Aftermath: Colette's Logs
Aftermath Logs for Colette Demsky
colette_v0.jpg Following the fall of Pollepel Island, Colette flees to the relative safety of Canada where she and her family recuperate from their considerable losses. But the fall of Pollepel and the end of the Ferrymen was only the beginning. There was a war to win, and a pack fo win it with.
01/09 I Love You Nearly a month after the fall of Pollepel Island and a journey across America and Canada, Colette is finally reunited with Tasha, only to discover that her survival was a matter of luck.
My Girlfriend, Who Lives in Canada After their reunion, Colette and Tamara encounter Tasha's father Vincent and the air is unmistakably cleared as to who is on who's side.
02/24 And Baby Makes Three Nicole gives birth to her daughter with Colette at her side, and the two discuss the importance of a name, and one that is destined to be forgotten forever.
07/17 Breakout After choosing to leave Canada with Avi to help fight in the civil war, Colette is captured by loyalist fighters and joins forces with her former mentor Hana Gitelman and old Ferrymen operator Scott Harkness to fight for her freedom.
08/24 Values During the aftermath of a battle they weren't even supposed to be in, Hana and Colette run afoul of Alister and his barbarous ways.
07/22 Pupil During downtime from the war in Kansas, Colette encounters Adel Lane, a time-traveler from the future with a personal connection to a Colette that will never be.
4/22 From the Right Angle Years after they last saw one-another, Colette is reunited with Richard Ray to discuss the pain of the past and the light of the way forward.
06/17 Operation High Road, Part II Colette leads strike team Wendigo on a targeted assault of the Ross Dam Institute facility.
06/19 One of the Pack In the aftermath of Operation: High Road, Colette unwinds with all of Wolfhound.
07/06 Nachala Colette participates in an intimate family ritual with Hana and Noa
07/10 Pancake Breakfast Colette is summoned by her old friend Gillian to meet an orphan and a long-lost friend she believed was dead.
Mind Thrown/Like Confetti Colette, Gillian and Sibyl team up to rescue Tavisha from the clutches of Erling.
11/08 Fly Blind Six years after Judah's death, Colette refuses to allow her commanding officer Avi to suffer the same fate leading her to attempt a daring rescue from a high-security government facility. The aftershocks of this choice will reverberate through the rest of her life.
If There Is An After Immediately following the attack on Liberty Island, Colette faces the consequences of her actions.
11/10 Never An If, Always A When Confined to quarters for her role in the Liberty Island attack, Colette is met by Vincent who outlines her dwindling options.
01/19 Confidential Assignment After being stripped of her command position in Wolfhound, Colette embarks on a journey of self-discovery by digging into the ashes of her past.
2012-2017 Pas de Deux Every March 4th for as long as they have known one-another, Colette and Tamara have made the day about each other. May that dance never lose its rhythm.
colette_v1.jpg Though the civil war is over, Colette still fights a war inside of her heart. After her brazen attack on Liberty Island, Colette is forced to re-evaluate her life and her role within Wolfhound while at the same time helping protect her pack from an old enemy.
02/01 Leave the Past Behind Colette returns home to the Safe Zone after months away.
02/19 Bringing Color While picking up supplies for an important project, Colette is reunited with former Ferrymen operator Jaiden, and the two discuss their lives since the end of the war.
02/20 Less Than 1% In the coastal markets of Bay Ridge, Colette spots a young teleporter who brings back memories of the past.
Another Man's Treasure Colette winds up running into Logan while searching for a special gift.
02/28 The First Step Recognizing that she has deep-set emotional and psychological problems stemming from her childhood, Colette seeks out professional help from a psychiatrist.
03/02 Monkey Business Colette is dragged into the middle of a missing-persons case when Eimi shows up at her doorstep.
Animal House When Hailey comes to claim her pet, Colette is reunited with a former Lighthouse orphan she thought she'd never see again.
Reflection/Projection After reuniting Hailey with her pet monkey, Colette bonds with Eimi and shares a small secret with her.
03/04 Anchors The celebration of Tamara's birthday brings the important things in Colette's life into focus, and she forges ahead with a symbolic bond between herself, Tamara, and Tasha
03/06 Thank You For Your Sacrifice The opening of the Eric Doyle Memorial Library brings Colette back into contact with many people from her past…
Let Me Show You Out …two of whom prove to have changed very little in the last eight years, which is both comforting and frustrating.
03/08 Constellations The morning before she leaves for Rochester, Colette spends a relaxing morning in bed with Tamara and discusses their life together.
03/07 Fixer Uppers As her return to active duty in Wolfhound nears, Colette spends a night out on the town with her sister.
03/08 Not Even Kind of Over Colette's return into Wolfhound's fold is met with considerable tension when her old friend Robyn enters the picture as governmental oversight.
03/11 Support Settling back in to things in Wolfhound, Colette reconnects with her close friend Lucille.
03/14 The Sword of Damocles, Part III Colette is interviewed by former Ferrymen colleague and now SESA agent Liza Messer about her role in the Liberty Island attack.
The More You Know Colette stops by the Bunker's lounge to relax with Berlin and Devon.
03/15 Obstacle, I Colette attends her first day of government-mandated therapy.
03/17 Darker Than the Rest Therapy opens old wounds and Colette relives a traumatic moment from the war.
03/19 The Distance Between Then and Now Back in the Safe Zone, Colette seeks out an old friend in Kaylee and finds that sometimes, no time has passed at all.
03/20 Tricky Ricky and Charlie's Angels When Berlin and Lucille head out to Staten Island to follow up on a lead, Colette comes along to meet Berlin's contact.
03/30 Skycastle, Part III Colette's first mission back with Wolfhound results in the capture of a major Institute operative.
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