Luther Logs (Aftermath)
2012 - 2017
Date Title Summary With
03/10/13 Til Someone Loses An Eye A strategic ambush of a military base in Eagle Rock gets even wilder when a seer joins the rebels. Eve
05/23/13 M*A*S*H Two old friends and one new one meet in the aftermath of battle. Chess, Monica
08/19/13 Give Blood, Get Mud Lynette comes to Luther's rescue, and they fuck some shit up. Lynette
01/27/14 Pyrrhic Victories The costs of war are more than some of its soldiers can pay. Chess
12/20/17 A Brighter Future The grand opening of the Raytech NYCSZ Branch Office is attended by many of its employees and Board members. Alia, Barney, Jared, Kaylee, Remi, Richard, Sera, Valerie
Date Title Summary With
03/08 Spatiotemporal Loitering Luther was. Des is. Sera might be. Des, Sera
03/10 A Preference For Tea Accompanying Ray on a potential recruiting mission, with potential to get a little zappy. Niles, Richard
03/10 An Ocelot Walks Into a Bar Alister goes looking for trouble and finds it. Luther bloodies his shirt (again). Alister, Chess, Etienne, Sibyl, Tibby
03/10 Operation Chess patches up Luther in a strange reunion after an altercation on Staten Island. Chess
03/12 If You Don't Know Luther gets visited by the boss, and there is talk of many things including ocelots, time travel, jobs for old war buddies and secret identities. Richard
03/20 The Walled Tomb Raytech mounts an expedition into the Manhattan Exclusion Zone. Des, Richard, Robyn, Valerie
03/21 A Shadow of A Shadow Kaylee and Luther follow the advice of a seer and travel far from the Safe Zone in search of David Cardinal. Dave, Kaylee
03/21 Cheeseburgers and Rabbit Holes Kaylee and Luther talk about many things, cabbages and kings. Kaylee
03/22 Bright Morning Stars Luther takes a moment to reflect on the recent tumultuous events, and his misgivings about them. Solo
03/22 Pancakes and Promotions An unexpected development in the case of David Cardinal, and in the case of Luther's position at Raytech. Kaylee, Richard
03/29 A Game of Catch Up Luther offers Chess a new hideout spot if she should need, and doesn't disapprove of blowing up people all that much. Chess
03/30 From Sullen Earth Kaylee shows Luther the disturbing vision from a precog that seemingly will befall Raytech. Kaylee
04/04 27 Luther gets a call to help Chess out and save her… sister. Alix, Chess
04/08 If I Knew You Were Coming Kaylee and Luther share a slice of birthday cake and talk about the significance of the date and the past. Kaylee
04/11 Sisters of Sorts Luther checks in on Chess and Alix, and makes plans with Lynette. Alix, Chess, Lynette
04/14 Raytech Meeting - April Raytech's meeting of managers and project leaders discuss new operations and company strategies. Barney, Des, Jared, Kaylee, Richard, Remi, Sera, Valerie
04/23 The Weirdest Santa Luther goes by the Benchmark with a gift of thanks, and meets his old friend's new man. Lynette, Mateo
04/25 Perspective from a Paper Crane Luther and Des talk about a time, a place, and a task from long ago. Des
04/30 Missed Understanding After Kaylee returns from being held hostage, she and Luther talk about troubles plaguing the company. Kaylee
05/14 Distance Might Not Help After receiving a disturbing warning, Kaylee turns to one source of protection. Kaylee
05/21 Lobby Mint A chance stop in the lobby results in meeting with the Secretary of Homeland Security. Vincent
05/22 A Timely Apprehension Luther is called to detain Desdemona Desjardins for questioning. Des, Richard
05/22 Call Off The Search Luther rushes to Richard's office and finds a different dilemma waiting. Richard
05/30 Make It Through Luther joins Eve and Chess in a trip to the Exclusion Zone and they face down some horrific realities of the war. Cora, Chess, Eve, and Jibram
06/03 Talk to Someone The Raytech security team and Kaylee catch up to Luther, as does his past traumas. Bob, Kaylee and Lou
06/09 BBQ and Robot Dinosaurs Luther works security at the Raytech Jackson Heights Farming Project BBQ Outreach. Aislinn, Delilah, Jonathan, Marlowe, Monica, Owain, Peyton, Richard, Zelda, and Jonah, Lili, Ricky, and Walter
06/21 Partners in Boom Eve assembles the next wave. Chess, Eve and Monica
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