NPC Cast

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Active NPCs

NPC Role Contact
Adam Monroe He's Adam Monroe. Manhattan
Adrienne Allen Former Institute scientist, now missing Manhattan
Alice Shaw Deveaux Society Leadership, SESA Public Relations Manhattan
Alix Glass Runaway genetic experiment. Manhattan
Amalia Hoffman Medical examiner assistant for SESA Rose
Ami Nakamura
April Silver Former Company agent, time-displaced leader of the Guardians Rose
Arlo Lloyd Homeless man in the SZC Greenwich
Astrid Nyström Rowdy criminal with a checkered past Brooklyn
Buddy Arrowood The other Arrowood brother and gun-for-hire Rockefeller
Camilla Ball
Carlos Melendez Former Mexican Coyote who worked with the Ferrymen Queens, Lynette & Manhattan
Carol Praeger First Lady and board member of Hope for America Brooklyn
Caspar Abraham Information retention specialist for Company and Institute; whereabouts unknown Manhattan
Charity Thornton
Charles Sharrow Former Vanguard Operative. Whereabouts Unknown Manhattan
Cora Azemar NYC public school teacher, missing since 2011 Lynette
Cyrus Karr Founding member and former leader of the Guardians Manhattan
David Cardinal Ostensible father of Richard Ray, in hiding, believed dead by the rest of the world Manhattan
Devorah Weiss President of Brooklyn College Greenwich
Donald R. Kenner SESA-NY Executive Director Manhattan
Donna Dunlap Former Institute security chief turned fugitive Manhattan
Dr. Wieland Loveless Captive Evolved responsible for various technological horrors; whereabouts unknown. Rockefeller
Eileen Ruskin
Eizen Erizawa Chief of Security for Yamagato Industries NYC Manhattan
Eleanor Ridgley Red Hook Market coffee vendor none
Emile Danko Anti-evo extremist and war criminal, presumed dead up until very recently; whereabouts unknown. Rockefeller
Emily Epstein Estranged daughter of Avi Epstein Manhattan
Erica Kravid Former Institute R&D administrator turned fugitive Manhattan
Eugene Arrowood Gun-runner, smuggler, horrible scoundrel. Manhattan
Flint Deckard Gunsmith and scavenger on Staten Island Rockefeller
Greg Farkas Psychiatrist and member of the SZC Citizen's Watch Manhattan
Gregory "The Barber" York
Hachiro Otomo Chief of Technology, Yamagato Manhattan
Hokuto Ichihara
Iago Ramirez Former Vanguard cell leader, and former dead man. Brooklyn
Ingrid Ryans Rose and Trellis owner, SZC volunteer Ellis
Ivy Hollows Genetic experiment. Manhattan
James Dearing Former LAPD and bounty hunter, now Wolfhound operative Manhattan
Jared Harrison Chief Legal Officer, RayTech Industries Elisabeth
Jason Pierce DHS Operations Director, Head of Domestic Terror Task Force Manhattan
Jasper Shambrook Just one of many Evolved considered useful and thus, still alive. Brooklyn
Jayesh Singh Director of Admissions, Brooklyn College Greenwich
Joanne Dair Former Ferry smuggler, member of the SZC Citizen's Watch Manhattan
Joseph Sumter Former Ferry, now mental health counselor at Benchmark Brooklyn
Joss White
"Joy" Ancient former-ally of Adam Monroe. Manhattan
Kam Nisatta Chairman of the Yamagato Fellowship Manhattan
Kasha "Cash" Beauchamp A statue in Park Slope. A gardener at the Satoru Gardens. Looking in on the Lighthouse Kids Queens
Kathleen Brooks SESA agent, negotiator, and profiler; sister of Tamara Rose & Manhattan
Kayla Reid Former Company, current SESA administrative assistant Rose
Kimiko Nakamura
Kin Egami President of Yamagato, New York Safe Zone branch Manhattan
"Kyla" "Kyla" is an information handler for the Institute remnant and twin sister to "Kyle." Manhattan
"Kyle" "Kyle" is an information courier for the Institute remnant and twin brother to "Kyla." Manhattan
Lauren Gilmore Former Company agent, former Arcology chief of security, now missing Manhattan
Levi Walker Member of the Guardians. Lynette
Lexington Lane Staten Island's favorite fence. She's the woman who knows how to get things and how to sell them. Lynette
Libby Case Sister of Tyler Case Manhattan
Limerick Gun-for-hire and fighter in the Crucible Ellis
Lucine Halebi Former Ferrymen ward, ex-Mazdak prisoner. Possesses strange and unknown ability. Manhattan
Lyuba Kolosova Brooklyn College professor of foreign affairs, author of Wolves of the Valhalla Rose
Madeline Choi Deputy-Director of SESA's New York branch. Manhattan
Margaux Maxwell Con-artist and member of the Staten Island Trade Commission Ellis
Martin Pines Owner and manager of WSZR Radio Manhattan
Marvin Whitlow To be defined soon. Brooklyn
Mira Sadowsky Member of the SZC Citizen's Watch Manhattan
Noa Gitelman Time-traveler, former Ferry, Wolfhound operative Greenwich
Noah Bennet
Odette Lang
Oscar Nyström Talk show radio host, media personality, and professional provocateur Brooklyn
Paul Rodriguez Former Lighthouse Kid (adoptable) Queens
Pete Varlane Former Institute leadership, whereabouts unknown Manhattan
Raymond Praeger President of the United States Brooklyn
Rex Kallis Staten Island drug supplier Greenwich
Rhys Bluthner SESA Agent Manhattan
Ricky Daselles Drug dealer, smuggler, fence, friend Manhattan
Samson Gray Notorious serial killer, father of Gabriel Gray Manhattan
Scott Harkness Former Ferry, now Wolfhound facilities manager Manhattan
Sera Lang Raytech Industries NYC office manager Manhattan
Siobhan Delaflote Former Ferrymen safehouse operator and human trafficker; whereabouts unknown as of 2013 Manhattan
Sofia Webb Mortician, funeral home manager, and wife of Ingrid Ryans Manhattan & Ellis
Sophie Isabelle Barton Guardians member Manhattan
Sue Gandry Former Ferry, now SZC Citizen's Watch member Manhattan
Sylvester Sandoval SESA agent and human trafficking Ellis
Taiki Mori Director of Internal Audit for Yamagato Industries NYC Rose
T.Amas Digital assistant, snoop, and conversationalist Rose
Tara Miller Tara is a dream manipulator often found in the company of Joshua Lang. Lynette
Tavisha Information broker on Staten Island Brooklyn
Tracy Zimmerman
Tyler Case Former captive of the Institute; now… well… it's complicated. Manhattan
Valerie Swift Genetic experiment. Manhattan
Violet "Vi" Sharp Mysterious Figure Manhattan
Warren Ray Head of Raytech Industries R&D Magnes
Yustina Kozlow Mother of Tania and Sasha Kozlow Ellis
Zachary Becker Rumored Pure Earth extremist, at large Manhattan

Deceased NPCs

NPC Former Role Contact
Erling Olsen Information broker on Staten Island Ellis
Michael Lowell Former CIA turned SESA agent, murdered Manhattan
Michal Valentin Former Company, Humanis First!, war hero, and whereabouts unknown Brooklyn

Inactive NPCs

NPC Status Contact
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