Logs for Desdemona Desjardins
September 2018
Time Scene Story Players
09/07 This Must Be The Place The relics found in Jean-Martin's tomb raise even more questions than they answer. Solo
09/10 Old Family Movies, Part II Des and Richard find more than they bargained for on the cassettes recovered from Luis' home. Richard
It Gets Weirder Des shares her other findings with Richard. Tensions run high. Richard
October 2018
Time Scene Story Players
10/12 Too Deep Delving into Odessa's dreams to try and bridge the gap between universes doesn't go as planned. Delia and Richard
November 2018
Time Scene Story Players
11/08 Twelve Years Gone, Part II Staten Island's residents commemorate the anniversary of November 8 as only they can. Eugene, Keira, Lucille, Rex, and Zain
11/22 Que Sera Sera Thanksgiving doesn't go quite as planned for the Prices. Mara
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