Monica Logs (Aftermath)
String Theory: Aftermath
Date Title Summary Cast
4/26/19 The Eight-Headed Serpent, Part I Monica Dawson learns the definition of severance. Kimiko and Monica
4/28/19 (Un)Becoming That part of me isn't here anymore. Jiba and Monica
4/29/19 Pull Back the Curtain Two friends have to say goodbye. Marlowe and Monica
The Eight-Headed Serpent, Part V Monica is given a mission. Monica, Nia, and Renautas
4/30/19 The Depository Of Horrible Forbidden Knowledge Monica checks in with a friend and her week gets Even More interesting. Monica and Richard
String Theory: Aftermath
2012 - 2017
Date Title Summary Cast
5/23/13 M*A*S*H Two old friends and one new one meet in the aftermath of battle. Chess, Luther, and Monica
1/28/16 Main Mission Monica's arm is put through its paces. And also, Monica is put through hers. Kay and Monica
3/15/16 On Your Left They are competitive people, but manage to keep things good natured. Cesar and Monica
3/15/17 Ides of March They're an important tradition for Cesar and Monica. Cesar and Monica
Date Title Summary Cast
2/21/18 Domesticity Friends reconnect after years apart, a war, a marriage, and two-ish kids. Jaiden and Monica
3/4/18 The Most Important Future It's the one right in front of them. Monica, Peyton, and Jonah
3/14/18 It's All Good Ray gets a visitor. She did not sign in at the front desk. Monica and Richard
3/17/18 Drop It Like It's Hot A kooky seer throws a kooky party. This party is filled with green. Cassandra, Cesar, Chess, Delilah, Elaine, Eve, Monica, and Squeaks
4/7/18 A Celebration Of History — Entrance Yamagato Industries throws a charity gala at the Fellowship Center, and all of New York is in attendance. Like Everyone
A Celebration of History - Gallery In the art gallery of the Fellowship Center, the past and the present collide. Like Everyone
Fancy Ladies Go Home Are you a bad enough dude to rescue John Logan? Astrid, Buddy, Eugene, Jiba, Marlowe, Monica, Nicole, Rex
4/13/18 The Techie Is In Leroy is sent to check up on the YX Cestus Prosthetic Limb. It may or may not be someone trolling him. Leroy and Monica
4/15/18 In Theory and In Praxis Kay and Monica are assigned to a new mission to extend a New York hello to Praxis Industries representatives and… Well. That escalated quickly. Kay, Monica and Jiba
Mechanics R Us Monica— worried about the status of her arm and of Jiba— comes to a friend for a check up. Marlowe and Monica
4/19/18 Rock, Paper, Scissors Monica reunites with an old Ferrymen acquaintance. Alvin is mistrustful. Alvin, Eileen, and Monica
4/30/18 Sending a Message Yamagato Industries prepares for an eventful Q2 2018. Alvin, Barbara, Eizen, Elaine, Jiba, Kay Kimiko, Kin, Leroy, Marlowe, Monica Nisatta, Otomo, and Taiki
5/3/18 Sentimentality After a bombing and before a lengthy assignment, Cesar and Monica manage to fit in a lingering farewell. Cesar and Monica
5/4/18 The Spin Three of Yamagato's fixers sit down for a discussion of how to respond to the message received. Alvin, Kay, and Monica
5/7/18 Mission Accomplished Marlowe and Monica discuss the ripples running through Yamagato in the wake of the attack. Marlowe and Monica
6/9/18 BBQ And Robot Dinosaurs Raytech reaches out to the Jackson Heights community to encourage good local relations, hire local workers, and generally have a BBQ! Aislinn, Delilah, Jonathan, Luther, Marlowe, Monica, Owain, Peyton, Richard, and Zelda
6/15/18 A Cure For Loneliness In uncertain times, two old friends find someone to lean on. Monica and Richard
6/21/18 Partners in Boom Eve has a plan. She also has friends. Chess, Eve, Luther, and Monica
6/25/18 Inheritance Richard has something to pass down to Monica from a mutual friend. Monica and Richard
6/27/18 To Clarify and Classify In the search for Adam Monroe, Eve and Monica stumble onto something bigger than they realize. Eve, Green, and Monica
6/28/18 A Good Heart As the sun sets on an auspicious day, Monica Dawson finds the living among the dead. Monica and Nia
7/5/18 Professionalism Marlowe finds support after a rough night. Bruises are discussed, physical and emotional. Drunken emails are composed. Marlowe and Monica
7/10/18 Rave A clandestine meeting with Jiba turns into something unexpected for Monica Dawson. Jiba and Monica
Impossible, Unwise Neither of those factors have ever stopped Monica before. Probably never will. Monica and T.Amas
7/19/18 Embers Of The Times We Had Families past, present,and future come together at the Benchmark Center. Delilah, Lene, Lynette, Monica, Nia and Niel
7/20/18 Shotgun Monica tracks down Horsemen activity, and gets taken for a ride. Monica
7/22/18 Humanis Falls - Operation Secret Soup A motley crew takes advantage of the chaos at Fort Irwin and makes a few withdrawals of their own. Cesar, Finn, Hector, Iago, Monica, Shambrook, and Kevin
7/24/18 Debriefing Cesar and Monica trade information found at Fort Irwin. Cesar and Monica
7/26/18 Business Relations Monica presses her luck. Eileen, Iago, and Monica
10/18/18 The Sins Of The Past The Company didn't finish something back in their heyday… something that's coming back. Richard lays out the details for anyone who will listen. Alia, Asi, Atticus, Cassandra, Delia, Eve, Huruma, Jared, Kaylee, Luther, Lynette, Marlowe, Monica, Rasheed, Richard, Robyn, Sera, Squeaks, and Zelda
10/20/18 A Wrong Right Engrossed in her work, Asi makes a wrong turn into Marlowe's workshop. Asi, Marlowe, and Monica
11/5/18 Raise a Glass Kay Damaris is unable to escape having a good time on her birthday, and is treated to her own Sake and Employee Appreciation Night. Asi, Kay, Marlowe, and Monica
11/7/18 A Miserable Little Pile Of Secrets Monica sees into what could have been. Monica and Monica
11/11/18 Please Refrain From Smoking After weeks of surveillance, the Agents of B.O.O.M. start their first mission… Chess, Eve, Luther, and Monica
11/20/18 The Things That Broke Us Monica confides in Richard about a few of hers. Monica and Richard
12/1/18 Great Balls of Fire Marlowe and Monica make quite the first impression on Yamagato's new business liaison. Godfrey, Marlowe, and Monica
12/5/18 Fox In The Henhouse Asi's life is put in danger when Praxis makes a move against her. Asi, Eizen, Ivy, Jiba, Monica, Val, and Vi
12/8/18 Casual Business Meetings Asi and Monica ask a favor of a friend to cover a delicate check in with The Boss. Asi, Kimiko, Monica, and Richard
12/9/18 Out of Hades Months after being put into a coma by a terrorist attack, Hachiro Otomo hangs on the threshold of life and death and his protege Marlowe stands poised to drag him back. Asi, Hana, Jiba, Marlowe, Monica, Richard, and Otomo
12/10/18 The Least Shitty Option Monica extends an offer to Chess and her sisters and hopes it doesn't backfire. Chess and Monica
12/11/18 Prometheus, Part I Yamagato Industries and its allies hold a clandestine meeting on how to resolve the matter of Kam Nisatta. Asi, Eizen, Luther, Monica, Richard
12/31/18 Lelantos Plans were made, plans within plans are made. Chess, Luther, and Monica
Dark Night Pressures of all kinds. Monica and Monica
1/5/19 Interoffice Romance Cesar sees a life where he's roughing it a little less… Cesar, Cesar, Monica, and Monica
1/6/19 Exfil Station Monica comes by to encourage Cesar to come home again. Cesar and Monica
1/11/19 Prometheus, Part II All we have are stories. Asi, Chess, Eizen, Marlowe, Monica, Nisatta, and Otomo
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