Logs: Isis - Aftermath


February 2019

Date Time Title Participants Storyline
02/06 Evening A Bit Rusty Sahara and Isis
02/07 Late Afternoon Not All Mothers, Not All Goddesses Eve and Isis
02/10 Afternoon It's Been a Lifetime Curtis and Isis
02/11 Afternoon Out of the Woodwork Isis and Kaylee
02/12 Afternoon The Young and the Restless Isis and Squeaks
02/14 Afternoon Make New Friends, Keep the Old Geneva, Isis, and Weasel
02/22 Evening Freaky Friday 2-22 Cassandra, Dirk, Isis, and Sahara

March 2019

Date Time Title Participants Storyline
03/03 Late Afternoon Haiku and Barbecue Elaine, Ignacio, Isis, Seren and Silas
03/06 Morning Donut Mind Me Cooper, Corbin, Emily, Isis, and Squeaks
03/08 Afternoon It's Not Me, It's You Dirk and Isis
03/12 Late Night Her Family Isis, Poppy And Zachery
03/13 Early Morning The Sailor Man Isis and Zachery
03/17 Late Night Secrets Secrets Isabelle, Isis, Remi, Rex and Sahara
03/28 Late Morning Dragons and Sheep Isis and Richard

April 2019

Date Time Title Participants Storyline
04/01 Early Morning Honey, I'm Home Dirk and Isis
04/03 Morning Reunion in the Ruins Diogenes and Isis
04/08 Evening The Scarlet Spirit's Tribe Eve and Isis
04/09 Evening Lead Me To Your Fire Garza, Ignacio, Isis, Salem, Skye, Spencer, Wiley, and Zachery The Dragon
04/19 Late morning Auntie Rosie's Package Faulkner and Isis
Noon Spill the (Coffee) Beans Isis and Sahara
04/22 Early Afternoon Dinu Support Group Godfrey, Isis, Nikola, Spencer, and Zachery
04/24 Midday A Failsafe Diogenes and Isis
04/28 Evening What Grows in Park Slope Chris, Faulkner, Isis, Rue
04/28 Evening What Grows on Lookout Hill Faulkner and Isis

May 2019

Date Time Title Participants Storyline
05/04 Evening Here's To Free Will Isis and Kaylee
05/05 Afternoon What You've Got Isis and Weasel
05/09 Afternoon Mister & Miss Charming Isis and Zachery The Dragon
05/11 Morning The Fire Inside, Part VII Isis The Dragon
05/24 Late Evening Showcase Devon, Eizen, Emily, Godfrey, Huruma, Isabelle, Isis, Kay, Kimiko, Marlowe, Remi, Richard, Sahara, Silas, Tibby, and Yao Manifest Destiny
05/25 Afternoon Emmanuel's Restaurant Faulkner, Isis, Remi, with a special appearance by Caspian and Devi

June 2019

Date Time Title Participants Storyline
06/04 Morning Kensei Collection Elaine, Isis, and Kaylee The Dragon
06/05 Morning Booty Dial? Butt Call? Isis and Zachery
06/14 Pre-Dawn Unwell Isis
06/24 Sunset Feed the Fire Aislinn, Ash, Garza, Gerard, Godfrey, Ignacio, Isis, Jaiden, Khalid, Shaw, Vor, and Zachery The Dragon
Sunset Wisps of Smoke Ash and Isis
06/26 Early Evening Embers of The Fire Isis and Zachery The Dragon

July 2019

Date Time Title Participants Storyline
07/13 Afternoon The Breaking Point Isis and Zachery The Dragon
07/22 Evening Disastrously Spectacular Isis and Sable
07/23 Late Evening A Less Than Routine Checkup Isis and Zachery
07/27 Late Evening Who's Counting? Isis and Sable
07/31 Evening The Heat Isis and Faulkner

August 2019

Date Time Title Participants Storyline
08/05 Morning It's All Black Isis and Zachery
08/08 Afternoon Should've Called Ahead Dirk, Isis, and Sahara
08/14 Afternoon Fever Pitch Isis, Kaylee, Richard, Zachery
08/15 Morning Isolation Lab 6 Isis and Richard
08/24 Morning Fuck Faulkner, Isis, and Zachery
Morning Neverwhere Isis and Zachery
Morning Stage Five Faulkner, Isis, and Zachery
08/25 Late Afternoon Between Goodbye and Hello Adam and Isis The Dragon

September 2019

Date Time Title Participants Storyline
09/01 Late Afternoon Hey Stranger Faulkner and Isis
Late Afternoon Stranger Confessions Faulkner and Isis
09/02 Late Afternoon Ash's Day Out Ash and Isis

December 2019

Date Time Title Participants Storyline
12/15 Morning What'd Ya Catch? Dumortier and Isis
12/15 Late Morning Do It Right Isis and Zachery The Dragon
12/31 Pre-Dawn Witness Devon, Dumortier, Elisabeth, Emily, Eve, Finch,
Isis, Kaylee, Lashirah, Luther, Nathalie, Odessa,
Raquelle, Robyn, Rory, Seren, Silas, and Yi-Min
The Dragon


January 2020

Date Time Title Participants Storyline
01/02 Early Afternoon Back Alley Tangle Dumortier, Isis, and Kara
Late Afternoon The Horizon Line Faulkner and Isis
01/30 Morning About the End of the World Isis and Zachery The Dragon

February 2020

Date Time Title Participants Storyline
02/11 Late Afternoon We Were Always Here, Part I Aislinn, Alice, Aria, Claudia, Isis, and Stone The Dragon
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