Peyton Logs (Aftermath)
Logs from February-March 2012
Date Title Summary Cast
2/1 Leave the Past Behind The future looks hopeful as Peyton prepares to return to NYC. Montage
2/12 Don't Touch the Science A reunion between two old friends and coworkers is made less awkward by the threat (or promise) of dinosaur genetics (Ray is probably kidding). Ray and Jonah
3/4 The Most Important Future Monica reunites with Peyton when they both return to New York City. Monica and Jonah
3/6 Thank You for Your Sacrifice The Eric Doyle Memorial Library opens. many
Logs from 2012-2017
Date Title Summary Cast
10/2/12 A Cup of Coffee …and a friendly face can help restore faith and renew the spirit. Peyton reconnectcs with an old acquaintance on a dark day. Russo
10/24/12 Slow is Good Peyton and Brad decide to take a chance on a relationship, but agree to take it one step at a time. Russo and Jonah
11/08/17 Two Proposals (Sort of) A long-distance conversation on a dark day leads to something more optimistic, and Peyton agrees to return to NYC. Russo
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