Logs for Godfrey Wells
Date Title Characters Summary
December 2018
1st Great Balls of Fire Godfrey, Marlowe, and Monica Marlowe and Monica make quite the first impression on Yamagato's new business liaison.
22nd Christmas Market Vignette Alvin, Asi, Godfrey, Kay, Luther, and Zelda Yamagato Park residents visiting the Christmas Market share a line for a drink — however briefly
28th City Slickers Asi and Godfrey Godfrey whisks Asi away for some time off, much to the chagrin of the security guard assigned to her.
Log Count: 3
Date Title Characters Summary
April 2019
1st Pink Tie Gala -- Cherry Blossom Festa Too Many! The first-ever Pink Tie Gala hosted in Yamagato Park goes off … with numerous hitches.
Well, Let Me Tell You Asi and Godfrey While being treated for his wounds, Godfrey chats with Asi about the evening's events
9th Lead Me To Your Fire Shedda-Dinu Peeps! Members of Shedda Dinu gather to discuss the future while the world turns around them.
Log Count: 3
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