Monica Logs (Aftermath)
2012 - 2017
Date Title Summary Cast
5/23/13 M*A*S*H Two old friends and one new one meet in the aftermath of battle. Chess, Luther, and Monica
1/28/16 Main Mission Monica's arm is put through its paces. And also, Monica is put through hers. Kay and Monica
3/15/16 On Your Left They are competitive people, but manage to keep things good natured. Cesar and Monica
3/15/17 Ides of March They're an important tradition for Cesar and Monica. Cesar and Monica
Date Title Summary Cast
2/21/18 Domesticity Friends reconnect after years apart, a war, a marriage, and two-ish kids. Jaiden and Monica
3/04/18 The Most Important Future It's the one right in front of them. Monica, Peyton, and Jonah
3/14/18 It's All Good Ray gets a visitor. She did not sign in at the front desk. Monica and Richard
3/17/18 Drop It Like It's Hot A kooky seer throws a kooky party. This party is filled with green. Cassandra, Cesar, Chess, Delilah, Elaine, Eve, Monica, and Squeaks
4/07/18 A Celebration Of History — Entrance Yamagato Industries throws a charity gala at the Fellowship Center, and all of New York is in attendance. Like Everyone
A Celebration of History - Gallery In the art gallery of the Fellowship Center, the past and the present collide. Like Everyone
Fancy Ladies Go Home Are you a bad enough dude to rescue John Logan? Astrid, Buddy, Eugene, Jiba, Marlowe, Monica, Nicole, Rex
4/13/18 The Techie Is In Leroy is sent to check up on the YX Cestus Prosthetic Limb. It may or may not be someone trolling him. Leroy and Monica
4/15/18 In Theory and In Praxis Kay and Monica are assigned to a new mission to extend a New York hello to Praxis Industries representatives and… Well. That escalated quickly. Kay, Monica and Jiba
Mechanics R Us Monica— worried about the status of her arm and of Jiba— comes to a friend for a check up. Marlowe and Monica
4/19/18 Rock, Paper, Scissors Monica reunites with an old Ferrymen acquaintance. Alvin is mistrustful. Alvin, Eileen, and Monica
4/30/18 Sending a Message Yamagato Industries prepares for an eventful Q2 2018. Alvin, Barbara, Eizen, Elaine, Jiba, Kay Kimiko, Kin, Leroy, Marlowe, Monica Nisatta, Otomo, and Taiki
5/03/18 Sentimentality After a bombing and before a lengthy assignment, Cesar and Monica manage to fit in a lingering farewell. Cesar and Monica
5/04/18 The Spin Three of Yamagato's fixers sit down for a discussion of how to respond to the message received. Alvin, Kay, and Monica
5/07/18 Mission Accomplished Marlowe and Monica discuss the ripples running through Yamagato in the wake of the attack. Marlowe and Monica
6/09/18 BBQ And Robot Dinosaurs Raytech reaches out to the Jackson Heights community to encourage good local relations, hire local workers, and generally have a BBQ! Aislinn, Delilah, Jonathan, Luther, Marlowe, Monica, Owain, Peyton, Richard, and Zelda
6/15/18 A Cure For Loneliness In uncertain times, two old friends find someone to lean on. Monica and Richard
6/21/18 Partners in Boom Eve has a plan. She also has friends. Chess, Eve, Luther, and Monica
6/25/18 Inheritance Richard has something to pass down to Monica from a mutual friend. Monica and Richard
6/27/18 To Clarify and Classify In the search for Adam Monroe, Eve and Monica stumble onto something bigger than they realize. Eve, Green, and Monica
6/28/18 A Good Heart As the sun sets on an auspicious day, Monica Dawson finds the living among the dead. Monica and Nia
7/05/18 Professionalism Marlowe finds support after a rough night. Bruises are discussed, physical and emotional. Drunken emails are composed. Marlowe and Monica
7/20/18 Shotgun Monica tracks down Horsemen activity, and gets taken for a ride. Monica
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