Time Scene Story Players
11/08/11 Welcome to Another World Liz and Magnes land in Hell. Edward, Magnes, Ruiz, Woods
Where the Fuck Are We? The two travelers talk serious matters. Magnes
Another Brief History of Time Edward and Liz work on a timeline, with a surprise guest. Edward and Rickham
Butterflies and Hurricanes Trying to narrow down the divergence point. Edward
A Canary in a Coal Mine Edward really is not that different across timelines — asshole. Edward, Eileen
11/09/11 We Are All We Have Time travelers have had a LONG day that started with major combat. Magnes
A Trip To K-Mart Well, hello… it's another guy she thinks might be part cockroach! Ruiz and Kain
11/10/11 The First Lady Steve Rickham either doesn't have Nicole's memories, she's a VERY good actress, or she's one of those weird twin situations. Steve
Overture A room comes available, and Liz asks Ruiz to do her a favor. Ruiz
Gone Are the Ribbons and Bows Liz and Magnes talk over a piano. Magnes
Rats in the Walls Oh God, she's trying to not think of that. Elaine and Lynette
The Audacity of Hope She cannot believe he's DOING IT AGAIN. Magnes
11/11/11 Crow is Not Her Favorite Food Liz has to apologize because in spite of her beliefs, apparently Eileen is doing what Magnes expected. Magnes
Armistice Day Liz finds a familiar and very welcome person… not her person, but damn close. Ygraine
Testing the Water Liz and Dirk are at loggerheads over the Census. Dirk
11/12/11 Coincidence or Fate? Does it matter? Familiar faces. Isabelle and Brenda
11/13/11 Anxiety Below A runner from Above comes back from a run with bad news. A lot of people
11/14/11 That First Step's A Doozy Liz attempts to make up with Dirk. Dirk
They Drew the Queen of Diamonds Is a friend still a friend in an alternate world? Ygraine
11/22/11 Two Weeks in the Post-Apocalypse Elisabeth meets someone wholly unexpected. Dave and Edward
11/23/11 Lasciate Ogni Speranza And then comes face-to-face with the one she's been dreading. Cardinal and Peyton
11/25/11 4.Bb5 - Spanish Variation It's time to start setting up another goddamned chess board. Ygraine
11/28/11 Homegirls in the Making How else you gonna spend Thanksgiving in Hell? Isabelle
11/29/11 Shipwrecked Definitely hung over and NOT in a good place. Magnes
12/01/11 My Brain Hurts God, she hates trying to out-think this man. This is Fucking Richard's job!! Ygraine
12/05/11 Radio Waves and Tinfoil Hats It's not fucking paranoia if he's really an asshole. Edward
12/08/11 Who Wants To Live Forever? She works on finding out if he can be brought on board. Cardinal
12/09/11 Times That Try Woman's Soul Nightmares and despair.
Lemon Death Moonshine and Kansas Can't sleep? Drink yourself blind. Cardinal and Isabelle
12/11/11 A Mile in Someone Else's Shoes Looking for personal info… and realizing there are still more lies. Dave
Hope Is A Bastard Lynette and Liz talk hope… and saving kids. Lynette
My Dad Sucks WAY More Than That After Magnes has been out in the ruins, revelations. Magnes
12/12/11 Gathering Troops Her team is starting to take shape, with Kaylee entering the mix. Kaylee
Varlane is Terrible With Secrets The shadow comes to call and learn about his powers. Cardinal
12/14/11 One Left Alone Elisabeth and Steve talk about what happens to the last kid standing. Steve
12/23/11 Let. Me. Out. The test with the portal goes crazy. Lynette, Magnes, Ruiz, and Woods
Some Costs Are Too High Liz is not willing to risk everyone else's lives for us to get home. Magnes
12/24/11 If Only In My Dreams Christmas carols and tidings of great joy. Elaine
12/31/11 All the Marbles. Again. Sometimes the New Year just brings more hurt.
01/12/12 Another Endgame - Suffer the Children The attack on the Vanguard goes pear-shaped. Long list
01/13/12 Toy Soldiers No one is untouched by the horror of what happened. Some truths come to light. Dave
No Exit Hub meeting and debrief on the aftermath of the botched attack. Long list
I Need New Bootstraps It's too much for her to absorb all at once, all the horror and loss. Ygraine
01/16/12 Another Endgame - And All That Could Have Been, Part II Hail Mary attempt at getting home. Long list
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