offered less conspicuous options, he's opted for a dull white. What's the point in trying to trick people?
  • He has a sound knowledge of the law and the workings of court procedures, enough to be considered qualified to practice as a lawyer. His emphasis was on malpractice.
  • He knows the basics of a handful of languages (French, German, Spanish, Latin), but the latter by far the best.
  • As of October 30th, 2009, he owns a second hand 1967 Cadillac Hearse, lovingly nicknamed "The Bone Wagon". It's completely black and old fashioned looking, save for the long, stylized red flame painted on either side. They were already there when he bought the vehicle. Zachery claims he will get them removed at some point, but just hasn't gotten to it yet. It's been a decade.

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