Bowie Logs (Aftermath)
Date Title Summary Cast
2/26/18 If the Tide Gets Too Strong Citizens of the Safe Zone get together to do a little bartering, a little socializing, and a little fortune telling. Bowie, Caspian, Delia, Delilah, Eve, Jonathan, Lance, Niki, Pearl, Silvia, Tasha, and Tuck
3/6/18 Threads to Follow Agent Lin comes to a couple members of the Cooperative to ask about the recent thefts. Bowie, Gillian, and Iris
3/8/18 Pins Investigations into the food theft are ongoing. Bowie
3/12/18 Tricky Ricky And The Spanish Inquisition SESA agents Sawyer and Lin venture to Staten Island to ask a criminal informant about the Arrowood brothers. Bowie, Ricky, and Veronica
3/13/18 Strange Sightings Of all the things Joe and Lance have seen, a man doing his job might be the weirdest. Bowie, Joe, and Lance
3/14/18 Do Not Enter Agent Lin enters the Safe Zone's sewers in search of answers, and finds far more than he bargained for. Bowie, Joe, Lance, and Rhys
3/16/18 Know When to Fold A fact-finding mission ends up finding out few facts. Except that pirates are jerks. Bowie, Etienne, and Veronica
3/23/18 All the Glamour and Prestige Join SESA, they said. You'll solve SLC-E crimes, they said! Bowie, Cesar, and Veronica
4/2/18 (Non)Sensible A SESA agent takes his theories to the internet and gets an unexpected response, along with a peanut gallery. Bowie, Cesar, T.Amas, and Veronica
5/28/18 If Woody Had Gone Straight To The Police After their ordeal in the sewers, the Lighthouse Kids contact the authorities about what they've found. Bowie, Brynn, Lance, and Squeaks
7/11/18 The Heart of Darkness A pair of SESA agents cross paths with former Lighthouse wards on the precipice of a dread secret. Bowie, Brynn, Joe, Lance, Owain, Rhys, and Squeaks
7/26/18 Human Intervention SESA's collected professionals find a few breadcrumbs to follow. Amalia, Bowie, and Kayla
8/23/18 The Good, The Bad, and The Weird Joe comes to Fort Jay to talk about monsters. Bowie, Joe, and Rhys
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