Berlin Logs (Aftermath)
2012 - 2018
Date Title Summary Cast
6/17/17 Operation High Road, Part II Strike Team Wendigo infiltrates a power substation at the Ross Dam as a part of Wolfhound's Operation High Road. Adel, Berlin, Colette, Huruma, and Noa
6/19/17 One of the Pack Two days after the successful execution of Operation High Road, Wolfhound celebrates their victory. Adel, Avi, Berlin, Claire, Colette, Curtis, Dearing, Devon, Francois, Hana, Huruma, Logan, Lucille, Noa, Rue, and Scott
1/19/18 Ground Rules The members of Wolfhound are warned about what's coming, and given clear expectations. Adel, Berlin, Curtis, Devon, Hana, Noa, and Rue
Date Title Summary Cast
2/23/18 Tricky Ricky and the Pony Express "Tricky" Ricky Daselles may not be a mailman, but a member of Wolfhound gets the mail from him anyway. Berlin and Ricky
A Strange Set Of Circumstances Berlin brings her treasure to the boss and finds out the greater context. Berlin and Hana
2/28/18 That Would Be Unprofessional There's a hen in the wolves' den. Avi, Berlin, Curtis, Dearing, Devon, Lucille, Robyn
Wango Tango Two Hound sisters have a sleepover with rum, cupcakes, and chalk. Berlin and Lucille
3/8/18 Not Even Kind Of Over Colette returns from administrative leave to the support of her teammates — and a situation that is still anything but simple. Adel, Berlin, Colette, Lucille, and Robyn
3/10/18 Kids Old And Young Training is Serious Business around here. Avi and Berlin
3/14/18 The More You Know Homemade cookies, homemade education. Berlin, Colette, and Devon
3/19/18 Petit à Petit L'oiseau Fait Son Nid Little by little the bird builds its nest. Berlin and Francois
3/20/18 Tricky Ricky and Charlie's Angels Berlin returns to Staten Island with backup to find out who sold Ricky Daselles a critical piece of information. Colette, Berlin, Lucille, and Ricky
3/21/18 Planning Ahead Like, six years ahead. Berlin, Curtis, Eve, and Rue
3/30/18 Skycastle, Part III Wolfhound moves on Donna Dunlap's safe house in Detroit, but finds themselves cornered by an unexpected adversary. Adel, Avi, Berlin, Colette, Huruma, Lauren, Noa, and Robyn
4/16/18 Speculative Fiction Colette and Berlin hunt down eggs, trade stories, and theorize about what Wolfhound leadership gets up to in their free time. Berlin and Colette
4/28/18 Newb Meet the new Hound. Berlin, Devon, Felix, and Robyn
5/15/18 Bloodwork Lucille visits Elmhurst Hospital in search of answers to her miraculous healing. Berlin, Colette, Julie, and Lucille
5/23/18 Reasons To Worry Both Berlin and Robyn have them. Berlin and Robyn
6/19/18 Shehecheyanu Hana has plans for a quiet, unassuming birthday evening. Those plans go south, fast. Berlin, Colette, Felix, Hana, Huruma, Lucille, Noa, and Robyn
6/22/18 Above Average Berlin runs into one of the new stalls at the market. Pretty literally. Berlin and Rory
Emergency Sleepover After meeting a cute guy, there's really only one thing for it. Berlin and Lucille
7/4/18 Cracked and Torn Anger blossoms at a punk concert on the 4th of July. Alexander, Anders, Berlin, Lucille, Marlowe, Robyn, Rory, Tamara, and Zelda
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