Squeaks Logs (Aftermath)
String Theory: Aftermath
Date Title Synopsis Squeaks, with…
2nd Ni Sawa The one where Huruma donates to the ink-lady adventures. Huruma
3rd Favorite Adventures The one with Delilah and Walter. Delilah and Walter
12th Closing the Loop, Part II The one where Raytech and SESA bring the Travelers home. Corbin, Dana, Des, Eve, Hokuto, Kaylee, Lynette, Mara, Mateo, Rasheed, Rhys, and Richard
13th Who Understands The one with Aunt Kaylee Kaylee
14th Bestest Friends The one with Squeaks' newest bestest friend. Aurora and Elisabeth
15th Always, Forever The one where Des has to go away for a while. Odessa
28th Doldrums The one where Silas sees a familiar but new face. Silas
Date Title Synopsis Squeaks, with…
7th Fake Dead People The one with Emily's secrets. Emily
9th In Pursuit Of The one with the scary red cloud. Emily and Eve
12th The Young and the Restless The one with the weird redhead. Isis
12th I've Seen You Before The one where Squeaks actually meets Magnes. Magnes
15th Shakedown Throwdown The one with the really big fight. Brynn , Emily, Hailey, Joe, and Lance
16th Shoulder Angels The one with some volunteers and a new kid. Emily, Joe, Leo and Raquelle
17th Rooftop Hangout The one where a bunch of people gather on Raytech's rooftop. Devi, Elisabeth, and Seren
19th Common Interest The one where Geneva learns about the ink-lady. Emily and Geneva
20th Sound Things The one with some burning questions. Elisabeth
21st The B-Word The one where Geneva shares a secret. Geneva
23rd Stubborn Is The one with two stubborn minds. Emily
Date Title Synopsis Squeaks, with…
3rd Nothing Concrete The one where Eileen's journal is returned. Eileen and Emily
6th Donut Mind Me The one with the donut. Cooper, Corbin, Emily, and Isis
8th The Other Day placeholder Emily
7th Let's Make Some Noise The one where Squeaks first really explores her ability. Elisabeth
10th Put It Out, Put It Out The one with… Isabelle, Jonathan, Sahara, Shaw, Silas, and ???
15th Goodbye, Tami Erin The one with the urban legend.
She was Good placeholder Jonathan and Poppy
17th March Madness The one where Emily wants to buy a house. Brynn, Emily, Geneva, Hailey, Joe, and Lance
21st What's in a Mess The one about Cooper's love life. Cooper
23rd Flip or Flop The one where the girls go house hunting. Brynn and Emily
29th The Next Generation The one where Emily, Lance, and Squeaks are officially SESA Interns Emily, Lance, and Rhys
25th-30th The Trial of Odessa Price placeholder Bella, Corbin, Delia, Eve, Kotch, Lynette, Mohinder, Odessa, Richard, Sasha, and Tania
Date Title Synopsis Squeaks, with…
1st Is Anybody Out There? The one where Lance and Squeaks contact Radio Girl Lance
20th The First Letter
21st Solve for X The one with Brynn's not-so-secret admirer? Brynn and Joaquin
27th Interdimensional Cooperation The one where SESA talks about the things they not supposed talk about. Robyn, Saito, and Voss
Date Title Synopsis Squeaks, with…
1st Conversation Killer The one where Zachery dies of question overdose. Zachery
4th Making Noise The one where Carina shows what she can do. Carina and Elisabeth
7th About the Science Fairies placeholder Eve
20th Meet Maya - Cops placeholder Emily, Kaylee, Luther, Silas, and Zachery
24th Exogenous, Part I The one with the not-exactly-authorized research. Dana
29th Through the Rabbit Hole placeholder Cassandra, Robyn, and Saito
Date Title Synopsis Squeaks, with…
2nd Exogenous, Part II The one with Simon Broome's journal. Nolan, Richard, and Ruby
3rd Gather Round The one with some of Eve's serious rambles. Brynn, Emily, Eve, Joaquin, Joe, Lance, Nathalie, and Weasel
24th Her Blood The one where Squeaks leaves to find answers.
His Blood The one with Squeaks' father. Yao and Zhao
Old Blood The one where some questions get answers. Adam
New Blood The one with an unexpected new friend. Joy
Date Title Synopsis Squeaks, with…
1st-24th A Girl's Praxis The one with a choice. Adam and Joy
Date Title Synopsis Squeaks, with…
1st The Thinker The one with a dragon. Bao-Wei
9th Needle The one in a dream. Emily and Jasmine
Thread placeholder Jasmine
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