Cesar Logs (Aftermath)
2012 - 2017
Date Title Summary Co-Starring Storyline
03/15/16 On Your Left They are competitive people, but manage to keep things good natured. Monica
03/15/17 Ides of March A Friendiversary, an establishment of tradition, and a change of pace. Monica
February to March 2018
Date Title Summary Co-Starring Storyline
02/22 Emergency Brass Injection (Bridge) A special escort arrives for Eve at Elmhurst Hospital. Eve
03/09 Use Your Words A friendly gathering gets a bit tense at an unexpected display of powers. Arlo, Brynn, Chess, Eimi, Iris, Silvia
03/10 Miss Communications Saving a girl from some Plastics and earning some good karma. (GM: Brynn) Brynn
03/12 Brave New World Cesar interviews Tasha about the SZC Food thefts. He's told he may be a little intimidating. Tasha Dark Below
03/13 Teacher's Fret Cesar interviews Jonathan about food thefts. They also share colada and talk salsa. Jonathan Dark Below
03/16 A Walk in the Dark Cesar and Cassandra investigate the disappearance of the food from the Red Cross Depot, and leave with more questions than answers. (GM: Manhattan) Cassandra Dark Below
03/17 Drop It Like It's Hot All about getting lit at the Cat's Cradle on St. Paddy's! (GM: Eve) Cassandra, Chess, Delilah, Elaine, Eve, Monica, Squeaks
03/18 Complex Human Beings Getting back on to the right foot with Eimi. At least, that's what Cesar hopes. Eimi
03/19 A Crowd of Twisted Things A peaceful afternoon is fragmented by memory. The memory of one of Cesar's more harrowing encounters with an Evolved suspect comes back. (GM: Greenwich) Adel, Alvin, Caspian, Elaine, Eve, Jonathan, Kay, Lance, Robyn, Tania
03/23 All the Glamour and Prestige Join SESA, they said. Solve SLC-E Crimes, they said! Bowie, Veronica Dark Below
03/30 Breakroom Interlude Having taken on the role of lead agent on the food theft case, Cesar discusses with Cassandra some theories and next steps. Cassandra Dark Below
03/31 Minor Dislocation On a late morning run, Cesar runs into a familiar face who ran into trouble. Brynn, Ygraine
April 2018
Date Title Summary Co-Starring Storyline
04/02 (Non)Sensible Still struggling to figure out some details of the food theft case, Cesar turns to the internet. Bowie and Veronica are bystanders caught in the blunder of the internet. Bowie, T.Amas, Veronica Dark Below
04/03 Trouble Makers Cesar re-interviews Gillian about the food thefts, and there's some coffee. Gillian Dark Below
04/04 Do Dead Men Tell No Tales After an assassination at Red Hook, SESA agents converge to examine evidence and discover far more disturbing things afoot. (GM: Ellis) Cassandra, Choi, Robyn, Sylvester
04/07 A Celebration of History - Entrance Yamagato Industries throws a charity gala at the Fellowship Center, and all of New York is in attendance. All My People, Party People
04/07 A Celebration of History - Gallery In the art gallery of the Fellowship Center, the past and the present collide. So Many People
04/13 A Community United At the Safe Zone Council meeting, Cesar updates the council about SESA investigations for the food thefts, and gets a surprising bit of news about the case too. Caspian, Delilah, Eve, Gillian, Greg, Ingrid, Joanne, Jonathan, Lynette, Mira, Niki, Raquelle, Savannah, Sofia, Squeaks, Sue, Tasha, and Tuck Dark Below
04/16 Plugging A Hole Agents Diaz and Sawyer are given a special assignment by Homeland Security for an unpleasant but necessary security detail. Veronica, Vincent
04/16 Near Miss Going to the Benchmark party. An unexpected visitor threatens to ruin the night. Caspian, Des, Huruma, Lynette, Mateo, Nicole, Samson, Veronica
04/17 Better Than Flowers Cesar and Lynette visit Eve in hospital. Eve, Lynette
04/18 Not Going to Work Cesar goes with Cassandra to meet Squeaks, but it doesn't work out. Cassandra, Squeaks Dark Below
May to July 2018
Date Title Summary Co-Starring Storyline
05/03 Sentimentality Cesar meets up with Monica shortly before going on an assignment. Monica
05-06/2018 Who Is Dominic Garcia? Dominic Garcia rolls into Sedro-Woolley. Danko, Finn, Johannes, Odette, Tara
07/22 Humanis Falls: Operation Secret Soup Dominic heads off with a group from Sedro-Woolley and an unexpected stowaway to raid Fort Irwin, HQ of the Humanis First group. (GM: Rockefeller) Finn, Iago, Monica, ft. Kevin, Hector, and Jasper
07/24 Debriefing Cesar finds a moment to exchange information gathered from the Fort Irwin operations with Monica. And to catch up on time apart. Monica
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