Logs for Chess
2/27/20 Dragonslayer, Part V pending but horrible The Entity, Adam, Gillian, Ivy, Joy, Lene, Niki, Ryans, Squeaks, Val, more TBD
2/27/20 The Eight Pointed Star, Part VII In the skies over Montana, Adam Monroe writes fiction in blood. Adam, Alix, Gillian, Ivy, Joy, Lene, Niki, and Squeaks
2/27/20 The Eight Pointed Star, Part II Everything falls apart. Adam, Alice, Alix, Claudia, Joy, Lanhua, Niki, Sabine, and Squeaks and Vi
2/10/20 Jiātíng 家庭 (Jiātíng); n. Family Adam
2/9/20 Like Tokyo Disney …this conversation is not. There are many things that can't be spoken, but a thing things that need to be. Luther
2/8/20 End of Days Adam Monroe begins to reveal his plan and what is at stake. Adam, Alix, [[afchar:Ivy]]], Gillian, Lanhua, Joy, Lene, Niki, Ryans, Sabine, Squeaks, Val, and Vi
1/29/20 Individuals Though cut from the same cloth, they are each their own individual thread. Alix, Ivy, Lanhua, Val, Vi
1/18/20 The Eighteenth of January …is an important day in history, and the worst day in Chess', making it strange timing for a teleporter to visit her out of the blue. Miles
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