Reena Logs (Aftermath)
String Theory: Aftermath
Date Title Summary Cast
02/24/19 Simple Gifts Sometimes they're the best kind. Max and Reena
03/04/19 Working Together For Good Some citizens of Providence come together to help make something better. Finn, Kara, Max, Odette, Ollie, Paul and Reena
03/22/19 Fifteen Minutes Exes for a reason. Ignacio and Reena
Real Talk Kara attempts to give Reena advice on her love life. Kara and Reena
04/26/19 Cupido Tirano Friendship is hard. Ignacio and Reena
05/09/19 Roberta A few of Providence's citizens go on an unorthodox mission. Dumortier, Finn, Max, and Reena
06/21/19 Candlelight Cookout Large gatherings have been iffy things with knowing that Evo-seeking robots are in the area, but the community needs to stand unified and stronger than ever in the face of the aggressive militia just beyond Providence's borders. To that end, some of the Remnant have been adamant the tradition of community dinners shouldn't fall by the wayside. They've insisted arrangements have been made to ensure safety, emphasising any resident who wants to come should do so, regardless of their SLC-E status. They're so confident it will be that they're hosting the dinner themselves. Chris, Dumortier, Eileen, Kara, Nicole, Reena, Ryans, Sharrow, Sophie, and Weasel
06/29-07/04/19 Door Duty A couple of uniformed SESA grunts do door duty investigating disturbances out in Providence, because glory and justice, and this is that montage. Featuring a lot of cowpats and local sass. Brewster, Chris, Reena and Sieghilde
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