Shaw Logs (Aftermath)
Date Title Characters Summary
01/12 - 01/19 The Ballad of Wesley-Khan and Wafflehouse Isabelle, Namiko and Shaw The story of a week in the lives of two travelers from another time, and how they finally found what they'd been searching for.
03/10 Put It Out, Put It Out Eve, Jonathan, Isabelle, Marigold, Poppy, Sahara, Shaw, Silas, Squeaks A night of tragedy presents a choice for some and an awakening in others.
04/01 Motherfuckers Isabelle, Namiko and Shaw The Wesley-Khan family begins to deal with the aftermath of the Pink Gala gone awry.
04/08 A Friend, A Favor Cassandra, Isabelle and Shaw Izzy and Shaw seek out a fellow Traveler in the effort to identify some faces.
05/04 A Day With Pigeons Ande, Faulkner, Shaw, and Tibby Tibby's a rude one, but it's a typical day in the life of the Pigeons.
08/30 Racket Celeste, Dumortier, Elisabeth, Poppy, Seren, and Shaw A group of relative strangers investigate suspicious noises in Park Slope.
11/18 Rote Ling and Shaw
11/27 Together Now Elaine, Faulkner, Niki, Roxie, Seren and Shaw Thanksgiving shopping didn't go exactly as planned.
11/27 Booking Block Tango Elisabeth, Roxie and Shaw After the day's earlier events, he had it coming all along.
12/27 Between Right and Wrong Isabelle, Namiko, Rhys and Shaw Following the incident at Liberty Island, Rhys comes to deliver a warning to the Khan family.
01/03 The First Murders of 2020 Ghost and Shaw A delivery job didn't follow the usual routine, but. Immigrants, we get the job done.
07/06 The Ǝvent Abby, Asi, Brynn, Daphne, Faulkner, Gabriella, Gillian, Isabelle, Kaylee, Kimiko, Nicole, Nova, Shaw, Squeaks, Yi-min, Zachery Something is terribly wrong.
The Garden of Forking Paths (VIRUS TIMELINE)
Date Title Characters Summary
11/15 The Last Lemon Isabelle and Shaw Shaw returns from scavenging. He and Isabelle discuss the newcomers. And have opinions about the world's impending doom.
12/01 And Also Fuck You Lynette and Shaw Lynette trades Shaw a couple of stories and a blow to toxic masculinity.
12/04 #sorrynotsorry Lynette, Peyton and Shaw Lynette and Peyton come upon a studious Shaw trying to relearn the ways of society. Unfortunately, there's a disagreement about certain civic duties.
12/11 Butterfly Kisses Elisabeth, Isabelle and Shaw Isabelle introduces Shaw to Elisabeth. They discuss a number of topics from The Importance of Staying Positive, Magnes and Ruiz working on a Plan(TM), Why Precogs and Telepaths have the shittiest power, Raith is a Ghost, and Why Lynette's Mad. Now with Surprise ending inside the box.
12/14 Men Need Fixing Ruiz and Shaw Ruiz and Shaw go to fix a broken boiler, but there's more wrong than just some equipment.
12/25 We All Fall Down Isabelle, Shaw and Thompson It's far too late for a pocketful of posies.
12/25 Jackpot Isabelle and Shaw Isabelle and Shaw return to the Hub after their scavenging run to take stock of all that happened and what's to come.
01/12 Another Endgame — Suffer the Children Dave, Elisabeth, Gillian, Isabelle, Kain, Ling, Lucille, Rico, Ryans, Shaw, and Vör The residents of the Hub launch a desperate attack against the Vanguard in a bid to leave their dying world.
01/13 Bonnie and Clyde Isabelle and Shaw After the attack on the Vanguard facility, two survivors make their way through the ruins of the city to figure out their next move.
01/16 Another Endgame — And All That Could Have Been, Part III Bowie, Cardinal, Dave, Denisa, Elaine, Elisabeth, Elspeth, Gillian, Hana, Isabelle, Kain, Kaylee, Kazimir, Ling, Logan, Magnes, Mala, Peyton, Rickham, Ruiz, Shaw, Steve, Vör, and Ygraine "My loneliness is happy with that elegant hope."
The Garden of Forking Paths (BRIGHT TIMELINE)
Date Title Characters Summary
01/12 Where the Trains Run on Time Colette, Elaine, Elisabeth, Elspeth, Goodman, Isa, Kain, Kathleen, Kaylee, Ling, Magnes, Mala, Ruiz, Shaw, Tamara, and Ygraine Wayward wanderers find themselves in a world they did not expect, but a world that expected them in return.
01/18 Do Not Disturb Thank You Isabelle and Shaw A short time after their arrival, Isabelle and Shaw don't exactly conform to the standards of this new world yet. But they see that at least one of them has a double who does.
01/19 Strangers in a Strange Land Elisabeth, Isa and Shaw Visiting Liz, Shaw and Isabelle have a ways to go while adjusting to this strange world.
01/19 Brothers Ruiz and Shaw Shaw visits Ruiz in the hospital, and makes a heavy claim that strains a grieving heart.
01/27 Chimichurri Chicken Melt Kaylee and Shaw Meeting a familiar face from the Hub, Shaw is desperately still trying to learn and to fit in. Kaylee helpfully shows him a few ropes.
10/11/13 Up In Harlem Des, Lynette, Isabelle, Ruiz and Shaw After years apart, Ruiz brings back a couple of ghosts for a family reunion at Shaw's apartment.
11/20/14 In A Place With Love Isa and Shaw Isabelle admits to building a bomb that killed Magnes. Shaw is forever hopeful and forgiving.
8/31/16 Good Flow Kaylee and Shaw On the run from the bad results of criminal enterprise, Kaylee turns to Shaw for a moment of sanctuary.
11/8/17 The Brightest Light Alia, Colette, Elaine, Elisabeth, Goodman, Odessa, Isa, Kain, Ling, Kathleen, Kaylee, Lynette, Magnes, Ruiz, Shaw, Tamara, Tyler, ft. Else and Robyn The fateful day arrives and the travelers once again make their way into the next world that awaits.
The Garden of Forking Paths (WASTELAND TIMELINE)
Date Title Characters Summary
11/08 Burning Chrome, Part I Alia, Elaine, Elisabeth, Isa, Kain, Kaylee, Ling, Lynette, Magnes, Odessa, Ruiz, Shaw and Tyler The travelers and new faces go through Lynette's portal and land in a terrible wasteland (where there are NO WAFFLES).
12/12 The Witness Eve, Isa and Shaw Eve unexpectedly drops in on Isa and Shaw's tent.
01/12 Footcare is Important Kaylee, Luther, and Shaw Shaw brings Kaylee some breakfast, and discovers she's hurt. So he tries to help.
01/18 I Need to Know Isabelle, Kaylee and Shaw Isabelle just needed to know about her past… and all three participants get more than what they bargained for.
02/14 Shades of Blue Isabelle and Shaw Aap kay liye meri muhabbat ko alfaaz byan nahin kar sakte.
02~03 Marauders Isabelle and Shaw Isa and Shaw come face to face with a nightmare.
The Garden of Forking Paths (FLOOD TIMELINE)
Date Title Characters Summary
10/22 The Tempest Cassandra, Cat, Elaine, Elisabeth, Isa, Kain, Lance, Ling, Lucy, Lynette, Odessa, Ruiz, Shaw, Squeaks, and Walter The travelers arrive at yet another timeline, this time in the middle of churning floodwaters.
10/22 Oar Place Or Mine Cat, Elisabeth, Isa, Lance, Lynette, Odessa, Shaw, Squeaks, and Walter Getting dried off sort of, and getting to know people, and getting to drive the boat!
11/05 Fish Out of Water Asi, Elisabeth, Huruma, Isa, Kain, Magnes, Miles, Nick, Remi, Shaw, Tania, Valentine, Veronica, and Wu-Long A flooded world is one that's still predictable in some ways — and a punch to the gut in others (sometimes literally).
12/18 Just When You Thought It Was Safe Asi, Delia, Isabelle, Marlowe, Miles, Shaw, Squeaks Lowe's suffers an attack, but not for long.
12/23 The Abyss Screams Back Ashleigh, Carina, Cassandra, Denisa, Des, Devon, Edward, Elaine, Elisabeth, Geneva, Gerard, Isabelle, Joy, Kain, Kenner, Lance, Leroux, Ling, Lynette, Magnes, Mala, Meredith, Miles, Namiko, Odessa, Remi, Roux, Ruia, Ruiz, Shaw, Silas, Stefan, Trask, Walter, West, Woods The Travelers are invited to dinner.
01/12 Threading the Needle, Part III Isabelle, Miles, Ruia, Shaw, Walter Responsible for creating a diversion to draw Ark security away from the Looking Glass, Isabelle, Miles, Shaw, and Walter come face to face with death.
01/12 Threading the Needle, Part V Carina, Cassandra, Chel, Denisa, Doyle, Elaine, Elisabeth, Isabelle, Joy, Kain, Kenner, Ling, Lucy, Lynette, Magnes, Mala, Miles, Namiko, Odessa, Remi, Ria, Ruia, Ruiz, Shaw, Silas, Walter One journey's end, is another's beginning.
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