Logs for Nicole Varlane


When What Why Who
04/17 The Hustle, Part I When there's change, you can feel it in the air. Like a thunderstorm. Choi, Linderman, and Voss
04/18 The Hustle, Part II Maybe it's paranoia, but the track record supports it. Kenner and Richard
04/24 Anonymous Chat New age, new tactics. Cheshire, Dagger, Redking36, and SkepE43
An Unprofessional Turn That's one way to end a dry spell. Zachery
04/27 Perfectly Pleasant Playing the getting-to-know-you game never gets less awkward. Zachery
04/30 Old Friends, Part I New assignments feel like old times. Choi, Claudia, Noah, Ryans, and Voss
The Two of Us Neither may like the plan, but the options are few. Ryans
05/08 A Pretty Pair Wallowing in their own personal misery, that's what they make. Zachery
05/10 More Than Gossip A friend in need is a friend indeed. Peyton
05/14 A Date at Eight The evening is full of surprises. Zachery
05/15 Nosy Neighbors Settling in Providence goes about as well as expected. Chris, Kara, Pippa, and Ryans
05/17 Blood, Sweat, and Tears One good turn deserves another. Sharrow
06/17 Roaming An unexpected surprise. Zachery
06/21 Candlelight Cookout A little community gathering can boost spirits. Chris, Dumortier, Eileen, Kara, Pippa, Reena, Ryans, Sharrow, Sophie, and Weasel
06/26 Aim for the Target Practice brings people together. Kara and Sophie
07/22 Ride Safe New friends are something to drink to. Kara, Pippa, and Yi-Min
08/15 Surprise Visitor Sometimes it feels suspiciously like the old days. Zachery
08/21 Do You Have...? God damn it. Richard
08/30 Will All the Water in the Ocean Betrayal is swift and unexpected. Adam, Pippa, and Ryans
08/31 Concern It is both in abundance and in deficit. Pippa and Zachery
09/01 Leading the Half Blind It's good to be home. Zachery
09/02 First Steps on a Warpath It's time to move. Choi and "Noah"
A Unifying Factor The news is not good. Lucille and Pippa
09/29 Two Stubborn People Walk Into a Bar Ouch. Richard
09/30 Handsy Ugh. Richard
12/05 Office Spaces There's fresh blood in the pool. Robyn, Shane, and Voss
12/06 Christmas Spirits Pine smells like birthday. Luther and Zachery
Christmas Wrapping Sincerity hurts like a bitch. Zachery
Room 55 The first responder is not wholly unexpected. Richard and Zachery
12/07 After the Crash The dust has settled, but much is still up in the air. Colette and Zachery
12/09 Dendrolatry The numbers add up to some disturbing figures. Corbin, Emily, Lance, and Liza
12/10 So, You're Dating a Bad Guy Of course. Richard
12/15 Eastern Hemlock Another victim, another lead. Kaylee and Lance
When What Why Who
01/06 Office Coffee A little office harassment is countered by a new transfer. Becky and Emily
01/15 Black Tie The truth is revealed and the bonds of alliance are reforged. "Noah"
01/16 A Questionably Good Morning There are necessary evils in this world. Yi-Min
01/17 Not Today Then when? Zachery
01/23 Old Soldiers A little talk therapy. Carver, Colette, Kara, Lucille, and Megan
01/29 As For My Soul Mistakes aplenty. Zachery
Let it Come, Let It Go The hurt is nothing new. Zachery
01/30 About the End of the World A little eavesdropping at the end of the world. Isis and Zachery
02/05 Blasterpiece Strangely encouraging. Zachery
02/08 For You What an untidy mess. Zachery
02/12 Skein Everything unravels. Rhys and Richard
02/14 Burning Pile I'd rather die terrified than live forever. Zachery
Bday My Valentine Happy birthday. Cesar, Cooper, Dirk, Emily, Geneva, and Lance
02/15 To Miss the Forest for the Trees Time to nip this in the bud. Corbin, Emily, Lance, Liza, and Menard
02/17 Monday, Monday Monday morning couldn't guarantee… Noah
02/21 Eight A birthday disaster is averted by unicorns. Pippa, Seren, and Zachery
Home to Me Step by step, wherever you might be, you're walking home to me. Zachery
02/27 The Eight-Pointed Star, Part IV The time to bring down Shedda Dinu is at hand. Avi, Cesar, Dearing, Huruma, Lance, and Lucille
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