Logs: Devi


February 2019

Date: Time: Title: With: Storyline:
02/03 Afternoon Welcome to Raytech! Barney, Devi, Elisabeth, Richard and Seren
02/17 Afternoon Rooftop Hangout Devi, Elisabeth, Seren, and Squeaks
02/18 Late Morning He Did Promise Tahiti Devi and Elisabeth

March 2019

Date: Time: Title: With: Storyline:
03/04 Morning Slip and Fall Hazards and You - A Thesis in Three Parts Cassandra, Devi, Geneva, Seren, and Preston
03/05 Afternoon Sunny Day Paths Devi, Elisabeth, and Seren
03/11 Night Whatchoo lookin’ at? Devi and Zachery
03/22 Night Da Girlz in Da House Devi, Elisabeth, and Isabelle
03/24 Late Afternoon Brighton Your Day Aurora, Delilah, Devi, Elisabeth, Emily, Eve, Joe, Lily, Magnes, Remi, Richard, Ricky, Silvia, and Walter The Dragon
03/28 Early Evening Fortuitous Art Caspian and Devi
03/30 Afternoon Start a Riot Chris, Devi, Ignacio, Luther and Remi Hands of Mary

April 2019

Date: Time: Title: With: Storyline:
04/01 Evening Whisky is Liquid Sunshine Caspian and Devi
04/07 Late Afternoon Picking at Scabs Devi and Elisabeth
04/08 - 04/13 Varies A Dreamer's Anarchy Caspian and Devi
04/14 Late Afternoon The Color of Anarchy Brynn and Devi
04/16 Noon Just a Peek Devi, Seren, and Tibby Manifest Destiny
04/19 Afternoon Eenie Meenie Devi and Richard
04/25 Late Morning How Did You Not Know? Devi and Elisabeth
04/28 Afternoon Purr Devi, Remi, and Silas
04/29 Morning Wold-Saving-Level Shit Alia and Devi
04/30 Midday Naming the Baby Brynn, Caspian, Devi, and Seren

May 2019

Date: Time: Title: With: Storyline:
05/01 Afternoon Not An Attractive Hire Richard and Zachery The Dragon
Late Night Not Perfect Caspian and Devi
05/02 Morning Logical Composition Alia, Chel, and Devi
05/03 Afternoon The Lost Ones Brynn and Devi
05/15 Early Evening A real Flying Fuck Devi and Richard
05/27 Morning Sorry, Not Sorry Devi and Zachery
05/21 Noon Til Someone Gets Eaten Alia, Barney, Devi, Elisabeth, Seren, and Zachery

June 2019

Date: Time: Title: With: Storyline:
06/22 Morning A Guide to Biker Slang Caspian, and Devi

July 2019

Date: Time: Title: With: Storyline:
07/25 Afternoon Raytech Project Meeting - July 2019 The Raytech Crew
07/30 Evening Awkwardly Loaded Devi and Elisabeth
Evening Awkward Olive Branch Devi and Richard

November 2019

Date: Time: Title: With: Storyline:
11/28 Early Afternoon Black Bird Friday Devi, Rue, and Seren

December 2019

Date: Time: Title: With: Storyline:
12/10 Noon Yes, We're Open Devi and Rhett
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