Luther Logs (Aftermath)
2012 - 2017
Date Title Summary Cast
05/23/13 M*A*S*H Two old friends and one new one meet in the aftermath of battle. Chess, Monica
01/27/14 Pyrrhic Victories The costs of war are more than some of its soldiers can pay. Chess
Date Title Summary Cast
03/08 Spatiotemporal Loitering Luther was. Des is. Sear might be. Des, Sera
03/10 An Ocelot Walks Into a Bar Alister goes looking for trouble and finds it. Luther bloodies his shirt (again). Alister, Chess, Etienne, Sibyl, Tibby
03/10 Operation Chess patches up Luther in a strange reunion after an altercation on Staten Island. Chess
03/12 If You Don't Know Luther gets visited by the boss, and there is talk of many things including ocelots, time travel, jobs for old war buddies and secret identities. Ray
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